How Successful CEO’s Discern The Importance Of Online Marketing Growth

There was a time when marketing executives scoffed at the benefits of online marketing. People did not believe the importance of online marketing and considered  it as a fad that would just go away as quickly as it came up. These individuals were wrong about online marketing growth because it has not only lasted the course, but it is growing faster than anyone could have imagined.

There are many advantages of online marketing for a CEO, particularly in the form of cheap advertising. Instead of spending an enormous budget on traditional advertising, the internet can be used as a tool to promote products and services. More people are using the internet to learn about products, services and the businesses they trust.

Online Advertising

The first step to online advertising is to create a website. This website must be the right combination of informative and attention grabbing. Customers do not appreciate a website that is bland and does not excite. Similarly, a website that is all flash and has little depth will be unsuccessful.

Having an informative website serves many purposes. Not only does it promote products and services, but it increases the respect customers will have for your business. Nowadays, the first thing you do in order to learn about a company is Google their name. When a potential customer Google’s your company name, they will see your brilliant website. This will show them that your business is legitimate, successful, trustworthy, and reputable.

Social Media Advertising

Social media has taken over the internet in a way few anticipated. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram are more popular than newspapers and watching television. By advertising on social media, a company can raise their profile in an innovative, modern, and cost effective way.

The first step is to open an account in various social media outlets. Opening Facebook and Twitter accounts is essential. Both allow for interaction with customers, promotion of products and services, and the ability to advertise sales and offer discounts.

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The top companies in the world are all involved in social media networks. Nike has 12 million Facebook followers. Budweiser has 3.8 million followers. Even sports teams are getting involved, with English soccer team Manchester United is attracting 32 million followers.

Social media is where people go for entertainment, information, news, and interaction. By having your products advertised on these websites, you will create an entirely new client base. People who did not know about your product will be interested in knowing more.

For example, a company that sells car parts might want to advertise a sale on high end tires. By tweeting about this sale and placing a link to their website, the company will attract readers. Some of these readers will turn into potential customers.

Raise Your Profile

Online advertising is the best way to take your business to the next level. If you are in business with 1,000 customers a week, the internet can double that figure in a year. Internet advertising will have a bigger impact than advertising in newspapers, magazines, journals or on billboards.

Even television advertising has taken a back seat to the internet. Companies are placing 30 second commercials on video websites such as YouTube and Hulu. Popular YouTube videos receive a 100 million views, which provides enormous potential for companies that advertise on the website.

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Successful CEOs are the ones who can adapt. They have never searched about the history of online marketing, never do they read any online marketing books or rest on their laurels, but they are always looking to innovate themselves and their business. Online promotion is the present and the future for businesses. It does not matter if you are operating a travel agency or a car workshop. Your business can benefit from the vast reach of the internet and social media.

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