12 Weird Yet Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline

Promoting your blog or a website could always prove to be a nightmare for you if you are new to this online community. All your great and unique content might be of no use if you don’t have any readers to read them. All of us want to learn new techniques on promoting our blog for more exposure and traffic. Of course there are lot many ways to promote your blog but today I want to show you some of the weirdest ways to promote your blog without spending a single penny.

12. Public Toilets

Public toilets are not only made to shit. They are one of the effective stage for advertisements. I am not telling you to specially go to some public toilet just to write. But if you go to some in the future; then why not use it. Don’t feel shy. Most of the toilets will already be filled with weird things on walls and doors.

11 Weird Yet Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline

11. Public or Social Meet

11 Weird Yet Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog OfflineThis may seem difficult but it is effective. All you need to do here is whenever you go to a public meet or any other social meet like family wedding, friend’s party or may be any other party or gathering; get a mic and tell others about your blog. Ask them to provide their valuable feedback to you.

10. Cyber Cafe

You can visit some internet cafe near you, use the PC and change their desktop background with your own blog address. Your job is done.

9. Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Name

Change your Bluetooth name or your Wi-Fi name to your own blog address. At least your friends will know about your blog. If you keep your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ON all time; then chances are that some other guy searching for connections may find your blog address too.

8. Vehicle Number Plates / Wind Screens

13 Weird Yet Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog OfflineFirst confirm if this is legal in your country or not. If it does, then you can put your blog address name just below the number plates. You can also put your blog address on the top of wind screens as most of the vehicles do have. You may even like to give a small spray paint to your car and write your blog URL.

7. Currency Note

Although this is illegal in some countries but if you live in a country where you can easily write on currency notes; then go ahead, write your blog name & circulate it. Don’t write in too big font that your note become useless.

12 Weird Yet Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline

6. Back of Library Books

We all have this bad habit of writing something or making a sketch at the end of the book. Then why not use this bad habit for our blog promotion. Just write a small link URL and make sure you don’t get caught.

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5. Gift Notes

This is one of the most easiest way to tell others about your blog. We all give gifts especially on festivals, new year or birthdays. The only thing that you have to do is whenever you go to such party; just put a small note with your blog link inside the gift box.

4. Design A Shirt With Your Blog URL

You can design a custom shirt with either the logo or blog URL as a print on it. If you don’t know how to do this; then you can consult some designers in your city. And then whenever you go outside; you can always wear it to promote your blog.

3. Random SMS / Calls

Why not send a random SMS to anyone or maybe call them and ask them to visit your blog. You can easily get 100 of numbers daily from newspaper ads, yellow pages, friends mobile contacts.

2. School / College White Board

Try to reach early for your class and write your blog address in big fonts on the white board of your classroom. Not only for your own class; you can try this for other classes too.

1. Tell Your Girl Friends

11 Weird Yet Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog OfflineAh! Fucking Yes! Haven’t you played Chinese whisper in your childhood. Almost 90% of the time, my female friends used to win it. Let me tell you how it works. Girls are like a nuclear atom. Each atom contributing towards nuclear chain with other atoms and thus causing a nuclear reaction. And this is exactly how girls communicate. There are 99% damn guaranteed chance that they will their fellow mates about your blog. So just go and tell as many girls as you can. Who knows parallel to your blog promotion, you may get a chance to date one of them.

Over To You

What weird ways will you adopt and what ways have you been adopting in the past for your blog promotion. I would be pleased to hear that.

16 thoughts on “12 Weird Yet Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline”

  1. You are absolutely on to something here. Public toilets…I wouldn’t have even thought about it. The currency ideas is great if I could find a country that would allow it. I love these offbeat suggestions. Thanks for the post!

  2. Haha nice ways to promote our blogs. I read some other weird ways too (no, I haven’t attempted them myself)..like tattooing blog URL on girlfriend’s body and hiring a low wage worker to act as a fake airport chauffeur. The person will carry a sign with your name and website address and stands next to the baggage claim area. Of course I am not coming but the people passing may notice the board.

  3. Man, I really LMAO. Its weird,funny and yet an out of box thinking. Will try that toilet scribbling sooner or later. 1+ reader for your posts from today!! ;)

  4. Great ideas, Ansh! Love the creative thinking.

    For the car, I use a magnet with my product picture and my URL. I know for a fact that it works because I’ve had people buy from me in parking lots after seeing it. Also, most people will look over and read it at stoplights.

  5. You missed out the lamp posts :) Btw, isn’t it illegal in India to write on currency notes.

    I liked the girlfriend bit, but most of the time, they ll give out a wrong website.

    I shall mention this post on my blog. All the best.

  6. When i reached this page the first thing i noticed is “TOILET” and my reaction was “Where the hell I am”.
    You are weird man. Thanks for sharing your crazy(Yet effective) thoughts.

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