10 Free WordPress Plugins For Complete Backup & Recovery

If you are a WordPress user or WordPress site administrator, then you probably be knowing how important it is to take the backup of your WordPress blog regularly. You know that any site can easily be hacked and it could be even worse if you don’t have necessary files and database backup with you. There are so many ways to secure your WordPress site and one important way among the others is to take regular backups. Although there are many premium plugins available to backup your blog but here I have chosen some of the most common used yet free backup plugins which could be useful for backup and recovery of your WordPress blog.

1. BackUpWordPress

BackUpWordPress plugin can schedule your blog files and database daily. The most downloaded backup plugin (444, 454+ downloads) provides many useful options, You can email backup files, exclude some files and folders from current schedules and more.

2. WordPress Backup to Dropbox


WordPress backup to Dropbox is one of the most famous backup plugin for WordPress sites today with currently more than 302,700+ downloads so far. It automatically creates the backup of your WordPress files and database to your Dropbox account.

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3. Google Drive For WordPress

wordpress backup plugin

WordPress Backup to Google drive is new but it is fast gaining popularity. Google Drive is similar to Dropbox except the fact that it offers more than 5 GB of free space. You can use this plugin by putting up your Google API client id and client secret.  And this is the one fact which I didn’t like about this plugin. Any newbie might find difficult to to create a Google API Console Account before using this plugin.

4. SMEStorage Multi-Cloud WordPress Backup

SMEStorage Backup plugin from SMEStorage provides you the option to store your WordPress backup on any one of the 10 famous cloud storage services including Dropbox, Amazon S3, RackSpace Cloud Files, Microsoft SkyDrive etc. A free sign up lets you connect any 3 cloud storage services to your account.

5. Online Backup for WordPress

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Online backup for WordPress downloaded for as many as 183,400+ times provide easy backup service with 100MB free online storage as well. All the encrypted files and database backups can be downloaded, emailed or saved at the online vault.

6. WP Complete Backup

WP Complete Backup provides all the necessary option to backup both the blog files and database files. Another added feature that this plugin provides is the restore option with which you can easily restore your WordPress blog as well.

7. WP Time Machine

WP Time Machine creates archives of your WordPress site and allows you to save your backup files to Dropbox, Amazon S3 or FTP host.

8. BackWpup

BackWpup not only creates the archive of your WordPress site but also checks, repairs and optimize your database. It provides the option to store complete backup on any folder of host server or save your backup on cloud storage services including  Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, Amazon S3, Azure or email.

9. Backup and Move Plugin

Backup and move plugin allows WordPress users to create a complete backup of their WordPress blog which can then be used to restore to different server or domain.

10. Duplicator

wordpress backup plugins

Duplicator plugin allows you to easily transfer your WordPress site from 1 location to another. It provides all the necessary options to duplicate, clone, backup and transfer your site.

Wrapping It Up

What backup plugin you should use is entirely dependent on your requirement. Some Provides file backup, some provide database backup while other provide both. Some are even automatic while some needs to be manually triggered. But one important thing is to regularly backup your site irrespective of which plugin you are using.

How do you backup your WordPress blog? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Your article has helped me a lot since I am confused with backup plugins both free and paid around the web. It is my task on my own to pick up one that suits me best out of 10 listed here. I appreciate your research on backup plugins.

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