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18 Best Premium WordPress Directory Themes 2014

Today we have concluded to compose a complete latest post including all the preeminent and best directory WordPress themes present from all theme developers. These kind of themes are specifically designed to create directory websites similar to those of Yelp, Yellow Pages, Grotal or others where users can find a complete list of the things or services he/she is looking for.

Since all these themes are WordPress based, it is extremely straightforward to create the new site instantly. All you have to do is upload the theme files to your new server and your new directory is set up. Such sites allow you to invite users to upload their listings or you can do this on your own as well.

You can use these themes to easily create a business directory, shop directory, classified ads websites, service listing sites.

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WordPress Directory Themes

Although there are many Directory WordPress Themes available in the market but I have listed only those which are best, mostly purchased, widely used, offers lots of features, best in the design and their theme developers cater exigent support.


Directory is no doubt one of the best and most cutting-edge directory theme ever build and present today.The theme offers all the features you probably need in your directory site along with some supplementary that you might not require. Flatly, the developers have worked till the last inch to exhaust down the competition in their favour. Not only you can create a local directory, this theme allows you to create a global directory as well with all the 200+ countries already present in the database. All you have to do is enable the option.

What more, you can dictate your own terms to the users by charging them as much as you want to submit listing. Yes, it is extremely easy to create price packages and customizable it when and where you want.

Other than all useful feature, one feature that is extremely rare and is offered in this theme only is the – Custom post type management. This feature allows you to create as many custom post types as you want and populate it with content.

Our Review Score – 10/10

Price – $99 (Standard License) & $199 (Developer License) 
Demo & Download

directory wordpress themes

City Guide – Directory Child Theme

Alright, in-case  you were not impressed with the design of the above directory theme. Well, well, well! Here is a child theme offered by same theme providers. In simple words this child theme offers all the features as offered by above directory theme along with some cool design enhancements and adjustments.

Our Review Score – 10/10

Price – From $39 (Standard License)
Demo & Download

city guide directory theme

Yellow Pages

Another brilliant designed child theme from Templatic for the users not impressed with both the designs above. We are sure YellowPages would definitely excite you just like it did us. This is so far most likely in design of original YellowPages. Once again, the theme has all the features as provided by Templatic Directory framework along with many visual enhancements.

Our Review – 10/10

Price – From $39 (Standard License)
Demo & Download

yellowpages theme directory

Directory Theme

Moving away from Templatic and its child theme, the next popular is PremiumPress. Responsive, wide screen and a SEO friendly design makes PremiumPress the second best on our list. Although the theme may not offer extra advanced features like Directory from Templatic, it do offer all the features require to setup your directory website.

30 Free Child Themes – The best thing about premium press is that it offer free child themes unlike Templatic which charges decent bugs. Yes PremiumPress is currently offering 30 Free child themes if you buy directory theme from them.

The theme also offers lots of money making options as well that includes paid memberships and ad packages, listing enhancement offers, adsense, email marketing and even price per category. So no doubt, this theme is also one of the best option to try.

Our Review Score – 10/10

Price – $79 
Demo & Download

directory theme premiumpress


Another directory theme from Templatic, used by 100s of our WordPress clients – Geoplaces is again one of the best business WordPress directory themes for a local or global directory setup.  Not only is it best but it is the oldest among other theme too that has been updated from time to time with features. If you are a theme developer, you will find extremely easy to customize this theme as compared to other themes on the list.

With many exclusive features like multi-city options, splash homepage, widget based home page setup, mobile ready, event listings, inbuilt payment options, coupon system and much more; it is definitely a great choice.

An admirable feature is the – Splash homepage feature which allows users to select city first before entering the site.

The theme also support WPML  so creating a multilingual site won’t take any of your resource and time.

The only drawback of this theme is its design and visuals.  In every 10 customer using this theme, 8 of them had asked us to provide a visual enhancement along with some other design changes to suit their need.

Our Review Score – 9/10

Price – From $99
Demo & Download

wordpress directory theme geoplaces templatic


Geotheme is as good as Geoplaces. In fact it is derived from the Geoplaces only. Although cloned from Geoplaces, still there are lots of different options between the two themes. A standard license comes offers 2 free child themes as well along with 6 months of free support and updates.

An iOS app is also available with Geotheme which you can use to create a iPhone app for you site based on this theme.

Social login option available on in this theme also allows you or your visitors to login with their social accounts with hassle free sign ups.

Geolocation feature allows users to be redirected to their closest location automatically or a new location could be triggered using search or browsing.

A genuine critic, Geotheme completely lacks in the design and visual department but stands tall in the features.

For more information on choosing the Geoplaces or Geotheme, you can read this review post.

Our Review Score – 8/10

Price – $85
Demo & Download

wordpress directory theme geotheme


From the same authors as Geotheme, GeoDirectory is the latest in their portfolio.

This is not exactly a theme but a free directory plugin that has the ability to turn any ordinary WordPress site into a directory website. The framework can also be purchased to be used along with the plugin although not necessary. The framework is powerful in the sense that it allows you to customize almost anything in the theme easily.

This means you can create a directory site for absolutely free and then install any feature as you need them. Thus you would be paying only for the features that you want.

If you want to use your own theme with directory features, then this free plugin is surely a good choice.

Our Review Score – 8/10

Price – Free & $12.5 /month
Demo & Download

geodirectory theme


Vantage from Appthemes is again a very popular WordPress Directory theme. You can easily create listing or events with this theme that can be used for any type of site including real estate, travel agencies or any other business or service.  The frontend submission form looks good along with claimable listings and monetization options feature.

The only limitation of Vantage theme is that it only allows single city option. That means you won’t be able to take your local site to a global level.

Our Review Score – 7/10

Price – $99 (Standard License)
Demo & Download

wordpress directory theme vantage appthemes


The navigator is not exactly a WordPress Directory theme. It is basically a location guide. While looking at its demo, we found that the homepage only consists of map with places being marked as pointers just like we see in Google Maps. And when you click on those pointers, you are shown more details bout that particular location. It’s kind of a new feature.

The theme is updated to a responsive design enabling it to work on all kind of devices smoothly.

Our Review Score – 7/10

Price – $55
Demo & Download

business wordpress directory theme navigator themeforest

Directory Portal

The Directory Portal WordPress directory theme is among the newest directory theme on the market. In fact it is the first of its kind to be listed on Themeforest.

There are many new and exciting features but if you are looking for multi city options; you might get disappointed as theme doesn’t offer any multi-city options.

Our Review Score – 7/10

Price – $55
Demo & Download

Directory Portal WordPress Theme With Multi city Geolocate Features

Business Finder

Business Finder comes with integrated paypal and recurring payment. The theme is built as an advanced version for Directory Portal, the theme listed above.

The theme offer many advanced features like geolocation, rating system and sorting features. The theme also includes 5 different headers along with revolution slider, Google Maps & front end registrations.

Our Review Score – 7/10

Price – $60
Demo & Download

wordpress business themes


Glocal is a content drive theme that can be sued to setup any kind of website for restaurant, hotels, job board, events or any other business. The theme offers the option to be used as a boxed or wide screen for bigger resolutions.

The paypal comes integrated with recurring payment option so that you can continue to monetize from your existing users on regular basis.

The bulk upload option allows you to switch your content from existing theme to Glocal with ease.

Our Review Score – 7/10

Price – $55
Demo & Download

glocal wordpres directory theme


It is easy to start earning a recurring passive income using Geocraft. There is also a integrated user rating system where users can leave a review or rate the published listing as per their experience.

Again, Geocraft lacks multi city options and is good only for someone looking to create a local directory site.

Our Review Score – 6/10

Price -$97
Demo & Download

wordpress directory theme geocraft inkthemes

Buzzler – Business Directory

Sitemile really creates advanced app themes and Buzzler is one of them that can be used to create any kind of directory or listing site. Theme comes loaded with many features like multiple language, multiple layouts, unlimited colour options, social profile logins and integrated payment gateways.

Our Review Score – 7/10

Price – $69.9 (Single Licence)
Demo & Download

Buzzler Business Directory Theme


A value club offering more than 80 theme for just few bucks. The theme comes with lots of features including shortcode, eCommerce integration, custom page builder, unlimited colour schemes and more.

The theme also support WPML that means you can easily use the theme in any language you want.

Review – 6/10

Price – $69 for 80 themes
Demo & Download

wordpress directory theme elist elegant

Directory – Classified Ads

Directory is a classified ad theme from Colorlabsproject. The theme allows to create an advertisement directory. The theme contains a submission form on the homepage which allows the visitors to fill and submit the listings easily.

Our Review Score – 7/10

Price – $79(Single Licence)
Demo & Download

directory wordpress theme colorlabs

Night Life – Event Listing Theme

Nightlife is a responsive WordPress theme that allows you to create a modern events directory easily. Theme offers advanced professional design and comes with advanced monetization options that enables admins to create optional payment plans and charge users accordingly.

There is also a n advanced search box on the homepage which allows to search by location, date or simply by name.

Our Review Score – 7/10

Price – $89
Demo & Download

wordpress listing theme nightlife templatic


Automoble is the best business directory WordPress theme for Garage owners or car dealers. The theme is specially designed to setup a automobile listing website where you can list all new or used cars.

The highly advanced search box on the left side allows you to search cars as per model name, price or brand. The theme comes with 4 different colour options with completely customizable homepage.

Our Review Score – 7/10

Price – $49
Demo & Download

wordpress listing theme automobile templatic

More Directory WordPress Themes

Well, we have tried to cover all the best possible WordPress Directory themes in the list above. If we have missed any of your favourite directory WordPress themes; Please let us know via comments below.

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  1. Hi Ansh

    That’s a really comprehensive list of premium WordPress Directory themes you’ve put together.

    It’s a really great resource for anyone looking to set up a Directory site.

    I hadn’t realised there were so many!

    • Hi Tim, I appreciate that you liked it.

  2. Depends on what features you are looking at. I will recommend you to go with geoplaces. It includes all features although some design changes would be required for better site graphics.

  3. I found your blog, really interesting in terms of providing information to relevent users.

    Good work guys!!

  4. Hey I guess I missed this theme in the above list. Its really great looking theme.
    Although I can’t recommend it as I don’t know your exact requirements. If it suits your process, then go ahead. Thnx

  5. I loved this post and I’m on to read the article comparing the top two. I know NOTHING about web design but I have big dreams for my business. This information / resource is invaluable for those who are starting this kind of website. Thank you.


  6. I want to create a list for garden services and products. I want to offer one free basic listing. one paying portfolio listing option. The Portfolio; photos, description, map, video link
    I am looking at elist an classifier, not sure which one would be best for my project? I enjoyed reading your blog. Thank You – Francesca

  7. Great info man! I would like to ask for your personal opinion on the following:
    Which of the two themes would you recommend, geoplaces or geotheme?
    they are both similar in many things, this is where I’m a bit confused and frustrated
    I don’t want to end up buying the wrong theme. For example, am I able to modify SE, designs and layouts my way like moving around so it wont be exactly the same as the default theme?
    Thanks and god bless!

  8. Hi Great job, I have spent three days scanning for the best directory site for a friend of mine. At the end I found your site! But one important thing is missing in your review, I think…… Is it Multilingual? Y/N?

  9. Great info, and a great list of themes/plugins. I’ve been looking at as many directory themes/plugins as I can find for comparisons.

    Quick question, though, is there a reason you didn’t mention DirectoryPress from PremiumPress?

  10. I am looking for something like YELP clone but only for restaurants in only one city. I need something that is stable and reliable. A responsive design is also very important for my needs. Big map with all objects listed is also a must. I think the first 6 themes in this list can do it for me. Can someone suggest me the best one of them?

  11. what exactly do you mean by multi-city and single city only?

    Just trying to figure out if I need it or not.

    Please explain

  12. Thank you for the reviews. Do you know how Geotheme compares to Vantage or Sabai?

  13. Any idea if any of these include both a Geo location Map, and the ability for multiple locations?
    It seems that multiple locations is the missing link. Not sure why, because most businesses have multiple locations! But, these themes require businesses to upload the same information over and over in order to get all locations on the maps. Why not multiple locations options when they list their listing??

  14. Marvellious themes. I came here searching for classified themes to use on a classified site and i found some really cool options. Thanks for that!

  15. Fantastic list of Directory Sites, Thank You!
    I have been running a WordPress Directory site for some time now, using the GeoPlaces Theme. When GeoPlaces first launched this theme was riddled with ‘bugs’. Frustrated users started looking at alternatives and at that stage, there were no other ‘decent’ directory themes. So, a frustrated developer went out and created GeoTheme. When GeoTheme launched it too, was full of bugs and reviews for both themes were poor.

    I stuck with GeoPlaces due to the fact that I wasn’t prepared to spend more money on another theme and quite honestly, GeoPlaces Version 4 is now a very robust and feature rich Directory Theme with Multi-City Support. Where GeoPlaces falls short (in my opinion), is in the way it handles e-mail notifications (this works, but it could be better).

    One Feature I find lacking in most Directory themes is Package Level Features Control. By that I mean that few themes offer the functionality to restrict or grant listing owners with more or less featured based on the ‘package’ they sign-up for.
    eg. Free Listings should offer restricted functionality, whilst Featured or Paid Members should get access to more functionality.
    BusinessFinder (listed above) is the only one I have found, to date, that offers this functionality!

    And so, my search for a new directory theme continues…

  16. Aware some blog. I got helpful to get good business directly wordpress theme for my client.

    Thank you very much

  17. I find this list a heaven-sent, because I’m actually right now in the middle of deciding which theme to use for a directory site I’m building.

    I came across Geoplaces and all its variants and the Directory theme from Templatic. It was getting difficult to keep track though.

    So nice to have all of them nicely in one place, side by side.


  18. Hi !

    Its very nice blog.Word press directory and classified theme easily handle by the user.

    Thank you

  19. SpotFinder is coming back soon guys. None of these themes even come close to SpotFinder’s potential, so we’ll see how things shake up in the next few months.

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