Top 10 Video Marketing Sites You Should Be Leveraging on in 2014

Video marketing is the best way to create brand recognition for your business by producing viral promotional videos. Whether you are a pro video marketer or starting out as a newbie, you need sites where you can upload and share these videos. Most people use YouTube alone for their video marketing campaigns but that alone is not sufficient to make the impact you expect.

Top 10 Video Marketing Sites

The advantage of using multiple video sharing platforms is that you can reach out to a wider audience. There are many useful video sharing sites on the web, both free and paid. Let’s have a look at the top 10 video sharing sites to kick-start your marketing campaign.

1. YouTube

Youtube is the most popular video sharing site and doesn’t really need an introduction. Most people use it every day and it is gaining more popularity than television nowadays. Most internet marketers use just YouTube for their video marketing campaign. Youtube is a free service and you can create a channel and share your videos within a matter of few minutes.

The only limitation is their strict copyright policy that restricts users from uploading even remotely copied content.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is like a social network and video sharing site blended together. The content you upload on Vimeo must be non-commercial and original. Vimeo gives importance to creativity of the content. It gives a basic free account which is all you will probably require and also a premium one with fewer restrictions on size of the video. The premium account also gives users more control on the privacy settings.

3. Vevo

Vevo is the dedicated space for videos related to the music industry. If your videos have something to do with music, this is the right place to promote them. The quality of videos has to be really high and you are free to upload promotional videos for your brand. Vevo imposes ads on all the videos and there is no option to opt out of it.

4. Dailymotion

Dailymotion can be called as a competitor to YouTube for the variety of cool features it has in store. It has both basic and an improved Motionmaker account for users. If the content you are uploading is original and created by you, then you can opt for the Motionmaker account. HD videos are supported in the Motionmaker accounts and the videos from such accounts are promoted on the home page of the site.

5. Veoh

Veoh is quite different from its competitors and is much more than a video sharing site. It is used to host user generated material, independent productions and studio content. Veoh does not have any restrictions on the size of videos users can upload. They have a huge community that you can make use of for your video marketing.

Veoh also supports a wide range of video formats; so you can be relieved about the tiring job of converting the videos before uploading them.

6. Metacafe

Metacafe is a very popular video sharing platform with over 40 million viewers per month. They do not allow users to upload duplicate videos and they have a strict evaluation mechanism to make sure that the uploaded videos are of high quality. Metacafe hosts a huge amount of short videos in a variety of different categories.

Metacafe also lets its users earn from it if their videos hit a particular number of views. This is an added benefit apart from the video marketing platform it provides and many users are already making good money from it.

7. Flickr

Many of you might be quite surprised at seeing Flickr here. Actually, Flickr is not just an image sharing site but also they do accept videos to be hosted on their platform. Flickr has a free and paid account for users with varied requirements. The basic free account of Flickr has a restriction of just 2 videos per month of 150 MB each.

The premium account has no restrictions on the number of videos one can upload, but the limits on the video size still apply. So, Flickr can be insufficient if your videos are long and exceed the file size limits.

8. Break

Break is known especially for the funny videos that the site focuses on. The content is usually funny videos, clips from movies and funny pictures and it is a great site for entertainment. The video formats supported are not very wide but they support all the major formats like MOV, MPG, WMV and AVI.

Users have three different options to upload videos: directly from the site, via mobile and by sending it to them via email. Apart from video sharing, users can also upload photos.

9. Viddler

Viddler is sometimes most preferred by people who want to upload very lengthy videos. While most video sharing sites out there have some restrictions on the length of the video, Viddler puts no limits on the video length as long as it is within the size of 500 MB.

There is a limit of 2 GB of storage and bandwidth per month. Viddler has 2 types of accounts – personal and partnership. In the partnership account, there are no bandwidth and storage restrictions but your videos will be stuffed with advertisements which form the major chunk of their revenue. Both, personal and partnership accounts are provided for free to the users.

10. is meant for users who want to create internet based shows. It is not much suitable for people who create short videos that are intended to go viral, but for the ones who continuously create videos on the same topic. They also have a 50% revenue sharing program for the users who can produce such video content. Blip provides both basic and professional accounts for users with different needs.

Professional account is necessary if you are consistently uploading videos and expect better conversion and revenue from them. Blip can be used as a tool for creating business promotional videos with informative content that your targeted audience would find helpful.

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