Salient Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme – A Review

I doubt that when WordPress theme mind(s) behind ThemeNectar released their theme Salient, that they knew just how successful it would be. Since being released back in the March of 2013, they have sold a nearly jaw-dropping number – close to 20,000 in sales!

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After taking a tour of the their theme for myself, it’s easy to say why so many love it. The font is bold and the theme really fills the screen in a way that makes it hard not to love.

But let’s take a closer look at what the Salient theme has to offer.

Main Features Of Salient Theme

Outside of being responsive and retina ready, the Salient theme really does come with a big personality.

Not only has the author(s) of theme taken the time to consider the code (coding the theme for SEO and cross-browser compatibility) but they’ve also gone through great lengths in providing documentation—both by Video and a PDF User Guide.

Here are the main features that Salient has to offer.

Drag and Drop

salient theme Nectar Page Builder

Salient is now officially a drag and drop theme, so it seems appropriate to start out with the talking about the page builder.

ThemeNectar has taken the tried and true plugin Visual Composer, and tweaked things are a better overall experience in building your website.

They’ve also managed to pack in a large selection of shortcodes for that can be used for both pages and posts in your WordPress site.

salient theme shortcodes

The nice thing with using shortcodes and a page builder, like the tailored Nectar Page Builder, is that your customizing options are virtually endless.

It takes time to get to know the way that both of these features work, but it does make building a great looking site rather easy for a non-coder.

Nectar Slider

salient theme slider

This is perhaps one of the most impressive elements of the Salient Theme. The Nectar Slider has a great set of option that trump most other sliders on the market. The options that you have in the slider are:

  • Full-width
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Unlimited instances
  • Background video (Yes, I said video)

The demo of the background video slider is seriously jaw dropping. I don’t know how they managed to pull this off, but it’s stunningly gorgeous!

The slider really has no end as far as where you can place it. Put one at the top of the page, or one in the middle. It’s up to you.

It’s clear though that you could really use this theme and these elements to turn your site into a conversion engine. Perhaps that’s why it’s done so well.


The portfolio options that ThemeNectar managed to get into Salient was visually and brilliantly done on their part. The Portfolio options comes with 3 main layouts and multiple sub-layouts that you can choose from as well.

Option 1: Columns

salient theme portfolio

The Columns option has 5 visual layouts to choose from:

  • 3 Column default layout
  • 4 Column alternative layout
  • Portfolio Style 2
  • Portfolio Style 3 – pictured above
  • Portfolio Style 4

Option 2: Full-width

salient theme Portfolio Fullwidth

The full-width option also has 5 stunning visual layout options:

  • Default style
  • Style 2
  • Style 3
  • Style 4
  • Style 5 – Pictured above (They didn’t really get all that creative with naming these layouts… sorry *shrug*)

Option 3: Single Pages

salient theme Single Pages

The single pages portfolio option is a nice touch when you’d like to expand on a piece in your portfolio.

They have four layouts that they’ve designed on the demo (the Basic Item Layout is pictured above), but thanks to the Nectar Page Builder and shortcodes, you can actually design these however you’d like.

That is perhaps the real beauty of the Salient Theme. The options are endless!

That can be a bit overwhelming, but if you’re creative and have a clear idea of what you want your site to look like, then the flexibility given to you with the Salient Theme is a great option.

WooCommerce Ready

salient theme WooCommerce

Yup, you’ve got it. The Salient theme is coded and ready for WooCommerce! This means that you can create an amazing online store for your website.

Sell your own products, or sell affiliate products. The choice is yours, but at least you have the choice. (*wink*)

Other Features Worth Looking At

There are other features about the theme that may not be the highlight of it, but they’re nice to know about and take into consideration.

Header Options

salient theme header options

As you can see from this photo, you have a few light and dark options for your header. With one of the more recent updates, you can also set the top header to be transparent.

The Theme Options in your WordPress Dashboard also allow you to easily use a picture Logo in your header.

Theme Options Panel

salient theme backend

The back-end options panel for Salient is about as robust as they come. As you can see from the picture above, you have plenty of options for customizing your site.

One feature that comes inside the Theme Options Panel is the ability to use Google Fonts.

Prefer a boxed layout instead of a full-width layout? No problem! A simple check box allows you to change it this layout.

One last point on the Theme Options: The blog layouts.

salient theme masonry blog

Salient comes with the option to change the look of your blog to a Masonry style which has a look similar to that of Pinterest.

Many like this sort of brick style layout, so it’s nice that ThemeNectar added the option for their users.


The last point that I felt worth mentioning was the level of support that ThemeNectar seems to have.

They have over 1,900 reviews for Salient, and they scored a near perfect 4.84 on average for their ratings.

This, for me, is a pretty big deal.

It’s one thing to find a theme that is great to look at, but if you’re going to pay for it, then you should be getting a good deal of service support for it as well. ThemeNectar has certainly delivered in that regard.

When initially releasing the theme, Salient was without a page builder. Many people begged for one to be added, and guess what? They were heard!

ThemeNectar listened to what people wanted and updated Salient to have a page builder.

That’s incredible! I have a feeling that this just gives a small taste of the kind of customer service that ThemeNectar provides, but it’s still amazing to find people who deliver high quality work that is backed by high quality customer service like this.

Final Thoughts on The Salient Theme by ThemeNectar

Salient theme

Salient is a truly beautiful theme. I foresee some bugs with the Nectar Slider—as video can be a bit tricky to get right — but don’t let that deter you from buying it.

As with any drag and drop theme, the page builder that comes with Salient takes some time to learn to use correctly. If you’re familiar with using Visual Composer, then building out your site will be much easier than if you had no prior experience with the plugin.

Salient is a great theme for just about anyone. It’s responsive and easy to use for beginners and designers alike. If you’ve been looking for a theme, start here. You may find that it is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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