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Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – June 2013

Welcome to my June 2013 income report.

Last month I published my first income report and as I got a candid response from my readers, I thought it would be great to publish yet another income report for the month of June, 2013 and give my readers what they really want to read.

I am doing this not only to keep a track of my own work progress and earning progress but I always want to be open and truthful with my readers about what’s going on with my blog; What you can do to achieve the same and how much time it might take to reach here at my position.

I am sure by following these reports, you will learn what you should do and what you should not do while blogging. Additionally you will also learn which programs are best to follow as possible income resource.

What I did in June?

Moved To Higher VPS Plan

As I am a real fond of speed; I really hate slow site. Last month I moved to a VPS from Inmotion hosting. After moving, I still felt that there could be some more speed that should be added to my site. So I decided to upgrade my VPS plan from VPS-2000 to VPS-3000. This new plan costs me around $75 per month. Still pretty fair for the resource usage. Ahhhhh.

Well frankly, the reason I choose Inmotion Hosting is because of their excellent customer support only.

Published Some Great Content

Last month I managed to publish 8 new blog posts; Actually 9 if I include my income report for May. From these, 4 blog posts were written by me. That includes:

  1. 55 New WordPress Themes Released in June, 2013
  2. 5 Mistakes I Made As A New Blogger
  3. How To Speed Up WordPress Site: 16 Easy Tips
  4. How To Become’s Recommended WordPress Developer?

And another 4 posts were contributed by guest authors. That includes:

  1. Free Tools To Recover from Google Penguin 2.0
  2. 10 Common Social Media Myths And Facts For Bloggers
  3. 7 Important Factors To Consider Before You Choose A Web Hosting Service
  4. Things To Change In SEO With The Arrival Of Penguin 2.0 Update

Since according to latest Google SEO recommendations, it is really important to keep updating old content with new content to keep your blog away from Panda or Penguin attack. So I also updated 3 old posts with some new content.

Other than these, I was lucky enough to grab some coupons and deals from various hosting companies and WordPress theme for my readers.

If you are planning to buy hosting or WordPress theme, do check out this page : WordPress Coupons & Deals and save your money with the special discount offers.

Lastly,  I also held a WordPress theme giveaway sponsored by Themify.

Don’t worry if you missed it. Keep coming back or subscribe to my RSS feed as I will be providing some more giveaways regularly.

Created a Floating Footer Bar

I also created a floating footer bar, a measure to abate my bounce rate. Of course I am just testing it right now and if you need it too, I will be releasing a plugin so that you can use it without any coding trouble.

Joined a Few Forums

I see many webmasters joining forums these days to help others or get help for themselves. So I thought it would be a nice idea to start floating in it right away. Therefore I joined some famous forums including Digital forum, Blackhatseo, SEO Debates.

I really recommend joining these forums for you guys too if you haven’t joined them already. These forums are really helpful for all your questions. Moreover they are also helpful in driving traffic to your site.

Traffic Report – June 2013

Time to move ahead and check out what numbers I was able to get on my blog, Overall I got approximately 600 visitors less than previous month of May. I really hope these numbers to increase in July

Here is a screenshot of my traffic report generated by Google Analytics for the month of June.

blog monthly traffic report

Income Report

And here are the numbers that you guys really want to check out:

Affiliate Earnings

Total Sales – $695 / Rs. 38,225


Total Expenses – $375 / Rs. 20,625

The above numbers are drawn only from this blog and not from my other blogs or designing company.

Affiliate Sales vs. Expenses vs. Profit Graph – Last 7 months

Below graph compares my affiliate sales, expenses and net profit for the last 7 months starting from November 2012 upto June 2013. All the figures are in USD.

monthly income report

Once again, I am searching for some good writers, editors, designers, developers, business partners who can work from home or at my office. If you are good in writing stuff , testing or playing with WordPress, you can get in touch with me on my email.

What Next?

If you are thinking to start a blog to earn money quickly, here are some few posts that you should read:

And finally read How To Choose A Web Host and 30+ WordPress Theme Shops to choose a great WordPress theme for your new blog.

That’s all for today. I have more great content in the pipeline, so do keep coming back to check it regularly.

If you too have published a traffic report on your blog; please share it via comments.

Until next time then…

Cheers and all the best.

Editorial Staff at Web Loggerz is a team of Web Technology lovers led by Ansh Gupta.


  1. Looks good, great progress the last few months.
    What is the reason you do not have any major advertising provider like adsense on your site?
    Johan Bengtsson recently posted…Keto salad recipe recommendationsMy Profile

    • Hi Johan,
      The reason being is that I applied for Adsense 4 months back and but was not approved. After that I am focusing more on Affiliate marketing and doesn’t feel the need to use Adsense. Well I have taken your point and try to get into it once again. Thanks..

  2. Hey Ansh,

    You have a great looking blog here and some excellent content. Well done on your income, I see the blog is a little over 7 or 8 months old and you are getting a great number of visitors and a good income which is increasing month by month.

    It is great to see someone start a blog – and then CONTINUE with it – so many give up or lose interest after only a few weeks or months. I alos like the graph that you have done to show how the blog is improving, and I have indeed taken something from this article – expenses!

    Yes I just realised in my reports, I do not include my recurring expenses such as Aweber, hosting, so I will be adding an expense part in my next income report.

    Stay in touch :-)

    Richard Martin recently posted…Smart Income Detective Blog Income Report JUNE 2013 Statistics – Case StudyMy Profile

    • Hi Richard,
      Absolutely, patience always pays. Thats what I feel. Thanks

  3. I’m with you on not liking slow sites! I moved to a dedicated server in 2011 and it was the best decision I could have made. Its expensive but worth it.

    I love how you included a graph in your report. Looks like your earnings are on the rise too. Good for you!!
    Stacie recently posted…Make Better Purchasing Decisions with YabblyMy Profile

    • Hie Stacie,
      Yeah I thought adding the graph will give a bit more readability to the post.. Anyways thnx for coming by.

  4. Congrats Ansh, Excellent evolution. Hope you keep learning and evolving. Thanks for sharing the info. Good Luck and Keep going
    Rita P @Digitalspikes recently posted…What is Domain Authorithy & Page Authority – How to check DA PA onlineMy Profile

  5. Great article outlining the business thinking of an online blogger. I do things in a much different way but then I am probably at least twice your age.

    Louis Sanchez recently posted…Microsoft is More Than a Technology CompanyMy Profile

    • Hi Louis,
      I apologize to reply you a bit late. Well in online business age doesn’t matter, things that do matter is the broad thinking and ability to take risks.

      Of course you are double my age and that whats makes you more resourceful than me in terms of experience. And I am sure you will be open to teach me and other bloggers like me some of your lessons and other stuff.. Toast to our friendship…Cheers

  6. Hi Ansh,
    Congratulations.Most bloggers are uncomfortable when it comes to revealing site stats.Good to see this new trend of sharing and collaboration.Success is not distant for you.Good luck.

    Joe Hart recently posted…Dental Implant CostsMy Profile

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks for that. I think there is nothing to hide from our readers and friends like you. Cheers

  7. really great man keep it up really very inspired
    Prince Ramgarhia recently posted…Watch YouTube Videos Without BufferingMy Profile

    • Thanks Prince.

  8. i Ansh,
    This is really great achievement and inspiring too..
    Gettting such increase in traffic is really difficult and its great that you have achieved it easily..
    Prajith recently posted…How to Get A Customizable iOS 7 Control Center Clone On Your Android DeviceMy Profile

  9. Hi Ansh!

    Oh wow! This is crazy man. Seems like you are totally rocking out big time on this site. The floating bar is pretty cool. Not bad at all.

    I really hope to learn more from you and thanks for sharing the report!

    Reginald recently posted…14 Must Have Internet Marketing Tools That Totally RocksMy Profile

    • Thanks Reginald.

  10. this is so so inspiring. keep. up the same spirit! excellent post!
    Aashish Sahni recently posted…Crazy Taxi Makes Its Way On AndroidMy Profile

  11. You have made significant process from your previous earning reports! This is highly inspirational for someone like me! Great going and keep it up!
    Vikram Pandit recently posted…My First IndiBlogger Meet ExperienceMy Profile

  12. great blog and impressive income. I see a lot of potential in your efforts. keep providing us with value. the money will keep coming in :)

    Ashish Patel recently posted…Why You Should Not Make Money Online?My Profile

  13. In which location do you opened your office?
    Siddhartha Sinha recently posted…How to write a Quality Blog PostMy Profile

  14. great achievements, you are using only affiliates, why not advertisement programmes like adsense.

  15. Traffic is hard and making money with it is even harder! Goodluck everyone! Helpful post you got here! – Scott Craighead
    Scott Craighead recently posted…GBA Flashcart battle! EZ-FLASH IV VS. Supercard Mini SDMy Profile

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