5 Steps on How to Build a Website with Yahoo Website Builder

One of the biggest things that trip up new to-be website owners is choosing a site builder. There are so many different ones out there with various price points. Surprisingly, Yahoo offers their very own website builder for free. The Yahoo website builder is designed for both casual users as well as users that are planning to start selling products online. Here is a quick guide to using their site builder and setting up your very own online store.

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Step 1: Create a Yahoo Account and Download Their Tool

The first obvious step is to create a Yahoo Small Business account by going to this Yahoo link. Once you’ve signed up, go to the My Services page on the control panel. Then click on the ‘Create & Update’ link on the top tab. Continue by clicking on the ‘Other Site Building Tools’ link.

This should open a drop-down menu. On the very bottom of this menu, you’ll see a link to SiteBuilder. Once you click on it, you’ll be able to download the tool. Install it and open it on your desktop when everything is finished.

Step 2: Start with the Site Creation Wizard and Set up Your Template

The Yahoo website builder has a handy guide that walks you through the basics of site creation process. You can find it by clicking the file tab in the software and tapping where it says New Site. The Site Creation Wizard will ask you to enter the name of our website as well as the location where to save your website’s folder in. Go ahead and enter the details to get set up properly.

The next step is to start with a template. There is a good amount of template categories you can choose from. Click on “view full size” for a better look at templates. Once you find the one you like, you will download the template. You can download all of the templates as well to try them out or simply start with the blank template if you want to use your own graphics or template.

Step 3: Create Your Website’s Pages

Yahoo website builder will start you off with the basic pages such as the About Us and Service page. Select which ones you will need for your site. If you want to create a menu for your pages, you should choose ‘Link pages together with a navigation bar’ as the builder will create a menu for you. Click next, and the Yahoo website builder will create a template for you.

If you need help, you can use the help links in the left column. To browse your pages, click on the navigation on the right column where it says Site Contents. To get a preview of your site, look right below the Site Contents section, and you’ll be able to get an idea of what your website will look like after spending time on designing and editing.

To get a final draft of your website, click on finish. You can always come back and edit your pages later.

Step 4: Creating Content for Your New Website

After you’ve set up your template and navigation, the next natural step is to start adding your original content. You’ll notice that parts of the template have dotted boxes.
This design exists to indicate that you can make edits to the page. Look through your rough draft and see where you want to content and click on the dotted area. To start adding text, images, and links, you want to look at the icon menu at the top. The content options should be near the middle.

image via: Paul Barrs

If you’re trying to insert an image, you’ll notice that it will prompt you a menu to choose your image from. You can either use yours or use a clip art collection provided by Yahoo. Once you insert the image, you can move it around by clicking and dragging it with your mouse cursor.

You can also control the size of the image by dragging around the borders of the image. Remember that you can easily add text, anchor text links, and regular links by clicking on the icons mentioned earlier.

Step 5: Final Touches for Your Website

This is where you want to start the final stage of your new website using the Yahoo website builder. There will probably be a lot more things that you want to change. If you are looking to add more pages, you can use the menu on the right to add new pages. You’ll also be able to delete existing ones and move them around to control how your navigation menu looks.

Now if you want to add things like scripts on your pages, you’ll need to add HTML. To do this, click and open the insert tab on the top menu. Then click code elements and click on HTML. This will bring up a window that will allow you to paste in your HTML code. This will create a content box on your page. You can think of this little content as a widget.

So if you want to add an email opt-in form, you’ll want to drag the box to the right side of your web page or in the center. When you are done making your edits, you can open the file tab and click save. From there, you can click on the preview icon to see a preview of your page or by simply clicking the F12 key. If you already have a hosting account set up with Yahoo, you can click on publish to pull all the files and turn it into a live site.


The Yahoo website builder is far from the most advanced site builder you’ll find today. However, it’s a great builder that is minimal and easy to use, making it a helpful tool for beginners that want to experiment without paying for a service. On top of that, it’s a completely free resource that can help you even to create a passive income online.

Give the tool a try today. To download the builder, visit this link and create an account.