Imonomy Generates Free Images To Match Your Content

Finding free images online challenges many bloggers around the world. A large amount of internet publishers have already lost hope waiting for a free service that will automatically add images to web pages. Some blogs have tried to manually insert copyright-free images into each and every post, but this tactic is time consuming and often times inefficient.

Now, a relatively new service is tackling the issue with a web-based application that was designed especially for publishers and bloggers.

Imonomy, an Israeli-based startup founded by two former AOL Answers executives, has come out with web-based software that meets the needs of online publishers in one easy-to-use service. Imonomy set out to bring free images to every website and blog on the web.

How Does imonomy Work?

how imonomy works

The company developed a sophisticated engine that scans text and understands the content. In tech terms, this high-powered system is known as a “Visual Semantic Engine”. After deciphering the meaning of the written content, Imonomy’s Visual Semantic Engine matches a high-quality image to the page. Imonomy’s database, which is home to millions of copyright-free images, is made available to every Imonomy publisher. In case you were wondering, Imonomy’s images all come with the proper Alt attributions, and come in all different shapes and sizes to match any web page.

For those of you who still aren’t convinced, Imonomy comes equipped with a second function that catapults this solution above the rest. Along with providing high-quality, free images to publishers in need, imonomy also offers an image enhancing widget.

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The widget appears interactively on a website as users scroll down the pages, or hover their mouse over an image on the screen and offers beneficial functions and features to both the visitor and the site owner. The Imonomy widget’s beneficial function comes in the form of a “Read More” button, that displays a selection of content-related posts from within the website.

With Imonomy’s Visual Semantic Engine acting as the driving force behind the widget, publishers can rest assured that Imonomy will help recirculate content, and allow visitors to stay more connected to more of the posts from within the site. With the widget on page, users are provided with a custom, interactive experience, while publishers benefit from increased page views and an overall reduction in bounce rate.

Earning Money, Easily.

To add to an already stellar product, Imonomy’s cherry on top’ allows publishers to generate valuable revenue from their unique spin on in-image advertising. Remember Imonomy’s widget that appears as users scroll down the pages, or hover their mouse over an image? Well, not only does the widget display a selection of content-related posts from within the website, it also displays some contextually relevant ads to help boost monetization.

What’s great about the money earned from this form of in-image advertising is that as the publisher, you don’t have to give up valuable real estate from your web pages in order to generate profit from Imonomy’s ads. Imonomy’s large inventory of quality ads are all perfectly sized to suit the widget, and because they are contextually relevant users feel comfortable clicking, and coming back to the website.

Customizing Your imonomy Experience

With so many features available to publishers, Imonomy certainly got their customization options right. Imonomy understood that while all publishers need something, not every publisher needs everything. Publishers can head over to imonomy’s website and hit the “Get Started” button, which will lead each publisher through a customization process.

The simple steps allow publishers to pick and choose which imonomy features they would like to have added to their website, and which they would prefer to leave out of the mix. Upon completed the painless process, which typically takes less than 5 minutes to finish, new Imonomy publishers receive a JavaScript code that will allow them to start using the service.

The Bottom Line

In this day and age, you’d be hard pressed to find an online publisher who doesn’t have a lot on his plate. With that in mind, Imonomy has certainly swooped in to save the day. The unique technology boasts a lot of benefits, which isn’t surprising given the company’s progressive peak in popularity. It seems publishers around the world are starting to take notice, and take advantage of a free service that saves time and generates revenue.

Need to see it to believe it? Head over to imonomy’s website and try it out for yourself.

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