How To Test Your New WordPress Theme Without Activating It

So you have purchased your new WordPress theme and you are almost on your toes to activate it asap. But wait; what if the new theme may not prove to be compatible with your old theme design. What if your blog doesn’t look as you were expecting it to be? What if you face the image resizing issues.

Even though you can test your new theme on your local host or on any test server but won’t it be great if you could have your way to test your new WordPress theme on live server. Won’t it be great if you could see that how your new theme looks on a live server without affecting the old theme design and visitors flow.

Theme Test Drive – Activate New Themes Only For Site Admins

Theme test drive is one of the great plugins crafted by famous plugins developer Vladimir Prelovac. Theme test drive is simple tool that performs its job by limiting the visibility of the new selected theme to the particular user groups. By default, the visibility is only allowed to admins. After activating the plugin, only the logged in administrators see the new theme design. All other users, specially the readers and visitors see only the old theme design.

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Steps To Use:

1) First, Install your new theme that you want to test. Don’t Activate it.

2). Now, to use the plugin, install and activate the plugin.

3). After activating the plugin; Go to Appearance -> Theme Test Drive.

4). Under the Usage option, select one of the installed theme.


5). The element Access Value defines the level of users to grant access. For granting preview access to admin only, the value should be 10.

6). The Enable Theme Drive button will activate the preview of your selected theme.

7). Alternatively, you can also switch between multiple themes by just passing the URL parameter: where xxx is the name of your theme.

Finally your new theme is activated only for you. You may check if your old theme is working perfectly for visitors from another browser.

So test your new WordPress theme, make sure your new blog design looks perfect. And after testing, you can activate your new theme for the visitors as well.

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