IX Web Hosting Provider Review

Without a doubt, in this increasingly internet-dependent world, good and reliable web hosting providing services are essential for the economy. A growing power in this business is IX Web Hosting.

It is a service that caters mainly to businesses and corporations who are looking to establish a presence online. This article will go over this web hosting company‘s features, benefits, pricing options as well as its pros and cons.

the IX web hosting platform homepage

What Is IX Web Hosting?

Starting as a tiny home-based company in the state of Ohio, IX Web Hosting has steadily grown over the last 18 years. Over that period of time, it has become one of the most popular companies in the web hosting business.

Today, it serves over 110,000 customers worldwide. Quite impressively, the service provides web hosting for over 470,000 websites. It caters to both businesses of all size and private users.

It is important to note that IX Web Hosting runs its own data center through Ecommerce Inc., its parent company.

Main Functions and Features of IX Web Hosting

1. Control Panel

Straying away from the more commonly used cPanel Plesk or vDeck, IX provides its own proprietary control panel. Bluntly put, the panel is successful in some ways and completely unsuccessful in others.

First, let’s go over the ways in which it hits the mark. One can easily install the IX control panel (as well as its optional features) with just a few clicks.

It features a simplified menu that is straightforward enough for most users, allowing them to manage their account, sites, emails, and databases.

Regarding the negative aspects of the control panel, it can be pointed out that the layout is somewhat clumsily designed. Additionally, it’s slightly hard to use, particularly for inexperienced users.

Another thing that tends to annoy users is that it’s necessary to go through a number of extra steps in order to get a fully-personalized blog address.

the IX web hosting platform contact and customer support page

2. Customer Support

Like most web hosting services, IX offers customer support through various means. In this particular case, those means are phone service, online support, email-based online support, and 24/7 chat.

Regarding the quality of the service, IX boasts that they train their employees to provide a unique, personalized experience every time a customer needs it.

To deliver on that commitment, the company assigns a representative to every new customer the very moment they are signed.

3. SiteLock Security

IX Web Hosting takes full advantage of SiteLock in order to provide security for its customers. For a small additional fee, this service is able to detect, locate and block threats to any IX Web Hosting site.

It does this by performing regular scans for both malware and vulnerability. Whenever the software detects a threat, the service removes and blocks it automatically, ensuring that their users will not have the unfortunate experience of dealing with hacking and similar problems.

4. SEO Search Ranking Optimization

Without a doubt, one of the most enticing features IX has to offer is a collection of dedicated IP addresses that users can choose from. The upgraded plans even give users the possibility of choosing multiple IP addresses.

Allowing users to do this has been a great move from IX Web Hosting because it separates them from the competition by providing benefits to the people who use SEO search ranking optimization.

the IX web hosting sign in form

Benefits of Using IX Web Hosting

Having almost 20 years of experience in the web hosting business, IX has developed a series of tools and services that benefit their customers:

  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Free dedicated IP (great for SEO).
  • Customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Compatible with the most popular web hosting applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more).

Pros of IX Web Hosting

1: Advantageous Dedicated IP Offers

Unlike the normal configuration of hosting accounts, a dedicated IP lends itself to a single hosting account in an exclusive manner.

Having a dedicated IP address is an effective strategy that enhances both the performance of SEO ranking optimization and the general security of the site.

2: English-Speaking, Onsite Reps Assigned to Each Customer

At the moment of signing up for the service, an English-speaking representative will assist the clients. Moreover, he/she will handle their account in a direct, personal manner.

3: Fantastic 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

IX uses its own data center with Tier 3 providers and n+1 redundancy. Therefore, it is able to guarantee an astounding 99.9% uptime.

Cons of IX Web Hosting

1: Clunky Native Control Panel

As previously mentioned, IX’s native control panel can be difficult to use, particularly for beginners.

2: No Free Marketing and Advertising Credits

Unfortunately, IX has not taken any steps in helping its customers market their brands. Most web hosting services offer discounts, advertising credits, and other facilities.

the IX web hosting service pricing plan

IX Web Hosting’s Pricing Plans

One of the strong suits of IX Web Hosting is its comprehensive variety of pricing plans. Each plan caters to the different needs that corporations of different sizes have.

Each plan comes with the same type of features most web hosting services offer. Among them there are the following ones: tech support, a 7-day trial period, money back guarantee and others.

However, IX stands out because even its most basic and affordable plan includes useful features. Some of these features include unlimited web space, bandwidth, domains, subdomains and data transfer.

Putting It All Together

After going through the specific features that IX Web Hosting offers, it’s easy to declare that its focus is on one of the largest market shares today: the business owners.

Everything it has to offer, from its service plans to its offering of dedicated IP addresses, was conceived to help business owners exploit the potential of having a strong online presence.

Have you tried this web hosting service? Let us know in the comments!

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