6 Simple Steps To Start An SEO Business

You are looking to start an SEO business, may be because of your passion to start your own business or maybe you feel comfortable at technical stuff including SEO. Either way, your are heading at right direction. But since this will be a full fledged business and businesses are not started in a while; you need to consider all pros, cons and complete detailed steps before you can dig deep and invest your time and money. Here are some of the basic steps that I feel would be beneficial for you to know on How to start a professional SEO services company.

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Create Your Own Website

To start any online business, you need a domain name and create your own website. And yes, same goes for your new SEO business as well. The first basic step is to buy a good domain name complimentary with a good hosting provider and set up your website on it. Try to buy a domain name with a keyword in it. Suppose your SEO business is based in London, then you should try to buy domains like seoinlondon.com or cheapseoinlondon.com. This will help you in achieving higher rankings of your own website easily. While setting up the website, you should clearly mention what service and charges your new company is willing to provide. Try to provide some promotional offers for your new customers.

Learn SEO

No business becomes successful if it’s own boss doesn’t know the technical know how about the things. For this, you should start learning SEO. Try to keep a daily watch on some SEO companies, SEO blogs and their latest articles. Grab a feed of the Google blog. This way you will keep yourself updated about latest Search Engine Optimization practices and how exactly is it working. Here are some quick articles that you can read to learn more about SEO before starting an SEO business

Tools Required

A lame service unit without necessary tools can’t offer any useful service. To keep yourself updated and competitive against your competitors, you need to use certain tools that can make your task an easy and make your product or service level top notch, here are some of the best tools used by the SEO industry. You can use as per your requirement and growth level:

  • SEOMOZ – Seomoz is so far the most highly rated SEO tool suite and used by almost every individual or SEO company including me too. Seomoz provides great link building guides, detailed page analysis, database of links, authority and much more.
  • AHREFS – ahrefs is another one of the most commonly used tools in the SEO industry. It helps you find quick external or internal backlinks, referring domains, your domain rank compared to other domains. The best thing about this tool is its free to use for beginners.
  • SEMRUSH – This is yet another tool which I have started using recently although I am still on its free plan and thinking to upgrade it very soon. The best thing I liked about this tool is a quick backlink report, keyword position monitoring, Adwords competitors. Seriously I feel this is a much recommended tool if you are really starting your SEO business.
  • POSIRANK – If you want to work as an SEO agency or an SEO Reseller business, then posirank is definitely worth trying after you start an seo business. It provides you the ability to create and manage all your SEO campaigns, SEO outsourced projects under one account from where you can quickly refer how much work has been done and how much is pending. For more info you can contact us. A worth SEO management tool for any SEO reseller business.

In addition to above, you need to have the knowledge of compulsory webmaster tools which includes: Google Analytics, Google webmasters, Google Adwords, Bing webmasters. These are some famous tools that I have included, although there are so more as well that too need a worthy mention. I will be covering more about all the SEO tools in my future posts soon.

Take A Business Course

Although this is not much required as you can grasp some quick business tips once you are established but of course if you are seeking for a long term future in the SEO business, then you should start learning this ASAP. You can take some evening classes or maybe an online growth to manage your business once it you feel it has started growing marginally.

Advertise Your Service

There are so many ways to advertise your business. You can promote your business via Adwords. You can even advertise in your local newspapers via classified ads and tell people about your new business and benefits you are offering. You can even post your site links to the different SEO forums. You can also use videos to promote your business quickly.

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Plan & Expand

At last, it’s time to think beyond, plan your business growth, finance, sales, marketing and expand as quickly as you can. You can even try to include more services in your SEO business, expand at both horizontal and vertical levels. You can even hire some virtual assistance team to handle your growing customer lists. I would recommend you to read how Successful CEO’s Discern The Importance Of Online Marketing and implement the same for your own.

Your Ideas On How To Start An SEO Business

SEO is really essential service who is currently accepting anyone. If you are really serious about starting something on your own without much investment, then I guess this is the best possible business option. Let me know via comments what you think of this.

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