HappyChild – A Superb WordPress Theme For Kids

Ever wondered, if there are any WordPress themes targeting Children or parents? WordPress Market is full of themes for every niche. As kids niche is minuscule, these themes get less importance although they are equally powerful and full of excellent features. One of the latest and currently most trending kids theme on Themeforest is – HappyChild from […]

How To Install & Setup WordPress Multisite Network

WordPress Multisite facility is one of the most distinguishing features of WordPress. This feature allows you to create more than one website in one WordPress installation. Therefore, you can create a set of websites without creating sub-domains and installing WordPress on each of them. Excellent feature, right? Today, I will discuss how you can set […]

16 Amazing Model Agency WordPress Themes

A model agency introduces the most beautiful faces and personas to the world. Thus, it becomes utmost important for them to present themselves in the perfect light. With everything going online, their website becomes the first place where people search for models. Thus, the agency needs a combination of good layout and flexible theme options […]

15 Best Feminine & Cute Girly WordPress Themes

Statistics shows that blogging sphere has equal participation from both genders. Girls are no less than men when it comes to own and successfully run a blog. Customization is the key to make your identity in the virtual world. And choosing a theme related to your niche is the first step towards it. There are […]

8 Effective WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Having a fast loading speed is incredibly important. For every extra millisecond spent loading, you will lose out on first-time visitors, returning visitors and potentially customers as well. There are many ways you can speed up your website, but one of the areas that usually has the most room for improvement, is the images on […]

24 Best Spa, Beauty & Hair Salon WordPress Themes

The Internet has come forward as a great business booster for all. Be it a software developer or a spa operator, today, it is super easy to expand your business and build on the benefits accrued from the cyberspace. And when WordPress is here to help you out with site creation and content management, you […]

Enfold Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme – A Review

Enfold WordPress Theme has more than 36000 sales on ThemeForest; It is the second most popular item on ThemeForest after Avada. Since its initial release, more, and more features have been added by the developer to make it the best theme available for any WordPress website. The best thing about the theme is that it is […]

6 Amazing WordPress Revenue Share Plugins

WordPress websites have always provided a lot of benefits to blog admins. These range from fully customizable themes to jaw-dropping plugins that perform a wide variety of functions. While most plugins are designed to facilitate a website owner’s job, many of the following are primarily built with contributors and staff members in mind. Today we […]

Beginners Guide For Creating a Simple WordPress Widget

Among the various features of WordPress, custom widget is one of the most common and powerful ones. By using the widgets correctly, you can make the sidebar much more useful for the users. A unique feature of the widgets is you can use them anywhere you like, be it header, footer, sidebar or in the […]