The 10 Best WordPress Google Map Plugin Options in 2017

WordPress allows you to use a variety of different apps to maximize the usefulness of your website. One of the most popular of these is the WordPress Google Map plugin. There are many different WordPress Google Map plugin tools that you can integrate into your website to make it more useful, relevant and user-friendly.

So, if you are interested in using WordPress Google Map and want to know what WordPress Google Map plugin choices are right for you, then read our list of recommended options.

*Disclaimer: before deciding which one of these plugins to download/purchase, you should consider several aspects of each one of them, such as price, features, etc. Many of the plugins described below are free, but there are some which cost money.

1. WP Google Maps

a screenshot of the WP Google Map plugin

This free version of Google Map is a popular WordPress Google Map plugin because of its low investment cost. It has been installed on over 200,000 different accounts and is active on almost all of them. It features a rich variety of amenities, including a store locator, that will attract people to your business. You can also upload various maps to the app to expand its scope and help your customers learn more about the area.

2. 5sec Google Maps

the 5sec Google Maps plugin screenshot

When it comes to pay-to-use WordPress Google Map plugin choices, this is one of the most popular on the market. It is available for just a one-time $12 payment. It lets you integrate various shortcuts to increase the effectiveness of your map. The most attractive feature is likely the text box option that allows you to add descriptions about hotspots on your map.

3. Maps Builder

the Maps Builder plugin screenshot

Here’s another free WordPress Google Map plugin that is worth installing. Why? It gives you the chance to build your map quickly and easily. Using the same design as WordPress Customizer, you can add unlimited markers to your map, zoom it to a particular level, create a street view, and even integrate photos. While the basic option is free, the premium one costs $58.

4. Google Maps Bank

a screenshot of the Google Maps Bank plugin

Google Maps Bank is a surprisingly powerful free app that can be upgraded to the Pro version for just $25. While it is a rather advanced and sometimes complicated app, it has a seven-step user guide that keeps you on the right track. It also lets you select the type of roads you want the map to display and allows you to use up to 800 different custom markers. Unfortunately, the free version only lets you build two maps.

5. Snazzy Maps

a screenshot of the Snazzy Maps plugin

Those looking for a free or inexpensive WordPress Google Maps plugin should check out Snazzy Maps. While it is beneficial in its free mode, it can be upgraded for as little as $10. You can create fun maps to upload to your site and use multiple styles to create new looks. With a simple click of a button, you can integrate other Google maps with this program, creating a smooth and efficient browsing experience.


the plugin screenshot

While this app will cost you $17 to install, it is more than worth it. This WordPress Google Map plugin is compatible with Google Maps and other similar programs. Also, it allows you to create custom maps and use them as you would do with Google Maps. This compatibility means you can zoom, pan, and even add text boxes.

7. MapPress Pro

Mappress pluging screenshot

Built by a professional developer, this WordPress Google Maps plugin costs $30 to install. However, it’s worth it. You can list marked destinations on your map, create useful directions, combine multiple maps into one, and use the instant zoom to get your customers where they want to go. While the free version is trendy, we suggest investing in the full version.

8. Responsive Styled Google Maps

Responsive Styled Google Map plugin screenshot

For just $16, you can get access to some beautiful maps that can be tweaked to suit your unique taste. There are 50 different styles available, each with a fun look. What is particularly nice about this WordPress Google Map plugin, and what sells us on it, is the live preview that lets you see the map and adjust it in real time.

9. Intergeo WordPress Google Maps Plugin

the Intergeo WordPress plugin screenshot

We love this free WordPress Google Maps plugin. It has been designed to give you the ability to adjust the look of your map, change the default positioning, and create a custom color scheme. What we like most about it, though, is the cloning feature that lets you create a broader canvas for your map making.

10. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

the screenshot of the Comprehensive Google Map plugin

The Comprehensive Google Map Plugin is a popular and well-known tool that has over 200,000 installs, which are still active. It is so popular due to its easy of use and flexible customization features. It tracks locations through GPS and can design an entire route fro scratch.

The downside is that due to its complicated algorithm it can sometimes cause the user’s browser to freeze or crash.

11. Geo Mashup

a Geo Mashup plugin screenshot

Last, but not least, is this fun and diverse WordPress Google Maps Plugin. It is fully integrated with OneStreetMap, Google Maps, and Leaflet. As a result, you can create incredible maps quickly and without much of a struggle. It is especially perfect for real estate agents who need to show off directions to a house on their website.

Putting It All Together

These WordPress Google Map plugin choices are among the most popular on the internet today and will serve you well if you integrate them on your site. Whichever ones you choose to install, make sure that you double-check their compatibility with your web browser. Some WordPress Google Map plugin choices won’t work with specific browsers.

Then drop a line below and let us know how it went.

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