How to Monetize Your Blog Through Affiliate Marketing – 6 Tips

If you’re new to the world of blogging, you may be wondering how other make money off of their blogs. While there are many different ways to monetize your blog, one great option is using affiliate marketing links.

By using these links on your blog, you’ll be promoting products and giving them extra exposure and marketing. In exchange for this, the retailer or manufacturer will give you a commission when your readers use your link to buy their products.

This results in a win-win situation all around, and it’s not terribly difficult to start adding affiliate links right away, even if you’re still just beginning to blog.

6 Tips to Help You Use Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

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#1. Find Products Which Fit With Your Blog’s Scope

The first thing you’ll want to do is consider what kind of goods will be optimal for promoting on your blog. You won’t want to try and market items which clash with your blog’s message. It’s also not wise to push products which are radically unrelated to the topics your blog typically focuses on.

Instead, it’s best to find products which are easy to incorporate into your content naturally. These are also the most likely types of products to appeal to your target audience, which means that you’re more likely to get better sales from these products or services anyway.

It’s also smart to choose products, services, and brands which you’ve already used or trust. Having first-hand knowledge gives you far more credibility on the matter. This doesn’t mean that you can’t link to products you’ve never bought, but it’s generally far easier to write about things you use and brand you appreciate.

#2. Sign Up for Affiliate Marketing Programs

Once you’ve thought of a few brands or products that would appeal to your readers and be easy to write about, it’s time to start signing up for affiliate programs. Many companies have these set up already. Sign up for their affiliate programs or see if your account already lists a referral link to send to friends.

Check several of your favorite options to see what types of benefits they offer, since not all bonuses and commissions are equal. Amazon has a robust affiliate marketing program, and is an easy place to start–but it’s far from the only program out there, so don’t feel that it’s your only option by any means.

#3. Write Posts Which Include Your Affiliate Link

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Next, it’s time to start dropping your referral links into your blog posts. You should always try to use hyperlinks to give these links a clean feel. Try to incorporate them into your blog posts as naturally as possible, and don’t worry too much about trying to sell the products.

#4. Always Be Honest & Give Full Disclosure

An important key to retaining your readers is to make sure that they know you’re honest. If you wouldn’t use a product yourself, don’t promote it with glowing terms. Don’t pretend you’ve used an item which you’ve only read about online.

When you review a product, give your totally honest opinion, even if you didn’t like it. If your readers know that you’re not making up facts or feelings, then they’ll realize you’re genuine when you really do love a product, rather than feeling like you’re just saying you do for the sake of being polite or trying to market to them.

Furthermore, you should always let your readers know that you’re going to benefit if they click through using your links. Include a brief disclosure to make sure they’re not caught off guard. You can also reassure them that the price won’t change on their end, and let them know that their clicks help you keep your blog going.

#5. Highlight Deals and Special Offers for Your Readers

If signing up using your link gives your readers a discount, make sure you bring this fact to their attention! Mention any current sales to incentivize them to purchase sooner rather than later.

If the product you’re promoting is the best deal you could find online, then highlight that fact. This will help your readers know why you chose it, and let them know that you’re trying to help them out with your research.

Does your blog has a decently large readership? If it does, it can be wise to contact the company you’re promoting. Let them know how many readers you have, and why you think your audience will love their products.

Then ask to see whether or not they’ll give you an exclusive coupon code to pass along to your readers. You can still try this even if your readership size is rather small, but you’re more likely to get results when you’ve got a large audience.

#6. Keep Providing Other Valuable Content

While it may seem like stuffing in as many affiliate marketing links as possible is best, that isn’t the case. Your audience shouldn’t feel like you’re just trying to use them to make money, and they will if you’re always stuffing affiliate links into your content. Don’t hesitate to post plenty of content free of referral links or product promotions.

Bottom Line

It’s super easy to start using affiliate marketing to monetize your blog, so go ahead and start today. Look at a few of your favorite apps or brands to see what deals they offer, and then incorporate the link into your next blog post if possible.

Don’t worry about signing up for dozens of programs right away — allow your affiliate marketing to grow naturally, and simply be alert and aware of options available to you.

Keep track of your earnings to see what types of promotion and categories of product do best on your blog, and then look for other similar things that you can incorporate for even more earnings.

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