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What Is Wrong With Mozilla Firefox?

I am a big fan of Mozilla Firefox and had always used and promoted it. But last week I witnessed that my Firefox hangs and crashes too often. So I switched myself to use Google Chrome.

After using Google Chrome for 10 days, believe me I never went back for Firefox Mozilla. And today I wonder that being one of the best browsers, what the hell is wrong with Mozilla Firefox?

To answer my question, I Googled some websites to find out the current browser statistics and found this:


This is the current browser statistics I found from Seeing the above graph I was surprised to see the droppings in usage for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and a huge rise in usage for Google Chrome. I realized that it’s not just only me who had switched from my Mozilla to Chrome but there are millions of people who had stopped browsing internet via Mozilla or Explorer and had started using Chrome.

According to this graph Mozilla had a drop from 28.34% in June 2011 to 24.56% in June 2012 while Internet Explorer had a drop from 43.58% in June 2011 to 32.31% in June 2012. But Google Chrome had a rise from 20.65% in June 2011 to 32.76% in June 2012 thus becoming the most used web browser worldwide.

I didn’t find the exact answer to my earlier question that what is wrong with Mozilla Firefox? But I¬†guess that these must be the probable reasons.

1).  Mozilla Firefox hangs too often and its plugins crashes a lot. The more plugins or bookmarks you will add to your Firefox, the more it will hang.

2). There are more plugins available from Google Chrome as compared to Mozilla Firefox. So a user had a lot of choices.

3). There is a huge backup of finance and development of Google Chrome as Google is a big company while Mozilla works with donations.

There may be any other reason too but I personally want Mozilla people to do something about this. Being a developer even today I can say that Mozilla Firebug is the best inspect tool available and it is even better from Chrome’s inbuilt page inspector.

I hope to see Firefox back with speed and more enhancements so that I can switch back to my favorite Firefox one day. What’s your take on this Guys?

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  1. nice article on mozilla…although i have always used chrome . . . . . .

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