7 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Online Business

Getting a business website started is now easier than ever. Gone are those clunky site templates with frames and outdated navigation. Instead, you can create a sleek, professional-looking site in just minutes using the WordPress platform.

There are thousands of templates available to make your site stand out, but how do you integrate business functionality into a blogging template? Easy – with plugins! Here are seven WordPress plugins that every site should use for running an online business.

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Quick Business Website

When you want to have all the trappings of an expensive site without, well, all the expense, give this plugin a whirl. With just a few clicks, you can create a page where your customers can review your business, a contact page, a staff page, a services page, an announcements page to highlight your sales and other events, and an “About Us” page.

Just plug in the information for your business and your staff, including names and links to social profiles, and the plugin does the rest. It couldn’t be easier.

WordPress Plugins For Online Business

Business Directory Plugin

If you want to create a list of resources for your customers, particularly if you partner with other businesses in your area, this plugin is a great tool for creating a business directory. Use the plugin to create provider listings, reviews listings, an address book or any other format that’s useful to you and your site’s visitors.

You can either allow businesses to list for free, or charge a fee for each listing. The plugin allows users to search based on location and distance from zip code.

Etsy Shop

Anyone who sells handmade products on Etsy should have this plugin installed on their blog. It’s an easy-to-use tool that allows you to insert Etsy Shop sections into any post or page that you’d like. This means that your readers will have easy access to your shop to purchase relevant products whenever you feel like sharing it in your posts.

The great thing about the Etsy Shop plugin is their support page. If you ever need help or have a question you can reach out to them and they will help you.

Ultimate WordPress Auction

If you sell items on eBay, such as the Horiba W-22, why not bring the products directly to your blog readers without them ever having to leave your site? This plugin allows you to host auctions directly on your WordPress site, and has all the functions seasoned eBay users would expect including auction mode, Buy Now, PayPal integration and more.

Sell anything you want without risking your readers (and potential customers) going to eBay’s site to find the product from a different seller. Ultimate WordPress Auction is great because it can go with any theme you already have designed for your blog. It’s also very user friendly and easy to set up.

Some of its core features are users can place bids, email notifications are sent to bidders and admin and you can set a reserved price on a product!

Enhanced Text Widget

This plugin is free and offers you and your site the chance to have more featured-rich text. It allows you to hide or show what your title of the widget is and it also lets you turn your widget title into a link. It supports text, HTML, PHP, Flash, JavaScript and shortcodes.

WordPress Plugins For Online Business

Backup Buddy

This is an important plugin because it’s very important for you to backup your site as a business. While this one isn’t free ($80-$197) it may be worth the extra charge! BackupBuddy secures and backups your site often. It allows you to create full or partial backups or your whole site, including plugins.

You can schedule the backups based on your usage and how often you change the site. The greatest part about this is how quick it works, it only takes minutes to have a complete backup of your site.

Some companies don’t worry about site backups, until it’s too late. You should always be concerned about this because it can all be lost if your site is hacked or gets corrupted.

404 Redirected

Going along with the backup idea, having a 404 redirected plugin is very important since most people don’t monitor their broken links nearly as much as they should. Instead of having people leave your site when a page doesn’t work, a redirect plugin will send them to an error page.

The redirected traffic will go to another page on your site. This also comes in handy for Google, since a broken page can hurt your ranking, they don’t pass pagerank to a 404 page.

WordPress and the plugins that are developed for it are incredible resources for online business. If you’re thinking of setting up a business on the web, make sure you give these plugins a look.

3 thoughts on “7 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Online Business”

  1. hi Courtney

    BackupBuddy is a really time and file saver… this year I had some challenges, reviving some major sites from hacking… I couldn’t do it without this awesome plugin…

    Didn’t use all the other plugins which you’ve mentioned, so cannot comment further, but they look like useful options as well…

  2. Interesting and informative post. I would strongly recommend adding a security plugin to this list since WordPress is based on CMS and can be easily enough hacked or altered unknown to you. In fact this site has easily revealed that it is using WordPress version (at the time of this comment) 3.6 giving away enough info to a hacker.

    A good security plugin hides this and makes poking around the backside of a WordPress site much harder if not nearly impossible. You can choose one of two security plugins that I recommend on WordPress.org, either WordFence Security or Better WP Security to harden your site from attacks.

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