Top 10 Best Newsletter Templates to Try

While newsletter templates will vary, it shouldn’t be hard to find one that does work for your needs. With each review, you will get an insight into its basic look and what businesses work best with it. In this way, you can confidently choose the best newsletter templates that work for you.

We have compiled 10 of the best newsletter templates on the market today. Each of these attractive designs has been carefully chosen to suit a variety of different business and design needs. Each has a unique style that makes it stand out from competitors like it on the market. Make sure to carefully research each newsletter template before investing in any to ensure you get the one that suits your needs.

1. Flat

the Flat newsletter template preview

Flat is among the selection of streamlined newsletter templates available online. It has a simple, but effective, design. It is focused mostly on a central image that draws in the reader and interests them in reading the rest of the newsletter. Underneath it, there is room for a headline and text. While it is in no way flashy, we like that it isn’t too complex, as an overly busy design can cause viewers to get distracted and stop reading your newsletter. You can purchase it for $19.

2. Pure

the Pure template preview for newsletters

While this $19 template may seem a little too simple, we like its direct approach. It includes room for a headline, an image, and some text. Simplicity is often a very good idea for newsletters, especially online ones. We suggest this template for companies with an app to sell because it includes two buttons on the bottom that connect customers to you through the Android App Store and the Google Play shop.

3. Corp

the Corp newsletter template preview

Here’s another simple design that we think looks good for just about any business. Unlike some of the other designs here, which are often designed for specific businesses, this template can be adapted to any need. It is split horizontally in the middle into two colors, blue and white. It includes a large central image, a headline, room for text, and a clickable box that will take readers to your site for more information. You can download it for $19.

4. Smooth Chocolate

the Smooth Chocolate free template

Smooth Chocolate has a fun letter-based design that creates a unique look that will attract the eye. With this design, your newsletter looks like a letter being pulled out of an envelope. This style creates an engaging newsletter that your subscribers will love to read. Best of all, this template is free, making it a must-have for people like you who are looking for the best newsletter templates.

5. Winery

the Winery newsletter template

Another free newsletter template, this one is perfect for brewing companies. While it can be adapted to any business, it has been specially crafted for wineries. It includes a simple one-color background and a central image and text box that leaves you room to integrate images, such as the latest sales and promotions that may be occurring in your business that week or month.

6. Shift

the Shift newsletter template preview

Shift features a horizontal design aesthetic that focuses on the contrast between the white at the top and a solid color at the bottom. It lets you upload images, set up your text, and tweak the design in any way that you see fit. While it does cost money to use it, the $16 asking price is pretty low for a template of this type.

7. B&M

the B&M responsive newsletter template

One of the busier of the templates on this list, it is nevertheless an effective one. It lets you upload multiple background images to create a mosaic feel for your background. Beyond this ability, you can add a headline and text. We love the way this design looks and think that it is perfect for design companies or other artistic sites that want to show off fresh looks. It costs $19.

8. Papir

the Papir newsletter template preview

This classy newsletter template uses a variety of images and text to create a tight and informative newsletter. We particularly like the letterhead, the text location, and the ways that you can tweak the design to fit your needs. It has a more general style that makes it perfect for any business, though it will cost you $18 to use.

9. Litta

the Litta newsletter template preview

Litta is a simple and streamlined newsletter template that features a headline, an introduction line, a fun image, and a basic design that makes it easy to use. While it may seem too simple at first, that turns out to be a major advantage. Without an industry-specific design, it can be adapted to multiple different website looks. Using it will cost you about $19, though, so make sure to add that cost to your operating budget.

10. Note

the Note newsletter template preview

Note is a great newsletter template for those who want a look that will catch the eye and bring in the reader. It features bold colors, large fonts, and a simple layout. We like this template because it not only has a great look but an intuitive layout. It shouldn’t be too hard for the average person to adapt this template to their needs. Make sure to remember, though, that it costs about $19 to purchase.

Summing It Up

As you can see, there are many great newsletter templates that you can use for your business. Each of these best newsletter templates has a unique style and use. So, if you have any other experience with templates or know someone who does, please share this article with them. They might be able to help all of us find the kind of high-quality templates that we know are just out there waiting to be used.

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