17 Best WordPress Themes For Selling Digital Products

Sellers of digital products could not have been in such a profitable position if it were not for Easy Digital Downloads. This e-commerce plugin was specially designed for selling intangible merchandise and gives you many benefits. It is clean coded and provides you all the sales details, and that too in such a manner that is easy to analyze. It is compatible with many payment gateways and uses AJAX that makes site navigation and browsing a cakewalk. Well, when so many goodies are there to be enjoyed how can one not look for Easy Digital Downloads WordPress themes.

And we know there are many sellers out there, especially the ones with ebooks, who eagerly look forward to getting updates on such themes. Well, if you too belong to this group, we have a great post for you. Below you will find details about 16 themes compatible with this dashing plugin. They are very well designed and mingle well with other plugins such as the super popular WooCommerce. They are also ready to be used for selling physical products. But for the time being, the dais is for digital goods. Check them out.


Stocky Photography Marketplace Theme
Demo & Download

A lovely theme for photography professionals and aficionados, Stocky is integrated with the powerful plugin – Easy Digital Downloads. It lets you create a personal shop as well as a marketplace where others can upload and sell digital products. The theme has got front-end submission and a contact form that lets you keep a tab on submitter and interested parties. It has got all the necessary styling tools and functional attributes needed to attract and engage your audience. The template is a rock star, and it is all about when you switch on the Activate button. One you have pressed it, you are ready for the show.


WordPress marketplace theme
Demo & Download

A marvelous marketplace theme, Marketify is making high waves with users since its release. The template has become very popular, and in case you want an active but easy-to-use option, it is the best choice. It lets you sell digital products of all kinds, and if you are looking to create a physical market, even then the theme is ready to cooperate. Your buyers can purchase at the price and also download things for free, whatever you allow. This modern template is filled with energy and holds all the necessary features. You have got to try it.

Digital Downloads

WordPress digital download store
Demo & Download

A PremiumPress product, Downloads is a sure-shot hit recipe for those looking to set up a shop with digital products. It is very advertisements friendly and supports 20 payment gateways. The template is also customizable, and you can extend its functionality with different plugins. What is more, all types of users, novices as well as experts, can operate it and get things off their liking. There is much more, and this is not all. Take the demo and find out.


SquareCode digital downloads WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Starting your marketplace was never so simple and fun. SquareCode comes loaded with Front-end Submission Support, Easy Digital Downloads, EDD Wish List and all other necessary features. It gives your buyers an excellent experience as they can review and save products to view later. You will also have full control over your platform, and you can monitor each and everything. If you want, you can also extend the functionality of this template and earn more benefits out of your WordPress digital download store.


walleto marketplace theme
Demo & Download

All marketplace hosts need to check out Walleto. This premium theme is a pioneer in this field and lets you sell digital and physical products with equal ease. It supports multiple payment channels and offers a unique virtual credits system. It is also user-friendly and requires no external input to be operated. Just check out the demo, and you will find out the details. And, we are sure you would be delighted with the details. So, hurry up.

Serenity Shop

Demo & Download

The market for digital products is flourishing day by day and to help you out with the sites that sell such products, Serenityshop is here. It is built on Bootstrap and aligned with the famous and effective Easy Digital Downloads plugin that lets you sell seamlessly. The template is totally in sync with the latest standards and brings you the best of both worlds – aesthetics as well as functionality. It is integrated with PayPal, AJAX loading, real-time Customizer, Google map and many more useful features through which you can realize your dream site. Quick to set up, it performs out of the box and never troubles you in any manner.

DW Argo

Margot WordPress Digital Downloads Theme
Demo & Download

Primarily a magazine theme, DW ARGO is very content friendly and feature-rich. It is compatible with Easy Digital Downloads and thus, you can create a shopping page along with your online magazine. This will let you keep track of buyers, sales chart, payment history, etc. Not very much in trend these days, but in future many magazines sites would have a shopping outlet to sell their digital products. If you want to catch on the trend, DW ARGO shows you the way. Do check it out once.

Book Store

Book Store sell digital downloads
Demo & Download

All booksellers looking to build a site would find Book Store friendly and purpose-driven. The theme is also ready to help the sale of ebooks, apps and digital products. It is integrated with WooCommerce, the most modern and efficient eCommerce plugin. It is quick to configure and gives you complete support as you go about doing your business. The coding is clean; features are formidable, and customization is commendable. Do not miss it; this is all we can say.


Webbie selling digital downloads
Demo & Download

There is good news for all the writers who want to sell their ebooks quickly. Webbie is here. This premium WordPress theme using Easy Digital Downloads makes you the seller, writer and marketer; all at once. It is packed with responsive design, custom post type, review/rating, custom widgets, multiple page templates, fully customizable layout and much more. You can integrate the right words from your readers and highlight the modern ones in the featured section. And all this is possible at a cost-effective price.


WordPress WordPress digital download theme
Demo & Download

A lovely e-commerce theme, HumbleShop is based on minimalism and is compatible with Easy Digital Downloads. This premium template is all about convenience and gives you a friendly interface to get things done in your manner. It has got responsive design; real-time customizer, Google fonts, Google map, clean code and much more. With it, your shop will be ready in minutes, and you can quickly start selling. Your customers will also enjoy the shopping experience and are very likely to give you 5-star rating.


ReStored easy digital downloads WordPress
Demo & Download

Ready to sell digital downloads, ReStored is a theme that can make your shop a bestseller. This premium theme has got dark/light skins, 6 accent color options, auto-generated product galleries, jQuery slider and sliders as styling elements. Localization readiness, responsive layout, clean code, etc. make it highly functional. What is more, it installs in clicks and then you are the master of the show. With ReStored, you are certainly going to rock in terms of ranking, revenue and reviews.


Tendershop sell digital downloads WordPress
Demo & Download

Beaming with modern features and customization options, Tendershop is WordPress digital downloads theme that you will be proud to possess. It gets ready in minutes and starts performing soon after installation is over. The template is ideal for selling digital products, and you can also incorporate changes from your side. You can upload your logo, customize pages, change colors and do lots more. In short, at Tendershop, you are the captain of the ship (shop) and everything will move as per your wish.


sell digital goods
Demo & Download

Best for booksellers, eBook is also suitable for selling other digital and physical products. It is simple and straightforward with a generous list of useful features attached in its body. Here, you will get WooCommerce support, unlimited colors options, custom widgets, mega menu support, shortcodes, etc. You can install it in minutes and get going soon after. The ride is going to be smooth but if you encounter any problem, you can take help of an active forum as well as the ever ready helpdesk.


Demo & Download

Here is an elegant theme for selling digital and physical products that will prove to be a groovy guiding star. Publisher is compatible with the inbuilt Digital Downloads and if you want you can also link to Amazon. WooCommerce is also here, and the template is open to customization. It also lets you incorporate product reviews, launch discounts through coupon codes and maintain a regular blog. This template is a complete package, and you will admire it.


ShowStopper sell digital products
Demo & Download

This is a multipurpose theme with an incredible ability to serve as an e-commerce template. It is mobile friendly, WooCommerce ready, carries 6 homepage areas, mega menu, shortcodes and many more attributes. Its one-page design is its USP that catches quick attention, and this is why, it has been named ShowStopper. In the e-commerce arena, stealing attention is the key to nailing the throne and thus, this theme is a real choice. You can rely on it completely, and the return on investment will vouch for our assurance.


thrift free digital downloads
Demo & Download

Like its name, this template is very careful and concerned about your site. Thrifty is compatible with three e-commerce plugins: Easy Digital Downloads, Shop and WooCommerce. It has got plenty of widgets and styling options to give you your ideal site. You can change and customize the template easily. It only takes clicks on your part and not even an iota of coding knowledge.

Sale Junction

Salejunction sell digital goods
Demo & Download

In harmony with Easy Digital Downloads as well as WooCommerce, SaleJunction carries the capability to create your marketplace in record time. This fast and feature-rich template gets up and running as soon as you unpack it and get it installed. It possesses beautiful and responsive design along with easy navigation, PayPal integration, different color options, full-width slider and many more attributes. The theme is a darling, designed to maximize sales conversion. So, get ready to sail (sell) smooth with SaleJunction. It is very affordable and can easily fit your budget.

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