15 Free Tools to Test Website Speed and Performance

Everyone knows that Google is considering the site’s loading speed to display its search rankings. Now optimizing your website’s loading speed has become an important of SEO, if your website load speeds are low you will lose most visitors,because 90% of the visitors will be in rush, most of them will never wait till your site fully loads up.

Whether it is a mobile or a desktop site, you must optimize it and make it load blazing fast. Especially you should take an interest in optimizing your mobile site also because 40% of internet time is now on mobile. Here are 15 free tools to test website speed that you should try.

Test Website Speed

Google Page Speed

google page speed

As the name suggests, Google Page Speed test is brought to webmasters by Google, it is another free service Google has offered. It rates your website’s speed and user experience out of 100, detects the faults and shows how to fix them. It helps in optimizing your website for mobile and tablet users as well.

Pingdom Tools

pingdom website speed test

With Pingdom can test the load time of html, images, Javascript, css, iframes and other website objects. Pingdom is one of the best performance testing tool that shows you results on how fast every part of your website loads, which means you can find which elements are delaying your website’s load time. After the test is done it shows site’s loading time, loading time of each element, element sizes and the total number of elements.


gtmetrix speed test website

Gtmetrix is a combination of – Yslow and Google Page Speed. It gives you suggestions to improve your page load time and what you need to improve in your website load faster. If your site runs on WordPress, you can download their plugin here. In addition, they provide tips for optimizing a WordPress website.

Webpage Test

web page test

Webpage test is another testing tool which you have to definitely consider using, it is most commonly used tool after Google Page Speed. The only problem with this tool is that it takes unusual amounts of time to display your webpage results.


yahoo yslow

YSlow performs website speed testing and suggests ways to improve their performance.


uptrends test website speed

Uptrends is a full HTML website speed test tool. You can analyze load time and optimize webpage speed.

Website Optimization

website optimization

Website Optimization provides a detailed report of how your website loading time is affected by individual files of your website. Just enter your website URL and you are ready with the results.


yottaa check website speed

Yottaa generates your website load time from different places around the world, it has a nice way of displaying the results, there are separate tabs for your website speed, content complexity and size, it advises you what measures you have to take to improve your results.


webwait webpage speed test

Webwait is a simple tool which allows you to benchmark your website or test the speed of your web connection, the results displayed can be showed by table and graph.


octagate performance testing tools

Octagate allows you to monitor – for how long it takes for a user to download one or more of your web site pages. It visits the page that you requested and downloads all content that’s directly linked from that page.


web tool hub

Webtoolhub checks website speed and lets you know how your page is loading with different visitor’s Internet connection speeds. With the help of this tool you will get information about page size, loading time with different Internet connection speeds and you will get information about all CSS, JavaScript and Images that are used on the page.

Page Scoring


Page Scoring provides a neat and clear analysis of load time of your website. It shows connection time, page size and download time. It shows which files have been downloaded and the time it took to download them.

Search Metrix

search metrix

Searchmetrix provides an extensive report of a given website. It can be used for finding website’s loading time and optimizing it.


All the above tools help you to analyse and understand your website, not all of them may be accurate but they are worth having a look and you should definitely consider what they are commenting about your website. You must be cautious because if you are doing changes to your website as per these tools suggestions, mostly you will be doing changes to your .htacces and other internal files, any wrong move could lead to crashing or breaking of your site.

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It is recommended you have a backup and then apply the changes. The two most important website speed test tools in this list are GTmetrix and Google Page Speed, GTmetrix has a plugin which will show results on your WordPress dashboard, and use Google page speed to improve your mobile sites experience.

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