37 Most Popular WordPress Themes Ever Made

Shakespeare once said – what is in a name and the Bard of Avon was right. A name is only a title but if you can infuse that name with qualities, it becomes a brand and brand sells. It is the benchmark of quality and credibility. People go by famous names, and when it comes to WordPress themes, buyers do check out the number of downloads and sales figure. This gives them an idea about the quality of the theme and they rely on the popular WordPress themes with a great deal of faith.

If you too have a thing for well-known WordPress themes, then you have to check out our article. Today, we will treat you to a detailed post of 37 such themes that have made waves with their design and functions. They are quite credible, and you can use them for different purposes. We have taken care to include all segments and thus, you will not find it lacking in any regard. So, start out on the adventurous tour with and you will come across many exciting landmarks. And, yes do tell us about your experience. We love to get your feedback.

Most Popular WordPress Themes


Avada popular WordPress theme
Demo & Download

A unique name graces this responsive multipurpose theme whose sales figure can quickly make your jaws drop. Avada has sold over 1 lakh copies and thus, you can be entirely sure of its quality and service. The template is fit for diverse purposes and suits all types of sites with fabulous ease. Though 3 years old, it is well-updated and is not found wanting in any contemporary feature. You need to check it out.


Genesis Framework
Genesis Framework

Want to build a quick and incredible website at a fair price? Go for Genesis framework. This premium theme is packed with secure code and carries a search engine friendly design that will help you achieve your aim without spending a fortune. You can easily create a layout that you like for the header, sidebar, footer, background, length, width and every other element is within your control. You can customize things using the options panel and tweak features to fit your personal mold.


Demo & Download

Known for its flexibility and ample supply of building blocks, Divi is very smart and has been used by many designers and site owners. This product of ElegantThemes gives you 18 pre-made layouts and the very own Divi Builder through which you can make any change without meddling with the code. This template is completely modern and fits seamlessly into different screen sizes. Its unlimited color and header options empower you esthetically as well as functionally. What is more, you will get full command over your website and can easily modify the design. You can see the various demos on the site itself and will get full support as you go about the installation and further steps.


enfold WordPress theme
Demo & Download

A groovy theme with extremely user-friendly approach, Enfold carries tons of features in its arsenal. The template is very quick and comes with classic support. You can call on the support team at any time, and you will be obliged. The theme is well-documented and carries all the instructions in simple language. So, you are ready with the installation in few minutes and afterwards, it is all hunky dory.


Directory WordPress framework
Demo & Download

Here is a responsive directory theme that will let you make a profitable directory site at a very reasonable price. Directory is very smooth and facilitates the process of content submission through the customizable register and submission pages. The template carries features like 200 preloaded countries and almost 4000 states Directory, Google maps, integration with payment gateways and much more. There is also a geo-tracking feature that presents the nearest city to the visitor when they access your site. Directory is a great solution for this niche, and you will have a fantastic time with it.


Demo & Download

This is a multipurpose and a magnetic theme that knows how to make you feel at ease. uDesign has been designed after lots of research, and you will feel it after you take a look at its features. They are cutting edge in all respects and promise to bring you quick and lasting success. The vast numbers of sales and positive reviews are all the more reason you should buy it. It is completely secure and robust. You will also receive lifetime updates and full support.

X Theme

Demo & Download

The one lettered name will intrigue you for sure, but X will impress you as soon as you are done with the demo. This multipurpose theme has got everything that will erect your site in minutes. It installs with clicks and gives you all the essential features that will serve your purpose. X is completely responsive and retina ready which means your site will not face any issues with handheld and high-resolution devices. So, what keeps you waiting? Take the demo and bring it home.


Demo & Download

Creating the most efficient city directory site is no longer difficult as Geo Places is here to aid you. This premium theme has been specially designed for city directories and offers you complementary features such as Google maps, price packages, submission forms, WPML readiness, etc. All these are meant to help you as well as your target audience sail smoothly. It lets you do everything with great ease, and you can also alter it to create a personalized look. Geo Places has already taken many sites to places, and you will be next in the offing if you decide to side with it.


Parallax theme
Demo & Download

Yes, this is a theme with the cool parallax effect, but this is not all. It also carries the single page design. Apart from these two fabulous features, Parallax brings responsive design, custom post type, header background, slider, shortcodes, contact page and many more properties. This premium template is ideal for business and portfolios. It keeps all the attention on your work and creates the right buzz with its design and functionality. Parallax is surely going to make your day.


Lifestyle Theme

A superb theme for magazines, news sites, and blogs; Lifestyle has got everything that will help you express your thoughts, feelings, ideas and everything that comes to your mind. The template is very focused on content as well as its presentations. It strikes the right chord in the heart of your audience and makes them feel interested. They love to stay on your site and explore things further. It features include 6 layout options, 6 color styles, custom background, header, footer widgets, featured images and much more. This StudioPress offering is a superb investment idea that you really need to check out once.


Salient WordPress theme
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With over 25K sales figure, Salient is remarkable and possession worthy. This multipurpose theme is home to 600+ fonts, numerous colors/fonts, responsive design, retina readiness and much more. You can use it for a portfolio, business site or any other purpose. It will do well on all fronts. If you want, you can customize it, and the shortcodes will make your work a cakewalk. This template is marvelous in many ways.


Demo & Download

Popularity and Pinstagram share an unbreakable bond. This MyThemeShop template is quite a star attraction and has made many sites the center of attraction. It is based on the magnetic Pinterest and carries the trademark grid layout known to enhance page views magically. Other features of the template along with the plenty of widgets and shortcodes give you great strength, and you can build your site in minutes. Available at a super fair price, Pinstagram makes a worthy investment case. You stand to gain incredible returns.


Demo & Download

A magazine theme with great ability to handle tons of content, Nexus can place your site into the coveted league of famous names. It is highly reader-friendly and works very hard on the presentation of your content. This premium template is packed with clean code and carries such a neat structure that any designer can personalize it. One very notable feature of the theme is that it is advertisement friendly and offers multiple ad-ready areas to monetize your site. Nexus has garnered immense popularity because of its friendly attitude, and if you are on the lookout for a credible Magazine theme, Nexus is an ideal fit in all ways.


Demo & Download

Carrying a quirky name, The7 is a very useful and feature-rich theme. It is fully responsive, SEO optimized and flexible. You will not face any problem working with it and can get started as soon as you are over with the installation. This premium theme has generated lots of good reviews with its performance and thus, you can rely on it completely. It has been also updated and does not lack in any department.


Demo & Download

A popular magazine theme from ThemeJunkie, GoMedia gives you all the features that are needed to carve your niche. Its design and functions, both are in sync with the present day trends. The template is perfect for content-centric sites and blogs. It knows how important it is to earn revenue and thus, gives you various ads positions which you can manage to make maximum money. With GoMedia, it is a straight and smooth ride. After installation, you are good to go.


Clipper coupon theme
Demo & Download

A badass coupon theme, Clipper is trusted by thousands of users, and once you get started with it, you will also feel its brilliance. The features of the template are very smart, and they serve you with great skill, helping you monetize your site quite easily. Here, you are offered advanced link tracking and cloaking that hides your coupon and affiliate links that leads to better click-through rate and enhanced credibility. There is also custom email templates and subscription sidebar widget through which you can communicate with your target audience. Similarly, there are many other fabulous features that will help to facilitate your project. Just purchase it, and you are off to a groovy start.


Bridge creative theme
Demo & Download

An excellent theme, Bridge brings you the best of features and design. It is an ideal choice for creative people and those looking to build a powerful portfolio. It’s refreshing esthetic elements give your site a very wonderful look that is bound to catch the attention. The responsive design makes sure you are visible on different screen sizes. There are lots to explore in Bridge, and you will enjoy every moment with it.


WordPress Auction Theme
Demo & Download

Get set to launch your auction site in style with Auction, a dynamic yet decent theme. It is fully responsive and carries clean, well-written code that means any designer can work with it. You can use it as a real market website or as a silent auction service. Both are feasible, and the template will deliver accordingly in all segments. With Auction, you get a smooth and seamless back-end from where everything can be operated and customized according to your style. Just check out the demo and find out more.


Jupiter Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme
Demo & Download

A well-known theme, Jupiter is remarkable for its features and functions. This multipurpose premium template goes great on all viewing devices and can be also converted to other languages. The brains behind this theme have worked with meticulous attention to detail and know how important it is to offer adequate customer support. They give 24/7 assistance. You can call on the service at any time, and it will oblige you. With Jupiter by your side, everything is straight, simple and smooth. Do go for it.


Colorway theme
Demo & Download

Ease is the first thing that comes to your mind when you use ColorWay. This premium theme is very quick and convenient with all the beautiful attributes attached in its arsenal that will lead you to your destination. It installs with a single click and looks good on all viewing devices. The features include drop-down menu, contact form, multiple slides support, 8 built-in color schemes, AJAX based options panel, etc. Your business is going to grow exponentially in the company of ColorWay, and you will enjoy working with it entirely.


Kallyas multi-purpose theme
Demo & Download

Made for the modern websites, KALLYAS is your ticket to success and popularity. This theme makes use of the latest technology, and you can use it for multiple domains. Its features are fully advanced, and the theme is also flexible enough to incorporate changes from your side. You will be delighted with its performance. So, why keep waiting? Check out the demo and buy it soon.


Sahifa Responsive WordPress News Blog
Demo & Download

Designed for news, magazines and blogs; Sahifa is a stylish and strong theme that gives you all the freedom to be your best. Its features are very up-to-date, and you are offered retina ready display, rating system, RTL support, mega menus and much more. The template focuses on your content and audience and gives both king size treatment. Now, what more can you ask for? It is a must-have.


Inovado theme
Demo & Download

The sheer number of features gracing Inovado will take you by surprise. However, they are here to make your work easier. You can quickly get started with this WooCommerce powered business template. It possesses tons of features and is also open to getting customized. You can mold it in any style and that too without meddling with the code. Do not ignore it anyway.


Brooklyn Creative Theme
Demo & Download

A lovely theme, Brooklyn is best for the creative souls and those who want to run their imagination wild. It features the cool parallax effect along with the coveted single page design. Its features include 7 global header styles, infinite page styles, WPML readiness and much more. The template is highly popular with over 10K copies sold since its release. You can rely on it without any hesitation, and the template will reward your trust profusely.

Directory Press

directory theme premiumpress
Demo & Download

A directory site is an excellent way to earn money, and many want to build such a site but do not do so due to the lack adequate themes. So, here is Directory. A perfect solution for such sites, it is loaded with all the features that will help you earn money. Available at a fair price, this premium template is fully responsive and search engine friendly. This means you can reach out to all your customers and also grow popular in less time. The features of this theme are complete in every regard and will serve your purpose thoroughly.

Coupon Press

coupon theme premiumpress
Demo & Download

If you are looking to build your coupon site then Coupon Theme will serve you best. It is very well-designed and comes packed with smart features that will increase your customer engagement. The template brings in a good number of footfalls and with the newsletter mailing list, listing package, coupon expiry options, and other attributes; you can quickly build a full-fledged and prosperous coupon site. Here, you are spoilt for choices, and nothing is out-of-bounds. You get full freedom to call the shots and can make the most of this template, without taking any external help.


Music themify
Demo & Download

You must have understood by the name as to which genre this theme is related to. Music is for music lovers, bands, DJs, events sites, photographers, portfolios and even apps. The template showcases your work/projects/events in the best light, and you can easily please your target audience. This theme will give you all the resources that are needed to generate interest and curiosity. You will be accessible on all viewing devices, and if you desire you can easily customize the template to suit your needs and requirements.


Codilight magazine theme
Demo & Download

This is a well-designed and feature-rich Magazine theme that enjoys immense popularity among the WordPress community. Codilight carries all the necessary features and customization alternatives with which you can achieve your objective. The template is SEO optimized, fast, cross-browser compatible, mobile ready, localized and much more. It uses the latest technique such as HTML5 and CSS3. Though ideal for all kinds of magazines, it is best for technical reviews and sites that deal with gadgets. There is an integrated review system to take care of the former.


Adventure theme
Demo & Download

A gift from OrganicThemes, Adventure powers those sites that are related to adventure, travel, and exploration. This premium theme has all the useful features, and one very cool specialty is its ability to generate funds. You can use it to crowdsource your project and get to the position that you have been aspiring for so long. This premium theme has a slideshow for exhibiting your most important articles and a biography section for carrying your social media links. Other properties of this template are also worth noticing, and you need to check them out.

Directory Portal

Directory Portal WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

Any directory site is feasible with Directory. This smart and stylish theme knows how to get you the attention of customers and carries custom features for the same. Installing it is a piece of cake, and it performs out of the box. As soon as the process is over, you can get started and rock on in the cyberspace. Directory will help you earn a fine amount of money, and you will get complete value for funding.


Newspaper WordPress theme
Demo & Download

All the publishers out there, you have to check out Newspaper for it is your dream theme in many ways. Newspaper is smart, durable, stylish and responsive. It is the best friend of your content and gives it a superb platform to catch the eyes. The template supports audio, videos, links and every other conceivable content element that comes to your mind. It follows the best SEO practices and brings you good ranking in simple and straightforward steps.


SimpleMag Magazine theme for creative stuff
Demo & Download

This is a simple and soulful magazine theme with a creative touch. It comes with a drag and drop page composer using which you can quickly build pages in your style. The various homepage and category layouts offer you lots of convenience to design things without creating anything new. Similarly, there are many cooler and convenient features presents here that will launch your web platform in style. The last but not the least, the theme is available at a super cool price.


Santorini Resort
Demo & Download

A powerful and popular WordPress theme, Santorini serves hotels, resorts, inns and similar segments in the hospitality industry. This theme focuses a good deal on visual brilliance and gives you all the support that is needed to present your services in a professional-yet-pleasing manner. Santorini makes for a smart theme proposition as you do not have to work for anything. Just get it activated, and it performs out of the box. You can easily operate the different elements from the backend and get things designed to suit your taste. No getting your hands dirty with coding. Clicks and drag and drop are sufficient to help you get what you need.


Jarvis Onepage Parallax WordPress Theme
Demo & Download

The parallax design is in vogue, and there are lots of users who like it like hell. Jarvis carries it in very cool style, and you can use this one-page template for portfolios, agencies, business and other purposes. It is quite versatile and favors you on all the fronts. What is more, if you want, you can customize it and give it a personal touch. Jarvis will serve you very efficiently, and you will have a fantastic time with it.

3 Clicks

Demo & Download

A firm follower of current trends, 3Clicks is fully flexible and feature-rich. It is very intuitive and obedient. You can completely control your web platform and design it in any way you like. The dashboard is your play station where you can play like an expert programmer without even knowing the ABC of coding and programming. Here, you are offered Revolution Slider, Google maps with multiple markers, Page Builder, WooCommerce support and much more.


Valenti News Theme
Demo & Download

A beautiful multipurpose theme, Valenti is suitable for news, magazines and other types of similar sites that give prime focus to content. This premium template is best for review sites and comes with adequate features to support the same. It will look amazing on high-resolution devices and give you beautiful results at a fair price. With over 5,000 happy users, the template is going from strength to strength. You can also join the league and enjoy the groovy results.

Newspaper Times

newspaper magazine
Demo & Download

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    1. Hi,
      I have included only Premium themes in this list.
      Free themes usually gets more downloads than premium ones. Even my own free theme “Mansar” has reached 13,000+ downloads in 3 months.

  1. I am a happy longtime Elegant Themes customer. I think on the surface, Divi is hands down the best and the most powerful theme ever made. Why do I say on the surface? Because Divi, just like many other Premium Themes gets an extremely low, for sure embarrassing score at themecheck.org. It has all sorts of problems, including security breach warnings. How come I can’t find a professional blog like this one that check the integrity of the code of these themes as well? Are all these paid articles. Do the theme developers pay for articles like these, to hide the ugly side of poor coding?

    Hopefully many others will agree with me, and force these multi-million dollar companies to create better products, where standards, and proper coding techniques, surprise…surprise… do matter for once.

    If you go to themecheck.org, you will see how many premium themes that are not free, get low scores, many even get 0%. This is beyond embarrassing, it is almost downright stealing… selling junk/trash for money, to the unsuspecting masses.

    Despite all this, I love Divi !

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