Webinar Jam Review: How To Increase Conversion Through Webinars

webinar jam

Today, we will review one of the leading webinar tools available: the Webinar Jam Studio, how it might help your online business, and how it will fare against other similar products on the market.

Webinars nowadays has been known as the highest converting sales and marketing platform, with conversion rate reaching up to whopping 40%. If you haven’t thought about using some form of webinars in your business, you might want to give it a try.Thankfully, webinars have also been made easy nowadays, thanks to a lot of webinar tools available.

Product Overview

The Webinar Jam Studio utilized Google Hangouts as its basis. Google Hangout is not a native webinar platform, but rather Google’s live streaming service. However, it can also be used as a rather robust webinar platform and is very stable no matter the number of guests attending, and it is FREE. Then, the question is, why should you upgrade to Webinar Jam for $397 a year (roughly $33 a month)?

webinar jam

Well, first things first, Google Hangout will send your audience to a YouTube live page, which is not only unprofessional-looking but can get your audiences distracted. Second, Google Hangout doesn’t have any ways to track and register your attendees, and there is also no analytics and metrics to help your business.

The Webinar Jam, on the other hand, will provide you all those, along with landing page templates for better conversion, integration to Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and email providers to help you track your audiences and get more data. They also recently provide support for Facebook Live, increasing the diversity.

Here are some features you can expect from the Webinar Jam

Key Features

1. Drag and Drop Control Center

You can control everything from chats, live alerts, polls, to file sharing from just one place. And the better thing, all can be done with the drag and drop approach we all love.

2. Interaction with Attendees

You can put a timer on your call to action button and show the number of purchase and the number left on limited offers. You will be surprised how it can garner more conversion. Also, you can allow your attendees to become a guest speaker or even the main presenter. Very flexible, and very intuitive to use, making your webinars more engaging in the process.

3. Cloud Pre-Loading

You can pre-load up to ten videos (might be updated in the future) to Webinar Jam’s dedicated cloud server. That means, your streams will not solely depend on your bandwidth. You can switch back and forth between pre-loaded videos and live webinar seamlessly. Very flexible and easy to use.

4.Interactive Feedback

Another interactive feature. Here, you can show actual reviews about your products, social media posts you have been tagged with, previous questions and answer, and many more. This in an important feature not only to increase engagement but to show your product’s values.

5. Landing Page Templates

Webinar Jam Studio provides you with a built-in page builder, which is easy to use yet offers quite a number of customizations. There are a diverse number of templates with different styles, which can suit many types of businesses.

Webinar Jam Studio VS The Alternatives

image via: Webinar Jam

Now, as we have mentioned, Webinar Jam is not the only webinar platform available today. There are even free alternatives, like the aforementioned Google Hangouts or even Skype, which can definitely be an option if professionalism is the least of your concern.

Out of so many platforms available on the market, however, we have chosen two that we deemed as serious contenders to the Webinar Jam Studio. They are:


GoToWebinar used to be called GoToMeeting, which we are sure many of you are familiar with. It is currently one of the most popular webinar services available, along with Webinar Jam, and offers rich features with a lot of analytics and reporting capabilities.

webinar jam


  • Impressive audio and video quality even with poor bandwidth connection
  • Integration with landing page platforms like Zapier or LeadPAges


  • Much more expensive starting from $89 a month
  • Poor built-in landing page options
  • No third-party integrations with CRM and email providers
  • Quality will drop with attendees above 500
  • Cannot run replays


EverWebinar offers many similar features compared to WebinarJam, except that it is not a live webinar platform. Instead, EverWebinar will play a pre-loaded video, a feature we also have from the Webinar Jam.

webinar jam


  • At playing automated (pre-loaded webinars), the EverWebinar has richer features over Webinar Jam
  • Automated webinars are easier to scale for wider markets


  • Relatively expensive at $497 / year
  • Lacks the flexibility to play both live and automated webinar found in Webinar Jam

Bottom Line

Webinar Jam provides excellent video and sound quality, as well as versatility in presenting your webinar according to the needs of your business. Priced at $397 a year (or $33,08 a month), it also provides the most value out of the other webinar services we have tested and compared.

If you are looking to improve your webinar business, or are just thinking to expand your online business with a webinar, Webinar Jam can certainly help you. Sign up for your own Webinar Jam Studio account here.


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