Squarespace Review – Pros and Cons of This Website Builder

One of the most popular website builders is Squarespace. Many people have been raving about their service and platform. The company has received a lot of great publicity and regularly gets mentions in the press. But to really see if they deserve their praise, we had to do a proper Squarespace review.

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Top Features & Options of Squarespace

Let’s start the Squarespace review with what the service offers. As soon as you get past the Squarespace login, you’re greeted with a sleek interface that’s easy to use. The actual website builder is a drag and drop builder that functions similarly to other builders in the marketplace right now. The UI of the builder is easy to understand and use. If you can’t figure out how to do something, there is sufficient training material to get you going in the right direction.

Like other builders, the design and site creation process starts with the templates. This is where this Squarespace review will shine. The quality of the Squarespace templates is above and beyond the other website builders. They look as if you’ve hired an expensive web design to create your site for you. There are even examples of the templates in use to inspire your own creation. That said, there are only 40 templates available, but there are more being planned.

There are a wide variety of Squarespace themes for the templates including designers, photographers, boutique shops, weddings, and restaurants just to name a few. If you think about what Squarespace offers, it’s clear they’re marketing a premium platform for creative types. You won’t find many templates for topics like law, technology, and medicine. This is a common criticism that’s found on many other Squarespace review sites. However, the platform will be perfect for you if you fit their target market.

eCommerce Capabilities

The other major selling point of Squarespace is the eCommerce features. It wouldn’t be a proper Squarespace review without delving into this aspect of their platform. From the beginning, designing your store and adding products is very easy to do. There is an integrated shopping cart that accepts a wide variety of payment options. There are additional functionalities that you can add like coupon codes, shipping settings, and state-specific tax rates.

While it isn’t as robust as custom eCommerce sites or eCommerce focused platforms like Shopify, it offers everything you need to run a small online store. The backend allows you to keep track of the stock, manage orders, export data, and more. It’s also far easier to use the eCommerce features compared to many other platforms.

To give you a balanced Squarespace review, here are some pros and cons you should be aware of.

Pros of Squarespace

  • The websites you create using the builder are all responsive. You won’t have to do any extra work to make sure that your website appears properly on mobile devices. Testing shows that the optimization is on point for mobile devices as well.
  • They are surprisingly good when it comes to helping you to optimize your site for the search engines. Squarespace SEO options give you the ability to set custom page titles, keyword rich URLS, meta tag descriptions, and more.
  • The platform is very versatile. There are many design options to help you customize your website exactly to your liking. It allows you to sell both digital and physical products with no issues. The analytics tools are also very helpful to sellers.
  • Many of their customers can attest to the quality of Squarespace customer service. The team is always available to help you with technical issues, design help, and other issues regarding your website.

Cons of Squarespace

  • There is an undeveloped marketplace for Squarespace plugins compared to other website builders. They’ve only recently launched https://squarestud.io/ to deliver the demand for plugins, but they have a long way to go in terms of catching up.
  • Squarespace is far more expensive compared to the other website builders out there. You probably may have been able to guess that since their marketing positions them as a premium product. But if you’re looking for a high class look to your website, their platform is probably the right fit for you.
  • Their eCommerce options and plugins are lacking compared to a platform like Shopify. Compared to Shopify, Squarespace feels like an eCommerce builder (if that’s your goal) for beginners. Hopefully, they’ll take the necessary steps to upgrade their features and options.
  • While the website builder is not difficult to use, it is definitely more intricate and detailed compared to the more simple site builders. You’ll find that it takes a bit more getting used to. Customizing templates can also be somewhat challenging for many users.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace’s base pricing is fairly affordable at $12 a month for personal accounts and $18 a month for business accounts. The difference between the two is that with the latter you get unlimited pages, galleries, and blogs. You also get unlimited storage and bandwidth. Business accounts also come with a one percent lower transaction fee which is well worth it if you sell enough in volume or generate high ticket sales.

If you want to sell many products on your website, you should opt for the online store subscription. It is priced at $26 and $40 per month. The $26 option allows you to sell unlimited products, provides SSL security, access to in-depth eCommerce metrics and other backend store features. The $40 optionĀ gives you the ability to apply automatic discounts, integrate shipping information and recover abandoned carts.

The online store option is the best value if you plan on selling anything online due to the fact that there are no transaction fees. The money saved will easily pay for the additional subscription fees.

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Try Squarespace – let us know how it went!


This concludes our Squarespace review. Squarespace is a great product, but it isn’t for everyone. It’s perfect for solopreneurs and small businesses but not ideal for serious eCommerce businesses. It’s geared for the creative customer base but not as helpful to businesses in other industries. To learn more about their service, you can go to squarespace.com.