QAEngine Review – A Complete Question Answer WordPress Theme

QAEngine is an awesome WordPress question and answer theme developed and supported by Enginethemes. Enginethemes have a good track record of developing high quality themes; their portfolio consists of QAEngine, Job Engine, Classified Engine, Hotel Engine, Forum Engine and One Page. All their themes are of high quality and they are definitely one of the trusted developers of WordPress themes.

All themes developed by Enginetheme are called Appthemes as they are designed to perform a specific task, This article will cover a detailed review of QAEngine theme, by the end of this review you will be knowing detailed aspects of this theme, mostly about its features.

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Creating a Question Answer Website With QAEngine

Unlike regular QA themes or software’s, where you have to spend hours installing modules and adjusting layouts, QAEngine comes packed with all layouts, anything you want is already built-in and you just have to install and activate the theme, no need to mess up with plugins from unknown developers.

Features of QAEngine Theme

QAEngine is not like any other standard WordPress theme, it has its own integrated plugins and doesn’t require any external plugins, for it to work, some of the features of QAEngine are listed below.

  • Modern Design: The theme has a flat design which is definitely a plus point, most themes today looks dull and really don’t appeal that much, QAEngine is different, it has a design that is loved by most people, as most people like flat designs.
  • Choose your favorite color: Most QA posting themes look dull, as they don’t come with customization options, with QAEngine theme you can choose your own favourite color anywhere you want.
  • Multiple Page Layouts: The theme comes with multiple page layouts built-in, most QA websites create a subdomains for their blog and often usually end up complicating things, but with this theme you can have your own fully fledged blog with just a few clicks.
  • Responsiveness: The theme is fully responsive and looks amazing on mobile devices also. The responsive character of this theme is amazing, whether you are viewing the theme on a monitor, smart phone or a tablet, the theme looks really good, the typography of the theme is also good-looking and clear.
  • Easy Posting Of Question And Answers: You can let users posts questions easily without unnecessary page loadings, when a user wants to ask a question, he can directly ask it without leaving the page as the theme displays a pop up.
  • Front End Registrations And Submissions: Enginethemes have taken care of everything, in order to sign up and post questions, users can register and login from the front-end. This feature is absent in most Q&A plugins, they redirect to the WordPress admin login page.
  • Email Notifications: Email notifications in this theme are built-in, which means, whenever a user posts a question or an answer, the relevant persons will be mailed regarding the replied question or an answer.
  • Custom Categories: The theme comes with custom categories and custom tags for organizing your questions, this is an essential feature as your site grows.
  • Dual Sidebars: This is something everyone likes, having a dual sidebar will help you generate more revenue if you are running Ad Networks. QAEngine theme showcases sidebars on the either sides of the main content area.

The above are some of the features of QAEngine theme, now we will go through some of the back-end features of this theme.

Back-end Features Of QAEngine

You might be surprised to know that how easy it is to use the theme from its back-end, the back-end settings panel is designed by Enginethemes and work in conjunction with the native WordPress customizer panel.

Members & Statistics

This section of the settings panel is very important as from this section you can manage your registered users, can check statistics for user sign ups, question posted, and answers. Statistics help you understand how your site is performing, not many themes will offer you such luxury.

Point System & User Badges

With the point system you can earn reputation when users up vote’s your question or an answer posted by you, you can generate a minimum threshold point to earn a badge, the more points you earn the bigger level badge you can achieve. This is a unique feature to this theme.

user badges

You will not find this feature in any other theme or plugin which helps you to create badges and award them to your users, based on their activity. This type of feature enhances user engagement and results in greater authority. Badges are divided into two levels, you can choose the color of the badges and you can also set a threshold limit for the badges to get awarded to the users.

Restricting Content:

With content restriction feature, you can restrict the content to certain members with just a click of a button. Obviously there is an option which will help you display your full site to your visitors without any restrictions.

Posting Questions

Asking a question is easy, everything is done from the front-end of the theme. Engine Themes have provided a pop up and a front-end form to ask a question. If you are the a site administrator or a moderator, you can also add questions from the back-end of the sites, just as a way you add a new page or a post.

asking questions

Answering Questions

Answering questions is very much similar to commenting on a post, there is a front-end form which will help you add an answer, your answer can be voted up or down voted by the users according to its relevancy. Another feature worth noting is the ability to the user who asked the question to mark your answer as the best answer.

qaengine posting answers

Voting System Like Quora And Stack Over Flow

You can build a site which works just like Quora and Stackoverflow, without ever touching any line of code. The theme comes with a voting system to vote the best answers and questions, this way your users can easily find the most active threads, this increases in user engagement.

Custom Built QA Widgets

Custom widgets boost your websites authority and help you gain more and more user engagement. QAEngine comes with a widgets built exclusively for QAEngine theme, custom widgets include: recently posted questions, popular tags placed, questions which are most voted etc. If you are using regular Q&A Plugins you won’t have custom-built widgets, but rather you need to use standard widgets from the WordPress repository.

  1. Latest Questions: This widget when placed in the sidebar displays the latest questions posted, the widget updates automatically when anyone posts a question.
  2. Statistics: You can display your site statistics to your users in style, just place the statistics widget in the sidebar and your users can see your site’s performance.
  3. Recent Activities: Recent activity is an important field for engaging users, you might have seen in many social media sites, they display recent activity to engage users by showing them relevant stuff and here in QAEngine you can display recent activity of your active users.
  4. QA Tags: You can also display popular tags in your sidebars by using the QA Tag widget, placing a tag cloud in your sidebar is recommended as users can click on the tag they wish to participate the discussion in.


The theme can be purchased directly from at a very reasonable price of $49 only (With quality of functions and features this theme provides, $49 is definitely reasonable). For an additional $19, you also have the option to purchase the hassle free theme installation and configuration directly from the staff.


As said earlier QAEngine is an App Theme, which means it is developed to perform a specific task, we can easily say that the theme excels as a fully fledged Question and Answer WordPress theme. With all the above features, it is a theme that is highly recommended as it comes with lots of unique features, excellent support and frequent theme updates.

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