16 Must Have WordPress Plugins For a Powerful Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS or content management system ever build. This free tool features a template system combined with a powerful plugin architecture. It’s an estimate that more than 11 million websites are currently running on this popular blogging system. As the structure of WordPress is constantly evolving; so are its plugins and features.

There are so many WordPress plugins available that provides the webmaster to work in a more fast, smart and productive way and enhance the use of this free blogging tool to a greater extent. As there are so many plugins to choose from, you may have a tough time in choosing best amongst them.

Some of the must have WordPress plugins are given below that are required to turn any ordinary blog in a robust and powerful system.

Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

SEO plugin is a necessity of any WordPress blog. As there are so many aspects involved in SEO, a good WordPress SEO plugin to do this task will only make tasks much easier for you. WordPress SEO by Yoast is a powerful plugin which covers almost anything and everything related to SEO.

It is very convenient especially for the writers as they get an SEO box beneath every post. It allows the writer to choose from different keywords that help you to stay on the topic and add descriptions and titles. This plugin also comes with various indicators that constantly remind you of overuse/underusage of the keywords.

Limit Login Attempts

If you are looking for an easy way to limit the anonymous login attempts then this plugin will be of great help to you. Using this application you can edit the number of retries, locking timeout, number of attempts and duration before the retries are reset. It provides you with all the statistics related to login attempts and other data.

W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache settings

If you want to take the site speed seriously, then this awesome cache plugin will be of great help to you. It helps to integrate with MaxCDN and majority of the popular sites make use of it. All your caching requirements including Database Cache, Page Cache, Object Cache and Browser Cache are covered with this plugin.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

You will come across many contact form plugins for WordPress, however not many offers the same flexibility that Contact Form 7 does. It allows you to create contact forms for your site with ease. Not only this, it is backed by a lot of extra features including JavaScript, file uploading, AJAX submitting and many more which enhance the utility of this plugin.

Security Ninja

Security Ninja Plugin
Security Ninja is one of best plugin if you are really concerned about the WordPress security. The plugin serves as the master of all other security plugins as it combines all security features into one. Checking brute force attacks, code snippet fixes, site vulnerabilities, security loop holes, installation tests, file permissions are some of its useful features that you shouldn’t miss.

Digg Digg

digg digg plugin

Social media integration has become a must for any website in order to attract and retain more traffic. This plugin allows you to display the various social share buttons including Facebook, Twitter and others in an appealing way.

It is one of the few plugins that allows the webmaster to put the buttons on the place of his choice. You can pin them to the top or even at the bottom of the article.

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Hello Bar

Hello Bar is one of the coolest yet powerful plugin of WordPress and is one of the latest additions too. Its appealing orange interface looks quite attractive and is great for A/B testing, CTA and data collection. This free plugin can be used for gathering email address through email sign ups every week. All you need to do to use this plugin is to sign up for a free Hello Bar account and verify it.

WP Hide Post

You don’t love every post that you write and neither do you want to post it to your site. As the name indicates, WordPress Hide Post does what it means, i.e., hides posts from the blog. The posts that are hidden using this plugin will visible only if you navigate to them directly.

WordPress Hide Post is an excellent plugin when you intend to store reference material so that they can be accessed anytime in the future. These hidden posts are the ones that do not meet the publishing standards and are more of Drafts in nature.

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar plugin

Your WP blog can never get popular and will be unable to attract the traffic that you had intended for if it’s not organized. Staying organized and updating the blog on a timely basis is critical to the success of any blog. The Editorial Calender WP plugin is of great use in this regards. It offers some excellent options for scheduling drafts and posts and arranges them in an organized calendar so that you know the status of your blog or posts. It is especially of more use if a team of people are working of a particular blog as it will show the schedule of the other team member as well.


vaultpress plugin

Security has always been a major issue for website, mainly due to the rising number of hacking and phishing scams over the last few years. VaultPress is a great option in this regard and helps to deal with WordPress security issues in an effective and efficient manner. The best thing about this is that it is developed by WordPress team themselves and provides a broad array of security and related features that include security scans, system restores and daily backups, etc. Also, the dashboard of the plugin is user-friendly. However, this plugin is not free, but available at a nominal cost.


jetpack must have WordPress plugin

It may be considered not just a plugin but rather a group of plugins. JetPack combines the power and utility of various other plugins and consolidates them into one. It is equipped with posts-related, social media related, contact form associated features. The analytics reporting capabilities of this plugin is simply superb, and it provides you with in-depth detail of various data.

Disqus Comments

disqus comments

Commenting is essential in the sense that it helps the site or blog to know what their customers or visitors feel about them. There are many tools and plugins that add more fun to the conventional form of commenting; however, Disqus Comments is best in this regard. It uses the standard WP setup but manages all the comments and review in a neat and a quick way. It also identifies spam comments and highlights them for removal. The webmaster can also turn on/off the comments and drop down menu.

General Stats

This WP plugin is a scale which keeps a track on the number of titles, posts, words, etc. which you have written on your site. Using this tool, you will know the various statistics of your blog and you will be able to plan the posts in a much better way.

Custom Login

WordPress Custom Login Plugin

You should try to make log-in to your blog a fun activity. This plugin allows you to use a tiled background with the images of your choices. If you are a brand then, you can have your logo in the login box. That’s not all; you can edit the alignment, style, typography of the various elements that are present in the login box. Do try this free plugin to provide a better experience to your visitors.


It is a featured box email sign up form that you can have at the homepage of your blog. It allows you to add the code in your header .php file and then you can design and customize it as per your requirement. You will find some pre-made themes available with this plugin with the option of further upgrade.

Pin It Button for Images

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

This plugin is picking up on the popularity charts. Almost every blog nowadays make use of Pin It Button for Images. It adds a pin button on any image that is appearing on your blog. It is a simple, yet powerful WP plugin. You can change the settings of the plugin so that the button will show on single posts, index, category and more.


All in all, WordPress has been the most successful blogging platform till date and the features that are being added to it frequently will make it even more attractive. WordPress Plugins play a crucial role in establishing the outlook of the site. As there are so many of them available, you should research about the popular ones and see if they suit your requirements.

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