Site5 Web Hosting Review

With the rise of the internet over the last couple of decades, web hosting has become an incredibly competitive business. Outshining the competition, Site5 has made a name for itself by offering reliable and affordable web hosting. You’re about to discover this and more in our honest Site5 web hosting review.

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Catering particularly to web designers and developers, Site5 Web Hosting has all the features intermediate and advanced users could possibly want. In order to help potential customers make an informed decision, this Site5 web hosting review will go over the positives and negatives of the service.

What Is Site5 Web Hosting and What Are Its Benefits?

About the Company

Before going over its main features and options, this Site5 web hosting review will provide a quick summary of the company’s identity. Without a doubt, Site5 is one of the most popular companies that specialize in affordable web hosting.

Founded by Matt Lightner and Rod Armstrong in 1998, the company gained a reputation for providing affordable web hosting without sacrificing overall quality. Today, the company boasts over 50,000 clients worldwide. Their entire clientele is serviced by more than 100 employees located in different parts of the globe.

Main Services Provided by Site5

Site5 provides their customers with fast and effective shared web hosting. In order to provide a versatile service, it allows clients to choose from over nineteen locationsfor this type of web hosting.

The company mainly provides reseller hosting, allowing companies to rent their space to third parties. In order to help local SEO efforts and speed up local traffic, the service also features both managed and unmanaged VPS.

User-Friendly Interface

In terms of reception, the company has gotten mostly positive reviews by both experts and regular users. Being among the most celebrated aspects of its service, the site’s innovative technological approach to web hosting is a huge part of its identity.

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Its user-friendly interface uses a combination of cPanel and a native dashboard, making navigation and customization easier for the client.

Competitive Edge – Invoicing Control Offered to Users

Unlike most web hosting companies, Site5 allows users to control their invoicing and pay their associates. Often promoted as a web hosting service for web designers, Site5 provides a number of benefits and features created for WPBeginner users and the WordPress community at large.

Site5’s Main Features and Options

Next in this Site5 web hosting review, we will go over the service’s main features and options.

#1. Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth

The first thing many savvy customers will notice is that Site5 offers unmetered disk space and bandwidth. Without a doubt, this is a big selling point for customers that need to upload routinely and continuously over an extended period of time.

Amazingly, the service somehow manages the huge amount of data it takes in at a more-than-average speed.

#2. Amazing Customer Service

Apart from offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth, Site5 stands out due to having a great customer support service. At all times, they have a team of experts that are quick and ready to answer questions and provide solutions.

Because it caters to a sophisticated customer base that knows a great deal about web hosting, Site5 has made a point out of providing useful and helpful support that does not deal in condescendence or excuses.

#3. Backstage Account Manager Platform

Any Site5 web hosting review that takes interfacing into account will agree that one of the most important features of the service is its Backstage Account Manager.

This platform has been designed to give users access to all their account information, encompassing all the different web sites that they administer within the service.

Continue reading our Site5 web hosting review to discover other important features of the service.

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Pros of Site5 Web Hosting Service

1: Customer Support

According to any Site5 web hosting review worth the name, the service has one of the most efficient customer support teams available today. Its staff members are simultaneously professional and friendly, helping clients learn the ropes of managing their account while providing effective solutions to technical problems.

2: Free Website Migration

Site5 facilitates the tools that clients need to move documents, emails and other important data files from your old web hosting account to the new one.

3: Malware Protection

Site5 offers its customers a malware protection and cleanup service that functions 24 hours a day.

4: Free Backups

For many of the people reading this Site5 web hosting review, being able to store their content is as important as publishing it online.

With that in mind, Site5 provides its clients with file-by-file nightly backups that are stored securely on private servers. The system allows clients to download their private backup with just a few clicks.

Cons of Site5 Web Hosting Service

1: Less Availability

Although the company provides great customer support services, it has limited support options. Their phone lines can be reached only during business hours.

2: Average Performance

The company’s average uptime is approximately 99.85% which is lower than the industry’s standard which reaches 99,94%.

3: Site5 Pricing Options

Site5’s basic pricing plan is $6.95 per month. Still, this price comes only when you make a subscription for two years. Also, you must pay up front. The minimum subscription period is one year.

Site5 Pricing Plan

This web hosting company offers three main pricing options:

  • hostBasic: This plan is offered for the price of 6.95 dollars per month, this pricing option provides one website and it is suitable for 10,000 visitors.
  • hostPro: This option hosts an unlimited number of websites and it is suitable for 25,000 visitors. It costs 10.95 dollars per month.
  • hostPro + Turbo: The hostPro +Turbo pricing option is advertised as the service that works at lightning speed. It is suitable for 100,000 visitors and it costs 13.95 dollars per month.

Is Site5 Better Than Other Web Hosting Services?

There is no doubt that Site5 is one of the most recognizable names in the web hosting industry. However, that does not mean it is a perfect service. Unmistakably, this online service has both ups and downs. In order to help potential clients make an informed decision, this Site5 web hosting review went over all these aspects.

First, this Site5 web hosting review has been focusing on the positive aspects of the service. For many potential customers, the most important thing a web hosting service can offer is an above average page loading speed.

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Luckily, Site5 has a loading speed that is 50% above the average. Apart from that, the service offers a strong customer support, free transfers, free trials and, last but not least, the ability to choose server location.

Regarding the negative aspects of Site5, it can be pointed out that it has a below average uptime (99.97%). Another downside is the fact that shared hosting accounts cannot exceed 75,000 files each.

These problems, in combination with misleading clauses and confusing pricing rates, have the potential of turning potential customers off.

Let’s Recap

To summarize this review, Site5 Web Hosting is a reliable and speedy service that has all the features and tools web designers and developers could ever need.

Despite it being especially concerned with providing tools for intermediate and advanced users, its Backpanel feature makes it easy for beginners to manage their account. Additionally, it has a strong customer support service that makes everything easier.

Overall, despite some uptime and management issues, Site5 provides a quality service at an affordable price. If you have tried the service, let us know in the comments!