Are you a WordPress user looking for a way to compete with the professional look of the Internet? Alternatively, are you just starting out and want a flexible solution that can grow with you? Is it time to update the look, feel and ease of use of your blog? Do you need to make a change in your voice because your needs or your customer’s needs have changed? There are many choices out there. Which one will best fit your needs? In this article, we discuss the many benefits of using a customizable solution found in Massive Dynamic’s WordPress Themes.

massive dynamic wordpress theme screenshot

What Is The Massive Dynamic Theme and What Are Its Benefits?

  • Unique to Massive Dynamic, who call themselves the “Future of WordPress”; boasts that this is the most advanced live website builder on WordPress. One main feature is the simple to use drag and drop user interface. This provides real-time feedback so that you make changes while you create. One can integrate HD video backgrounds. Also included is the Responsive Touch Swipe Navigation design over popular display profiles for mobile use. See a video overview here.
  • Another unique feature is the infinite layout choices available using the Massive Builder. Unlike most themes that force you to choose a limited layout based on what they think would be useful, you have the ability move elements and change design option to fit your vision.
  • GTMetrix is a free tool used to measure the performance of your website to identify where bottlenecks may exist. By using their most feature reach demo, Massive Dynamic found that their demo received a much higher score when compared to other companies demos. You can use this tool from GTMetrix to compare your website’s score to Massive Dynamic’s and read the report to have a better understanding of what this theme will bring to your solution.
  • For $20, you can add the Master Slider WordPress plugin. This is a popular feature used to highlight features and benefits of your products or services when your site loads to any page. A smooth presentation is important to add to that professional look and feel.

Massive Dynamic’s Main Features and Options

an example of how massive dynamic theme works

  • In order to help promote your website, SEO best practices are a standard when coding Massive Dynamic. Simply make use of the h1 through h6 heading tags and take advantage of the simplified JS and CSS file to get a better search engine ranking.
  • The Drag and Drop $34 Page Builder plugin allows you to add pages and content simply and quickly. Massive Dynamic made some adjustment to ensure compatibility and smooth functionality. On their web page, you will find plenty of details about the Visual Composer.
  • Massive Dynamic created a custom element for this $19 plugin. This is a popular feature being the highest selling slider plugin in codeconyon. To see it in action here are some examples.
  • The WooCommerce WordPress plugin allows you to build a beautiful and professional web store on the WordPress platform. The products and products category elements allow one the option of displaying the products or services on any page with other elements on that page for a unique design. Here is an example.
  • A user interface that is friendly and easy was the goal when including the Go Pricing plugin. It displays the good, better, and best price of your product or service with mouse over animation. This makes it easy for your customer to know what they selected, or you can highlight the price you want the most attention. Easily use it on any page. Check it out here.

Is Massive Dynamic WordPress Theme Better Than Other Themes

According to Charlie Livingston, a prolific author with Athemes, Massive Dynamic landed in the top five in his article “Top 10 Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes 2017“. One feature highlighted was its versatility and ability to facilitate any user’s goals. Instead of requiring a single theme for a specific purpose, the website builder provides an infinite number of choices, making Massive Dynamics the most versatile WordPress theme available. With the very affordable price of $59, this theme is accessible to most, if not all, WordPress users.

Some key benefits to using this theme are that Massive Dynamic has taken the time to adjust commonly used plugins so that they work well with their website builder. For example, they currently have 75 shortcodes that you can use to piece together your vision while presenting information to your visitors in distinctive ways. This Demo shows all of the short codes in action. This site builder also connects to MailChimp, a free email marketing solution that can be a simple way to add automation to improve your subscriber numbers.

Another benefit is that you do not have to start over or even have any downtime. This is due to the flexibility of the Massive Builder. Once your website is up and working well, you can do that. So, if you see a formatting change that you need to add or if you have a new idea about how you want your information to display, this feature comes in handy. You can make your changes on the fly every day until you see what you were trying to create without losing functionality to your site.

Bottom Line

Massive Dynamic provided complete documentation and a tutorial. If you prefer you, find Massive Dynamic on Facebook. They promise to answer any questions you may have within 24 hours. It does not matter if you are a beginner, or a seasoned user Massive Dynamic outperforms their competition. You get unlimited design possibilities and an unprecedented number of pre-designed demos. There are many choices out there. Massive Dynamic is definitely worth exploring to see if this solution fits your vision.

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