Top 5 Android Launchers Worth Trying

Android lovers always find plethora of reasons to prefer Google Android to other Smartphone platforms, like iOS and Windows Phone! Among those solid reasons, the most attractive one is capability of Android to be customized in big variety of aspects. At the basic aspect, you can change looks of device by using brand new Android launchers, which will change looks of home screen and app drawer of your device.

top android launchers

If you are one of those customizers, who would like to check out superb Android launchers and thus make Android a bit more smart, we have a list of Android launchers that are worth trying! Indeed, these launchers will be a notable addition to accessibility of Android device, no matter how crappier the default home screen of your Smartphone is.

Aviate [Beta]

Aviate, though being in its beta stage of development, is the most innovative Android launcher we tried recently. It’s different from all those home screen launchers available for Android, and puts forward an idea of redesigning screen of Android device into an intuitive, productive and accessible one. This new home screen may look a bit weird during the first glimpse, but as you check it out, you will see features as auto-categorized apps, context-based changes and personalization of your home screen are impressive indeed.

Most helpful feature of Aviate, in our perspective, is the change of home screen according to context; for instance, it will give you appropriate directions when you’re driving to office while plugging in headphones will suggest music-playing applications you have. Because Aviate is in its beta stage, you have to wait some time to receive reservation, but Aviate is worth the wait!

Apex Launcher

apex launcher

Apex Launcher, developed by Android Does, is better choice you should draw from that huge list of launchers, when you are looking for a simple, productive and beautiful way to organize your home screen & installed apps. You would be able to create up to 9 home screens, and make them rich with superb animations and transitions.

Also, there are a number of features to keep home app drawer neat such as to hide applications, arrange applications in accordance with your frequency of usage, lock desktop to prevent accidental changes, gesture support to make things easy, plus a huge variety of themes and icons packs to make your home screen look more awesome in terms of visuals.

Though size of this application is 3MB, it requires your Android device to run on v4.0.3 or later. Moreover, it is a great option if you are looking for a simple KitKat-like UI for home screen.

Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is, perhaps, the BEST Android launcher available in Google Play Store. Google Now Launcher is rich in terms of features, and it offers features such as ability to access Google Now from home screen, superb packs of wallpapers, a classic but mesmerizing looks for home screen as well as app drawer of device. Having said these, it is sad to know that Google Now Launcher is available only for Nexus-range devices and Google Play devices.

If you’ve any of these devices with you, you don’t have to waste time, but just go and grab this awesome launcher for Android to jump into the ‘touchless’ world offered by Google Now!

Facebook Home

facebook home

We hope there are enough Facebook addicts out there! If you are one of those addicts, gifted with a good (powerful) internet connection, Facebook Home is nice solution to fulfill your desire to have another home screen for Android device. By installing Facebook Home in your Android, you can bring your Facebook account into deep sections of device in such a way that different sections, including lock screen, home screen & app launcher.

When your device is in locked mode, you can browse posts and photos from Facebook and other social networks like Instagram & Flickr. It should be noted that Home is currently, according to official words, available for some devices as Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, HTC One X, HTC One etc. Regardless, it seems to work fine in my Moto G, and the experience was something cool.

Smart Launcher 2

smart launcher

Smart Launcher 2, the second version of Smart Launcher, is another innovative launcher that you should check out, when you are looking for a new way of organizing your home screen and app drawer. When compared to other ways of alternative home screen launcher, Smart Launcher 2 uses a new way of displaying applications.

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Also, there is a big number of features such as category-based organization of applications in drawer, support for live wallpapers, ability to customize lock screen of device, availability of icon sets and theme sets; it will support icon packs, originally made for Apex Launcher or Nova Launcher. Particularly, we loved the innovative layout of this launcher, considering ease to access applications and home screen. Altogether, Smart Launcher 2 is smart and worth a try.

What do you think of these Android launchers? We are eager to know your opinion. Also, let us know if you have any other home screen recommendations.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Android Launchers Worth Trying”

  1. I never use launcher before but have been thinking of using it. In terms of battery consumption, which one of these consumes least amount of battery?

  2. Facebook Launchers consumes more data while its photos need to be loaded. If you are using a high resolution device the consumption will be more. Android eco system would be better when not using any launcher..

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