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Things To Change In SEO With The Arrival Of Penguin 2.0 Update

This can be a revision that will likely have an impact on Google rankings for an abundance of websites. The reason why Google has specified it as ’2.0′ when there have been four Penguin revisions is because this is the first time that Google has changed the entire algorithm rather than simply go for modifications.

So what on earth has the new update in store for users?


Google really wants to bust down on advertorials. Finding cash for content material positioning, like paid listings with websites is usually not going to be acknowledged now with regard to SEO effects. Google will certainly ask for paid positions to include a new disclaimer and only work with ‘no follow’ links.

Black Hat Methods

Any manipulative action that will be advantageous to your current Search Engine Optimization ranks is actually going to become a thing Google will combat to eliminate the junk e-mail.

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Link Spamming

Google Penguin 2.0 UpdateThe concept of acquiring inbound links via blogs, forum posts, blog commenting, directories along with other methods accustomed to attain links can be discussed using this upgrade. In truth, that is a thing that’s been discussed with Google specially declaring ‘link spam’ isn’t anything brand-new.

Your Penguin revisions are already more potent when compared with past revisions of fixing manipulative inbound links; whether or not Google can spot them it’s doing excellently currently. Your soundest choice should be to prevent almost any tactic that could be viewed as website link junk e-mail. I advise you to read the Real Story Behind Outbound & Inbound Blog Links for more information on this.

Hacked Websites

A site that’s hacked to provide back links to help different internet sites without the user’s information is usually becoming common, with well-known Content Management Systems being hacked and individuals don’t revise towards most recent variants. It has traditionally let the web page getting kicked out from the outcomes of Google and reprimanded for no wrong doing. But now Google is currently seeking to assist website owners by means of Webmaster Tools.


This can be the important transformation wherever Search Engine Optimization is actually going. To get a web page to reach your goal it must grow to be an authority in the subject matter people expect. Brands generally have a serious advantage seeing that a lot of them are actually authorities helping to compete very well using the new models regarding Google updates. You’ll find basic measures which have to be checked to be remembered as an authority in Google’s eyes:

  • Author Rank
  • Google+
  • Social Signals
  • Rich Snippets

Google Penguin 2.0 Update

A systematic process that needs to be followed:

  • Create excellent content to attract pluses and shares.
  • Attract healthy inbound links for the information.
  • Motivate sharing & engagement.
  • Raise your ‘PageRank’ with regards to excellent alerts.
  • Attract links/mentions from sources.
  • Build interactions within Social Circles.
  • Take a new ‘PR’ strategy for site campaigning & get talked about naturally.
  • Develop a new information tactic which yields interaction & engagement in contradiction to paid ones.

The areas to be looked upon:

  • Have people integrated Methodized Facts pertaining to Prosperous Snippets in addition to Author Tags.
  • Don’t develop a sales brochure web page; instead, develop a ‘Social Site’.
  • Your site needs to be built around functionality in addition to overall performance.
  • Societal advertising and marketing has to flow over the whole group, which will generate much more content material in addition to reference point factors from the cultural web. Together with many experts related to your blog in addition to stimulating most employees to generate frequent content material, it will only strengthen your authority within a topic.
  • You’ll need a content material location having high quality on site or off site content material.

What you should consider when developing links making use of the Penguin 2.0 environment:

Link Worth

Though it really is useful if you have many of backlinks, they will not perform considerably well in case they are through “bad” neighborhoods. Therefore it is extremely crucial to concentrate on getting back links through trustworthy websites.

A terrific way to accomplish this can be by means of guest blogging. Provided that most backlinks are generally through reliable websites, they ought to operate like a new safeguard which shields through upcoming upgrades. In any other case, a good amount of backlinks through awful neighborhoods which employ manipulative tactics will surely have a poor effect.

Internet websites which have a Google Pagerank associated with 4 or more usually are well suited for inbound links; however, it is always better to be higher. However, Google page rank is not entirely resistive. You need to go through the content material along with evaluating how valuable, applicable, along with fascinating it really is.

Additionally, examine the actual website’s sociable networking sites and pay attention to what number of supporters they have already inside each and every social site. The more the number of fans is a superb sign associated with top quality along with reliability.

Link Rate

An additional problem which Google update deals with could be the speed at which a website gets back links. Apart from a couple of select instances along with viral ramifications, they will be aware that high quality web sites typically collect back links steadily. Suppose a new internet site instantly activates spikes where lots of back links are obtained instantly, this specific serves as an alert sign to Google, making it more possible that the website could possibly get sandboxes.

That is why you need to become relatively traditional in a website link building advertising operation and refrain from building large amounts at a stretch.

Avoid Exact-Match Anchor Text

Right after examining a huge amount of info, Yahoo, Google and the majority optimization authorities identified the particular effects among precise anchor text messages in addition to internet spam. Accordingly, they’ve already considered procedures to be able to penalize websites that contain excessive backlinks along with a precise match up keywords in the anchor text.

Instead of featuring a lot of backlinks along with a precise match up keywords throughout your website anchor text should contain keywords that are modified. In that way, they will not be perfect complements.

Relevancy of Links

Several website owners along with basic web optimization experts are aware that relevancy takes on a new meaning throughout the website link quality. Hyperlinks by completely immaterial websites may injure a new home page’s position, though backlinks obtained from very relevant websites support a web page’s ranking if they’re respected. Acquiring back links from the jumble associated with websites that contain nothing regarding one industry, are the cause of a drop in the ratings by Penguin 2.0. Here are a few strategies to increase your ratings issues which have been badly hit by Penguin 2.0:

Comprehend web profile linking

Just about the most useful strategy to get over Penguin 2.0 along with safeguarding yourself from long term issues can be to experience a whole comprehension of the account of the profile of your link. Begin with a hyperlink account audit to distinguish undesirable backlinks brought about by websites affected by the Penguin 2.0 update.

If you can’t do it yourself, try out tools like Open Site Explorer or Majestic SEO. These tools create an in-depth photograph of one’s link account. Some widespread capabilities include things like backlink reports, inward bound URL analysis along with regular list checking. While this had not been essential sometime in the past, these types of tools usually are getting increasingly critical. Soon after realizing your link account, you possibly can consider the needed steps to fix any difficult parts.

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Operate test on the sites backlinking to your profile

Besides verifying your site’s backlinks, it would be a great idea to look into the key sites which will link back. This can be carried out using Analyze Backlinks or Backlink Watch. This really is critical for if a selected web page gets backlinks from undesirable communities, it will eventually reduce the link value. Therefore, this tends to have an adverse effect on your Search Engine Optimization. If you locate websites with inadequate link value, backlinks coming out these web pages need to be taken off.

Eliminate Dangerous Backlinks

By most versions, the explanation can be that the site may recuperate over time along with an increase in its rating over with the elimination associated with undesirable links. Due to the fact that Google’s criteria will finally re-crawl along with re-index information, an online site may get back its place within the ratings, mostly. Though this procedure is often annoying and sometimes time-consuming, it is needed to truly get the ratings back to normal along with climbing SEO rankings again.

Assemble completely new links that are of high-quality

Suppose you have also been tracked by Penguin 2.0, the obvious way to influence Google to have your site going well in the ratings can be to simply acquire some other reliable, high quality sites which are trusted by Google and by acquiring their links. There are various strategies to ethically construct high-quality, effective back links. However, the best can be achieved through guest postings in a blog.

Bottom Line

Penguin 2.0 Update

Penguin 2.0 is an advancement on the protocol Google launched in April last year. If Penguin 2.0 has recently struck you, stick to the actual measures as mentioned here to resolve the matter, as well as ensure yourself to proceed cautiously in your optimization strategies.

Do not target short term gains by sacrificing long term objectives.

Alan Smith is an avid tech blogger with vast experience in various IT domains, currently associated with SPINX Inc., a Los Angeles, California based website design, web development and internet marketing company.


  1. Nice share Alan.. Thanks for sharing this informative post. Ya we have to be alert of poor backlinks as well as the rate of getting backlinks.
    Mahendra recently posted…Best Laptops Under $500 in 2013 In full detailsMy Profile

  2. you are 100% right lots of things have changed, SEO yesterday is no long the same today, people used it wrongly to manipulate others who dont know much about SEO Google is working to stop SEO manipulations and put things back to normal
    collins recently posted…Top 5 problems and challenges facing new blogs todayMy Profile

  3. A lot of people are saying publish great content but how do you go about getting traffic to it, isnt that the million dollar question?

    Also, anyone have any idea how long does the take for disavow tool to become effective? We used it a lot to remove rubbish backlinks but not has seen any result.
    Aassif Billah recently posted…Essential Tips For Good Bounce RateMy Profile

    • Hi Aassif,
      Well I have never used disavow tool so far but as per my knowledge I think it becomes effective only for site with many thousands pages and dirty links from useless domains.

  4. Hi Alan,
    Yes,SEO landscape is continuously evolving.I doubt if all these updates are being released by Google to instill panic and promote the sales of Adwords..Because a lot of webmasters i know immediately resorted to PPC after they lost their natural rankings.Google knows that a lot of companies are dependent on the traffic from search engines.A loss in traffic could really make them consider other options like PPC.Just my doubt.What do you think?
    Joe Hart recently posted…Dental ImplantsMy Profile

    • Hi Joe,
      Well I was reading an article on SeoJournal yesterday and it blamed Google for causing rankings of many growing blogs or sites. More the rankings are lost, more the site admins will walk towards PPC; thats Google Advertisement strategy.
      But as of now I guess 2013 update has created less panic as compared to 2012 update.

  5. Nice post. I’d never considered that some links might be “bad.” I do check my links, and most are developed through guest posting, so mine appear to be okay. But that’s a good observation.

    • Hi Dan,
      There is 99% chance for any famous blog that you might be the vistic of such bad links. When blogs start getting famous, many people start linking them from their own dirty domains or subdomains just to get trackbacks.

  6. google frequently changes its schemes for providing a chance for all to display their links on the search pages. That is why, there is not at all a plan or any such trick that will work forever for SEO. You have to be dynamic regarding the changed strategies always.
    yogesh pant recently posted…HOW TO USE SUMMER VACATIONSMy Profile

  7. Great piece of work, Alan!

    You`ve summarized well the changes that need to take place after the release of Penguin 2.0. It is now more important than ever to keep your link profile clean and relative.

  8. I’m still learning on this penguin since I’m newbie bout this, thanks for this great article. :)
    Khairul Zamri recently posted…Tips Buat Duit dengan Blog dari Seminar DenaihatiMy Profile

  9. Hi Ansh,

    Its really strange, i had done everything right from the start, and i had even double checked for bad linking but my first blog still dropped from ranks after Penguin update. I have started over just to understand what went wrong. I suppose in time, i will get the right mix ready for my work.


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