Still New To A WordPress Site? Don’t Stick To The Basics!

You have a new site on the internet using WordPress. Congratulations. Now comes the task of keeping your site updated and relevant to users. However, in order to give them the best experience, you will have to be able to do more with your blog than just make new blog post. It is time to go beyond the basics and expand your WordPress knowledge.

Change Your Look With Themes

You would be surprised at how many WordPress users never change the look of their website beyond the initial design that they started with. There is a quick and easy way to change the look and even the functionality of your website and that is by using WordPress themes.

For those who remember the old days of web design, themes are essentially the same as website templates. They give the basic structure and design of your website. In addition, they are a snap to install. Under your WordPress dashboard, go to appearance, and then themes. From there you can search for the theme that best suits you and then all you need to do is click install, and then activate to check out your new design.

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Using Widgets

Have you ever seen those blogs with Twitter bars down the side, comment boxes, or other cool items and wondered how they got them? They did this via the use of widgets. These are blocks of code that you can install on your blog to provide a variety of functions.

To install a widget, go to your dashboard and select appearance and then widgets. On the right side you should see your primary widget area and on the left you will see the available widgets. You can then drag and drop them to the primary widget area and then click the down arrow to give your widget a title, fill in any optional fields you want to use, and click save. Go back to your site and you should find your site has cool new features.

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Most of you know how that your web browsers has a series of plugins to give it added functionality, such as flash players that allow you to watch Youtube videos. WordPress as well has a series of plugins that you can use to improve functionality. There are well over 20,000 plugins available for different features in WordPress with more being added all the time. If there is something you want to do in WordPress, there is likely a plugin for it. Under your dashboard, you will find a plugins section. From there you can search for and install your desired plugins.

So now that you know the basics, don’t just stick to them! Explore the wonderful world of WordPress and let your imagination run through in the makings of a great wesbtie or blog.

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