JobEngine Theme Review – A Complete Job Board WordPress Theme

Engine Themes develop some of the best themes in the WordPress industry, while most theme developers are creating new themes with many features; engine themes are approaching differently, they develop themes for a specific purpose. They build themes that are used for a specific task. Such kind of themes are called as Appthemes. Some popular themes developed and supported by Engine Themes are Forum Engine, Job Engine and Classified Engine.

jobengine WordPress theme

The JobEngine theme helps you create a job board website without any coding knowledge at all. Job Boards are becoming pretty famous and more, and more job boards are popping up day by day. In this article, we have reviewed Job Engine, and we have gone through every aspect of the theme, mostly its features.

Before we get into more details about the Job Engine themes, we will first discuss Engine Themes and their products.

There are very few WordPress theme developers who prioritize quality over money, and Engine Themes is one of them. Every theme developed by Engine themes is just high quality and flawless. Their theme collection includes QA Engine, Job Engine, Classified Engine, Hotel Engine, Forum Engine and One Page and Directory Engine, being their new successfully completed project. You can check the demo of each theme on their website and have a look how they look on various devices.

Creating a Job Board Website With JobEngine Theme

If you are going for an open source job board software to create a job board, you might get struck in the work of setting up and get going. However, in the case of JobEngine you have all the work done for you prior as the developer has put all the setting in options panel. All you need to do is get a host, install WordPress and then upload the Jobengine using instruction manual, you are ready to go.

Front-end Features Of Job Engine Theme

As said earlier Job Engine is an app theme, which means it is built for a specific purpose, i.e., to set up a job board website. This is the section where the theme outshines every other job board theme; the theme has a complete front end section where users can submit and edit their information.

The interface is very easy to understand and be used by anyone without any problem, whether you are posting a job or uploading your resume; the interface is clean and is very easy to use. The homepage comes with an amazing full-size slider and has some cool features like displaying content together with the slides, these types of sliders are called content sliders and are good at grabbing viewers attention.

  • Widgetized homepage: The homepage in this theme is widgetized, which means you can place widgets on the homepage also. The default demo in the theme shows Pending Jobs and recent jobs, you can also customize it to show different jobs accordingly.
  • Companies Page & Widgets: Company Widget is a feature that is unique to this theme, most of the theme developers skip such kind of features, whenever you are viewing all the jobs posted by the company.
  • Mega Menu & Sticky Header: You have a mega menu in this theme that will show all the list of companies available for applying a job, the menu is same like the one you find on The theme comes with a built-in sticky header; the header consists of the navigation menu and sticks to the top of the screen while scrolling to the bottom.
  • Different color styles: The theme comes with multiple color styles which will enable you to create a color combination of your liking, this will make your website look fresh in the long run.
  • Email Templates: For notifying about job updates you can create attractive email templates, without touching any line of code. Not many themes will give you this option.
  • Customizable fonts: The fonts in the theme are customizable and can be easily changed from the theme options panel.
  • Translation-ready for multiple languages: The theme is compatible with multiple languages you can easily add or change a new language from the options panel.You can run your site in any language you want, localize your site easily so that you reach more people every day. Engine themes have pre-installed six major languages which work out of the box.
  • Typography: Typography of Job Engine is clean and clear without any clutter, you can always select the typefaces of your choice, any font you select; the theme will look amazing.
  • Fully Responsive: The theme is fully responsive and fits perfectly on mobile devices, we have tested the theme on tablets also, and we did not find any problem with the theme. Not only the theme is fully responsive, it is also fully mobile optimized, which means the all the controls work just as good on the mobiles also. From pop-ups to posting jobs, everything is mobile optimized, and users can post and search jobs via mobile without any trouble.
  • Alternative Page Layouts: The theme comes with different page layouts which will come handy if you want to maintain a regular blog. The blog template of the theme is amazing, it has a clean design, you can maintain a blog side by side without any problem at all.

Posting A Job

post a job

Posting a job can be done in the matter of seconds and can be done from the front end of the website itself, the front end of the website is user-friendly, even a newbie can understand the interface without any problem.


The theme has many pop up sections where your user can submit details without ever waiting for loading pages. Pop-ups save time and are required for submitting information instantly.

Job Management

As said earlier, Job engine is an app theme which means everything is prebuilt, managing and sorting jobs is automatically taken care by Job engine, you need not install any other plugins again.

Job Filter

The theme has Ajax job filters, which means you can search through the jobs without loading any pages, and it is very important as users apply filter to search jobs frequently.

Easy Admin Interface

The admin interface of the theme is beautifully built where you can approve or decline the posted jobs, you can easily use the interface as Engine themes has taken care to make it as simple as possible.

Currency & Payment Plans

jobengine review payment plans

The theme also supports different currencies. Many currencies are built-in and can be used right out of the box. The theme has built-in payment plans settings where you can create any customized payment plan for your job board. You need not use any third party pricing table plugins either, Engine Themes has taken care of everything.

Custom Branding

When you are creating a job portal, you expect certain areas of customizations in the theme and also some custom branding; Enginethemes have completely taken care of this, and they have given plenty of customization options in the options panel.

Updates & Theme Support:

Unlike many theme developers where they sell you the theme and don’t care about updates, Engine Themes provides weekly updates, as it is a job board theme; weekly updates are necessary.

Engine Themes is also one of the best theme provider when it comes to customer or service support; they support by email and forums; and many Engine Themes users are extremely satisfied by the customer support by Engine Themes.


The price for this theme is a bargain considering the features the theme has to offer. You can also purchase some external bundles where you can extend the functionality of job engine theme. One of the extensions that we highly recommend is the publisher programme feature where you can transfer indeed listings to your job board.

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There are not many job board themes available in the WordPress industry right now. Many of the existing themes are not well designed, or many are not up to the mark, the only perfect theme available now is the job engine theme.

Job engine is the most-complete job board theme we ever came across. It is an amazing quality theme and has some unique feature. The theme shines perfectly in maintaining a job board for your site and we confidently say that it is the best Job board theme ever.

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