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My Website URL blocked By Facebook | How To Unblock?

Is your website URL blocked by Facebook?

Facebook Terms and Conditions are becoming stricter day by day. I guess everyday Facebook puts a new condition on their users without any prior notice or warning and the latest among them is Url blocking.

On  2012 Nov 10, after writing some new posts for my blog, I decided to post some links of my new post on my friend’s wall and some groups I belong to. As a result, when I continued posting the links over and over in succession, all the links to my website were blocked on Facebook without any warning, notice or explanation. I was amazed and surprised that why Facebook blocked my URL.

And whenever I tried posting my links again, I was presented with this beautiful message:

My URL blocked By Facebook | How To Move On?

Now, If you are also stuck with the same Facebook Blocked URL problem and not being able to share your links, this what you can probably try to unblock websites.

First of all, Click the Let us Know link on the Message Failed popup dialog box which will take you over to a page where you will be presented with a form regarding the issue. Just fill your form and tell the Facebook that your link was not a span and it is being blocked by mistake. Wait for the email from the Facebook team on your issue.

Second, you should open a Fan Page with your Facebook Account and try posting or sharing links from your Fan Page.

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Third, you should try using URL Link Shortner ( web address shorteners ) to create custom Url. Although there are many custom URL shorteners available but most of the famous URL Shortners are also blocked by the Facebook but still there are few URL Shortener still in service like Google URL Shortner or Stumbleupon URL Shrortner. Now try posting your links while using this service. It worked for me and will definitely work for you too.

My URL blocked By Facebook | How To Move On?

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Facebook had not made its terms and conditions on this issue entirely clear as to what and what is not acceptable when posting your links on Facebook, be sure that even while using  URL Shorteners, don’t post your link again in multiple groups in succession, you could again have your website blocked. Try to use limited links, may be less than five links a day to be on a safer side.

If you still face any issues on blocked URL , wire over to me.

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  1. Thanks for replying to my 1-year old post on the GetSatisfaction page for Facebook lol xD I’ve actually moved on and just bought new domain names. I guess mine was one of those blocked because I was using the free .TK TLD back then.

  2. Thats nice its working, But thats the another solution!

    In my case it gives “Norton™ by Symantec has ranked this web link as potentially unsafe”
    On norton website(website owner corner) it says that your site is safe.
    But when someone clicks on the link on the facebook it shows the upper error.

    Can you plz resolve it..

  3. HI Facebook is blocking my website and not allowing me to share information of my website link how to sort out it or regain access to share information

    • Please write to Facebook regarding your issue or you can also try some URL shortner.

      • How does one _actually_ do this?

        Facebook is a **** mess, and there’s no contact or report forms available what so ever. Not that I can find at least. One would think that Facebook, being a super huge company, would be easy to actually contact. *pissed*

        • I can understand your frustration. Try reaching Facebook and convince them that URL is not a spam. Hopefully they will lift the ban.

      • URL shortners did not work in my case :(

        Why the ^&^& is Facebook not responding to the emails also, I am frustrated.
        Anyways, thanks heavens, Google+ and Twitter exists.

        ^$%*ing Facebook system only has the threat it seems….har har har

  4. Hi Ansh…
    Recently I bought my new domain. Actually I renewd it as it was not mine before. It was blacklisted by siteadvisor. But I request for a review and now its clean from everywhere.
    In the starting of my blog, there was no problem why sharing link on facebook and visiting them from facebook.
    But now a days whenever I try to post a links it asks fro security Captcha. And while visiting to my blog links from facebook it show a Spam and NOT spam toolbar on the top everytime..
    the toole bar shows the following text
    “Facebook thinks this site may be unsafe. If you’re not familiar with it, please provide feedback by marking it as spam (you’ll be brought back to Facebook).”
    How can i remove this problem and get known facebook that its not a spam link or else…

    • Hi Ravi,
      When you post links from your account in excess, your main domain is always marked as abusive and sometimes FB terminates user accounts too. For now just try using some URL shortners and only put 3-4 links a day. After some time FB will itself revoke the spam or unsafe title from your domain. Please provide me the link which is causing the issue so that I can check the matter in more detail. Thanks

      • the url shortner are also not working. Facebook is denying them too.
        The utl link is at my signature of comment. You Plz try that and help me to solve the issue.
        though there are not so much visitor from FB but still it embarassing me the Facebook Spam error.
        Thanks in advance

        • Your link is working fine Ravi. I tried to post your link on my 1 of my Facebook’s Page and i posted it without any issues. Here is the FB page on which I posted your site link.

          I think the problem could be with your FB account not your site. May be u r posting too many links and therefore FB is considering u spammy. Just try not to post any link for next 7-10 days and then check it again. Thanks

          • Thank you very much Ansh.. Really The problem is with my account or My IP address. There no problem while i visited my link from your page. Really I got the solution upto some extent. Thanks a lot… :)

  5. Hi There

    My site is blocked by Facebook, I am trying to create a app in Facebook for my site but the url is not valid as are blocked by Facebook, I tried all the things above but no luck, can you help?


    • Hi Chris
      I would suggest you to create your website first. a good decent website and then report your problem to Facebook over this link:
      One of my clients had the same problem like yours. After reporting to Facebook, his link was removed from the spam title. Hopefully yours will also get lifted within a week. But do make sure you create your website first beforing reporting.

  6. Hello, Ansh,
    My site is also blocked by Facebook “for being spammy or unsafe”. There was some infections on the hosting server more than 1 month ago, and it is cleared, but FB is not lifting the block! I also created the following bug report: and tried to send personal messages to serveral FB developers, but with no sucess… We have put more than 200 euro for advertising this site on FB, and now it is blocked! Where do we go from here?

    • Hi Axel,
      I can understand your frustration but as I can see it is hardly 10 days since u reported the issue. Facebook team sometimes takes more time in replying to the reported queries. Kindly wait for a while and if nothing happens then report your problem on this link:

  7. Hello Ansh!
    I am getting the same problem with facebook and my url. I tried the google url shortner but had no results.
    facebook users keep getting the Norton Alert.
    here is the link

    I have tried to contact facebook and norton still getting no responses.


    • Hi Diogo,
      If you are getting Norton alert; it is not Facebook’s fault but it is due to the Norton installed on your own system. Please add your site in the exception list of your Norton installation.

  8. Hello Ansh! Thanks for the response.
    I contacted Norton via facebook and you can read bellow is the response from them. They say that the site needs to have 14-20 unique visitors and I do think that the website UTL got more than 15-20 unique clicks. I use google analytics and statistics tell me so. Besides you can check how many likes the page has which is 23. This can only happen when facebook users click LIKE inside the page.
    Here is the response from Norton via facebook:

    Sorry for the inconvenience. This is due to a syncing problem in Facebook. Even though we changed your Website from red list[unsafe] to green list[clean], Facebook wont update these details immediately in their database. They recheck for a red URL rating from our database only after the website URL gets 15-20 unique clicks[from different IP address]. Site will be shown as green in safeweb but might be blocked by Facebook until it gets those many unique visitors through facebook.
    Let me know if this helps.
    Norton Social Support

    • I can only advise you to wait for a while because now it is only up to Facebook to update your site details. I wish they do it asap for you.

  9. Hi there,

    I’m a social media manager for and for some reason Facebook has marked any link including as spam. I’ve tried using URL shorteners (, tiny url to be exact) and it’s still failing to post these messages. We’re a legitmate business and my job is to consistently push out quality content, a large majority coming from our website. I’ve filed a report with the link provided in your article about a week ago and Facebook responded with a generic message saying they don’t always get to every message. Any idea on a work around or how we can resolve this issue? Not being able to post links to our business’s website would cost us money…and a lot of it. Please let me know if you any insights about this. Thank you for your help!

  10. Thanks for sending this over. I’ll give it a shot. Do you know if I do use this link shortener, if it will help or harm getting the url “un-spammed?” Obviously the end goal is to get it to not be spammed anymore, but in the mean time I’ll definitely give this a shot. Do you think it’s possible to ever get “un-spammed?” Thanks for your help!

    • Can’t say anything about this. It depends upon the Facebook team to un-spam the link.

  11. Hello Ansh,

    We too have been blocked from posting our site’s link on Facebook. I have filed many reports about it through Facebook’s “Blocked from Adding Content” page, sent two letters in the mail (snailmail,) and used the link shorteners. Though I believe whomever put together did a great thing, I am also hesitant to use a link shortener an post it FB that so blatantly is trying to pull one over on Facebook. Though I don’t necessarily care, I because believe it’s rude of Facebook to ignore those of us who aren’t spam, but I would also like this solution resolved the correct way. Do you have any other advise regarding dealing with Facebook, possibly taking legal action or something?
    Noelle recently posted…Eating well in Pamplona during Running of the bullsMy Profile

    • Well, I don’t think you can take any legal action against them for marking you spam. Its their product and they have the right to do anything they want.

  12. Our website was also blocked as spammy — I tried clicking the “let us know” link, and have been trying to get them to unblock our site for months! I tried again today, and for the first time got an email response (auto-generated, I think, but finally a response). I hope it gets resolved soon as I’ve been trying to get our site unblocked for almost a year now. Even url shorteners don’t work.

    • Well, Good luck. I hope u get your link removed soon.

  13. Facebook has blocked my “website“. My domain is new, just 3 days old. I tried url shortening, it was still blocked.

  14. Hi have a Facebook page When i post the link of it it shows me this
    The content you’re trying to share includes a link that’s been blocked for being spammy or unsafe:


  15. Hi Ansh

    My website “” is being reported as spam by Fb. I have tried to use the URL shortner ,but its no use . Please Help me out as this is my portfolio website . I would really like to share it with my friends on Fb.


  16. My website link is blocked what should I do please help me.
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  17. Hi Ansh can you please help fix the problem…….Something has an Action Blocked in my facebook and I cant solve it I dont know whats wrong please help me………every time I open my facebook some thing appear like this (You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action.

    If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.) please help me sir :’(

    • It happens when you are posting too many links or someone has marked your profile as spam or abusive. You can report to FB or wait for few days.

  18. Hi Ansh,

    I’m having the same problem for my website, I am not sure what I did that makes FB block my website. I wasn’t active for the past 1 year so I am not sure how long they had block it. I tried the FB debug tool and is still having parsing error.

    Do you have any advise? I’m using pwnzuck for the time being. Thanks in advance!

  19. on facebook it is showing

    Security Alert.

    The link you are trying to visit has been classified as potentially abusive by a Facebook partner. Learn more about keeping your account secure.

    Norton™ by Symantec has ranked this web link as potentially unsafe

    Download Norton™ AntiVirus to protect your computer and your Facebook friends from online threats. Learn more.

    If you think this link shouldn’t be blocked, please let us know.

  20. Facebook blocked use of our URL for years, yes years. For some reason no one would include our website URL ( in any post, or even on our own FB page. They’d get an error message saying our site had been flagged as spammy. This had been going on for years! FB has zero customer service. So after trying everything else over the course of three years, we finally resorted to writing a pleading letter on our letterhead, asking why would anyone block a non-profit trying to help heart patients? We sent it ‘registered mail’ to FB headquarters. (Advice I found among other ideas online from those with a similar problem.) It worked. Praise the lord!

  21. I’m involved in a travel start-up

    We spent over $1,000 on Facebook advertising during our launch, but paused it when we realised that Facebook had blocked us! With no notice and no explanation.

    It’s been over a month now of constantly reporting the link, posting in help threads, forums – everywhere – all with no results and no response from Facebook.
    For more detail: help thread on Facebook

    At time of writing we are still blocked :( Any advice?

  22. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My link was not being completely blocked by Facebook, but if you tried to follow it you got a message that it “Appears to be Unsafe”. Using your suggestion of URL shortener worked like a charm! No more UNSAFE message.

  23. I’m still getting blocked on facebook my new website is
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  24. Dear ,
    thanks for your valuable tips. My URL is blocked by facebook. Kindly provide solution.

  25. Shortened url did not work. This happened after I installed a new Norton antivirus program.
    Becky recently posted…Old Book Mail OrganizerMy Profile

  26. Use this simple URL maker that I created – This will let you create an alternate URL that you can share on FB ;)

  27. yes, I still have the same after make tiny url for my website and facebook blocked site.

    please help.

    Thanks in advanced.

  28. Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with Search Engine Optimization?
    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very
    good results. If you know of any please share. Thank you!
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  29. Both the above blog site and my company website are blocked by FB – I have written to them many a times over the past 7-8 months but no reply and no solution. Kindly help.

  30. you can using social bookmarking to share the link, but you need complaint to facebook using many facebook account to unblock. You can get help from your friend
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