Companies and people who are serious about business must have a strong online presence. The ideal way to nurture online presence is through a website. However, a good website must have a good hosting service with minimal downtime, cheap hosting and good customer support. After a serious fact finding mission, we came up with a list of top ten best web hosting services.


Hostgator has a wide collection of plans and features that are simple to use. The company has unlimited space and bandwidths with a 24/7 technical support from knowledgeable employees. The site is also remarkably stable and has excellent uptime results. In case you have a displeasure using the site, you have a 45-day money back guarantee. The packages include $20 subscription for six months, $8.34 per month and $3.33 per month when shared. Typically, they are among the cheapest website hosting packages around.

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost is one of the providers who offer cheap and free web hosting packages that are convenient for everyone. Bluehost calculates its packages on annual basis, which is expandable to two and three-year plans at good discounts. If you opt for a three-year plan, you will get a package that charges $3.95 per month. Blue host also has private virtual servers for websites that experience huge traffic. As a customer, you can also choose from a pool of dedicated server configurations available on the company’s platforms.


Godaddy web hosting will charge you a monthly fee for both Windows and Linux servers. However, the price will reduce if you subscribe to an annual package. You will have to enroll in its Deluxe or Ultimate plans, which go for $8.99 and $14.99 respectively. GoDaddy has unlimited domains and storages with data transfer functionalities. Its dedicated servers come with configured Windows and Linux systems, and you can fit them with up to 32 gigabytes of RAM.


The provider boasts high-end features with pocket-friendly prices. It is a good service for those who have experience in website management and administration. It has different packages that consist of a $4.95 shared plan, which has robust features to help you achieve your personal and business needs. Normal web hosting plans start at $10.95 per month which can reduce to $9.95 per month for an annual plan. Your first.com, .net and .info are free. However, you will have to pay for other domains.


InMotion has three web hosting plans that specifically target Linux users. Other users have a basic Launch with a $7.99 annual subscription charged on a monthly basis. The others include Power and Pro, which have $9.99 and $15.99 respectively. Both hosting plans have storage, email and monthly data transfers that are unlimited. Apart from basic hosting, InMotion also has solid VPS hosting at a monthly fee that starts at $29.99 and 8GB of RAM space.


Even though Hostwinds does not provide the best web hosting for WordPress, it is among the most effective and cheapest web hosting service providers available today. It boasts of several featured packed VPS plans that most editors appreciate. It also provides cheap web hosting plans available in three parts. The basic plan starts at $4.50 per month and has unlimited monthly data transfers. Advance starts at $5.50 per month, and the ultimate begins with $6.50 per month. You will get many discounts if you subscribe for many months.

1&1 Webhosting

1&1 has an excellent uptime report with cheap web hosting plans that have a variety of options. The web hosting service allows you to choose a one-month plan with any package you desire. It also offers more advanced web hosting options in their packages for both Linux and Windows-based users. 1&1 webhosting is an affordable web hosting provider with a 24/7 support and highly effective tools for web creation.


After a time off the grid, Arvixe is steadily gaining popularity. It is one of the best web hosting providers with good virtual private server features and dedicated hosting plans. Arvixe shared hosting enables you to host with a lot of flexibility required for formulating a site’s foundation. It also offers monthly subscriptions, which become cheaper when you commit to an annual package. The monthly rates start at $3.20 to $7 per month based on features provided in each package.


Siteground combines with the CloudFlare to increase efficiency and security for its clients. It is among the services that provide cheap web hosting for WordPress with package fee of $3.95. It has a shared package of $3.95 and $229 per month charge for dedicated servers. Other features include automatic backups, flexible server locations and 24/7 technical support.

Liquid Webhosting

When it comes to web hosting comparison, liquid hosting deserves a slot among the best service providers that offer affordable web hosting plans. It has excellent dedicated hosting plans alongside prorated VPS. However, it does not have shared web hosting plans in its packages.

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