6 Tips To Choose Commercial Web Hosting

There are many free web hosting providers available but the drawback of using such free services is that they will impose advertising on your website. If you are looking for ad-free options then you should be looking at a commercial web host. It is very important that you choose your new web hosting without committing any mistake.

tips to choose commercial web hosting

The following 6 factors can serve you well if you deciding over which commercial host service to choose.

Reliable Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, regardless of free or commercial plan, the most important factor is reliable hosting uptime. If the cost for the hosting is exorbitant then it is important that the web host server is reliable and gives you value for money.

When looking into web hosts check for the details of their recent uptime statistics. Such statistical figures will give you an idea regarding the amount of time their systems have been running without any error or outage. The less downtime in the records means higher is the reliability of the web host making your page’s visibility maximum throughout at any given time.

Data Transfer Bandwidth

Data transfer is the account of bytes that get transferred from your site to the visitors when they browse your website. It is also referred to as “traffic” or “bandwidth” and is an important factor to judge a web host. Many of them promise “unlimited bandwidth” but when you start consuming a lot of it they will not bear all the costs.

That is why always look for details in the package about how much traffic is allowed. Do not get swayed by empty promises about huge amount of bandwidths. It may so happen that the website cannot really utilize it because of resources or other limitations.

Available Storage Space

If your website is complex chances are you may require more storage space. But a bigger website doesn’t necessarily mean that a lot of disk space is needed. For example there are sites with over 300 pages that take only 15 MB of file space with use of a good template. Many web host providers play the massive storage space card to lure you but before getting it ask yourself twice whether you would require it or not.

Pricing Plans

Pricing is the most important factor because apart from features it helps you decide a web host. That is why most web host providers have different pricing plans that suit different client requirements. There are sometimes offers and flexible payment plan options that allow the users to choose features depending on their budget.

If a web host server lacks in providing different plans then they should have some great features to balance it. If not you should look at a web host provider who has the facility for quarterly, bi-annual or annual discount plans.

Excellent Technical Support

A web hosting provider should have a great technical support in place. A good technical support is a sign of how good the hosting provider is and how serious they are into retaining their business. Most hosts advertise a 24/7 support but that does not mean they really have such support available.

So before you accept a web hosting service it is better to check out whether the support is applicable for Sundays, Saturday Evening and other holidays too. Also see how much time they take to respond. Apart from speed of response check how competent and sound they are technically.

Webmasters Control Panel

A control panel or an interface is a place that helps you modify your website regarding all aspects like technical or security related. Webmasters prefer a convenient control panel that allows performing of usual security and maintenance routines with ease and avoid seeking technical support from the web host providers for it. This saves a lot of time and can help in trying out different options that would work great for the website.

Secure Server (SSL), Shopping Cart

For e-commerce business based website it is important that there is availability of features like SSL and Shopping Cart by the web host company. SSL is quite important if there are credit card payments to be accepted on your website. Without these features it is not possible to have a fully functional business website.

Credible Resellers

There are many web development companies that provide hosting service but are in fact a reseller for some other web hosting provider. While choosing such service providers ensure that all the features they promise cross check along with their credibility. Many fraudsters sell packages and then disappear that will create problems later.

Access Speed

Internet users are quite impatient and do not like web pages that take a lot of time to load. And it may result in them disappearing from your website and go to the competitor’s website instead. Google, the most popular search engine, also penalizes slow websites which affects their ranking in search results. Also check the speed of your web host, opting for a quicker site. If you are running a WordPress based site, make sure your running a fully optimized version.

Check User Reviews

One cannot completely rely upon user reviews to judge a particular web hosting provider but on an average these are good indicators about the providers in the most standard categories.

Check out reviews that highlight special facts about the web hosting provider and see if they benefit to you with respect to your websites requirements.

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Going through the above factors can really help you to get a better commercial web host provider to suit your requirements.

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