How To Protect Your Business From Online Scams

Each year, a lot of people and businesses have become victims to online scams or online frauds. Somehow, technology has become scammers’ aids and tools in fooling people. If you own a business, make sure to adopt the right security measures, as well as ideas, on how to protect yourself and your business.

There are several ways to avoid online scams and ending up being a victim. Below are some prevention tips that you can apply to your own business:

Guard Yourself From Website Scams

1. As a business owner, you are continuously looking to find ways to promote your business. So, you go to different marketing sites, forums, and job or product posting websites. Although this does help you in making your business well-known, it is also a good place for scammers and fraudulent transactions. Be careful of the things you post such as your office address and personal account information.

2. The Internet can also be used by frauds and scammers. Online transactions are common nowadays, so make sure to protect yourself. Identities can easily be stolen, created, and used for fraudulent transactions by scam websites. You might be buying something from a company that does not exist. What is worse is they might be overcharging you.

3. Always keep a record of every transaction you made, even customers. By doing so, you are sure that no one can make false accusations especially with your products and services. Most people have the tendency to complain about something when in fact, there is nothing to complain about.

Don’t Neglect Uncommon Scams

4. Most scams come in the form of the services that you choose. Whether it is your phone service, power, water or Internet service, it is better to check every single thing that you are paying for. They might be overcharging you. In case you find discrepancies in your monthly bills, refer this to the company concerned and clear the issue. If this is a common occurrence, then it’s about time that you switch to another provider.

5. Trust only notable and experienced companies for your business. For example, if you have plans on getting a phone company, choose the one which is widely used by small to medium enterprises. Do not go for small and unreliable companies or new ones which do not have a satisfactory client list. Do a background check on any company that you are planning to work with. In this way, you will be confident and convinced that all of your transactions made by this company is well-managed and you remain immune to online business scams.

6. Some people do not always trust their instincts. But for a few, it actually helps them out when they are doing business. For example, if you have a bad feeling about a customer requesting for your services, do not immediately transact with them if you sense something is not right. Or if you have plans of working with a business partner and yet he or she seems to be a doubtful character, think things over. If you do not feel good about it, do not make an outright decision because this may be an internet scam or something worse.

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Inform Your Employees

7. Inform your employees about the different forms of scams and fraud tactics specially email scams, credit card scams. Familiarize them with the common scam approaches used in your line of business in order for you to report online scams immediately.

The tips provided above will always be useful to any individual. In every situation, it is highly recommended to be always vigilant and aware of the different kinds of bad deals.

Other Ways to Protect Yourself From Online Scams?

Share your thoughts on what measures do you adopt to keep yourself protected from these online scams.

4 thoughts on “How To Protect Your Business From Online Scams”

  1. hi Michael

    This article came on time, as I see more and more people getting trapped into the online hype and buying products that aren’t exposing the naked truth…

    I believe any blogger , content writer, site owner or company keep an eye on informing their readers and customers for scams and programs to avoid within their industry. This will make them a trusted advisor and build their brand like never before, is it?

  2. Hi Michael,
    I guess its a bit hard to avoid online scam today since the nature of online business. The scammers surely destroy the real-honest “online business”. As consumer the best we can is to research more before taking any offers that come into us.

  3. Hi Michael,
    Scamming has become an industry of its own and the only way to counter it will be by raising awareness about fraudsters lurking around.You are doing a great job informing fellow bloggers about the mishaps that could happen if not prepared.

  4. With online business booming, online scams have also become more prominent. The online scammers are really destroying the names of those who are into honest online business.

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