How To Start An Online Business, Step By Step

Are you bored and tired of your daily job. Do you feel yourself in the characters of the hare and tortoise race with your bossing running after you. And you even don’t have bags of money to open your own business, getting some franchises, open some branded showroom or maybe setting up some factory. If you fill yourself in all the above things; Consider starting a small online business. The best thing is you can start an online business for free.

This is what I currently do and I really love doing it. I am in this online business from last two years, experimenting with new things each day and I love being able to work anytime, anyplace.
Each single day, thousands of people search for all kinds of information on best online business ideas to start their new business online. Many of them reach the information peaks and actually find the courage to make a new start while most of them drop their ideas because of lack of proper knowledge about the startup.

Few days back, a friend of mine called me up and was desperate to find all the possibilities in starting own business. We met for a quick coffee and discussed what it actually takes for a new online businesses. If you are also looking for some information on how to start an online business; here are few of my potential directions that would probably be helpful for you as well in starting a new online business.

Before I tell you how to start business online?, you must clearly decide what kind of online or internet business you actually want to start with. There are many kinds of online businesses present today and you can surely try your hands on any of them or all. The most common types of internet businesses today are:

  • ECommerce Stores
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blog / Magazine Publishing
  • Community Membership sites
  • Review Sites
  • Creating and running online games
  • Designing and developing websites
  • Online Auction Business

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Get A Domain Name and A Host

Once you have finally decided what kind of online business you are going to start, your next requirement is to buy a domain and a host to take your business online. For all those who don’t know about domain; a domain name is the website address. Just like is a domain name, you will have your own unique website address. You must decide what domain name you are going to have for your online business depending upon its availability. A domain name generally starts from $8.00 per year and this price may vary from registrar to registrar. You can use any of the domain registrar to register your domain name.

Most of the times while ordering a domain name, you will be prompted that whether you want to add web hosting with your domain or not. The cost of web hosting also varies from company to company but you can easily get a basic shared server for $40 per year. Some companies also provide seasonal offer of free unlimited web hosting. Summarizing the above, you can start with your online presence in $50 or less. If you want my recommendation. then I would ask you to buy from Hostgator because of its best customer support.

Design and Build

This is not as difficult as you might think. Either you can design a website yourself or hire a web designer to design a website for you. If you don’t know how to design a website and don’t even have the budget to hire a designer; you can download some free pre built website themes and use them on your website. These days many web hosting companies also provide free site building tools but this you must check while making an order with them.

Promote your Services and Products

After establishing the presence of your business online, it’s time to promote your products and services. Having a lame website for is of no use if nobody knows about you, your services and your internet business. You must clearly focus your on target market and try to reach your potential clients. There are many ways of online product promotion. You can use Facebook advertisements, Google Adwords or you may even try publishing classifieds with some local newspapers. You can also try email marketing and affiliate marketing to promote your web based business.

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Determine Delivery Methods

Depending upon the type of online business, your delivery methods may vary. For eCommerce store which sells hard products, the obvious delivery method would be via courier. For an eCommerce store whose products includes downloadable stuff, delivery method would be via emails. What I mean to say is that this option is clearly product tagged and you must figure out yourself what delivery method would be best suited for your company to give you maximum returns.

Customer Support and After Sale Services

This is a major requirement if you are selling online goods and services and want your customers to engage with you for maximum time. This is an important factor in giving your customers a freedom to reach you anytime from anywhere in any case of damages or faulty services provided. You can use 0800 phone numbers to create a professional brand image for your business.

Other Online Business Considerations

Last but not the least, there are some other business formalities that must be addressed after you have started generating revenues with you online start ups. Most of them are not required at the time of starting a business but you must start handling them once you find your online business growing.

1). Current Bank Accounts to handle your growing financial limits.
2). Govt. Registrations and Trademarks so that nobody copies your online business name.
3). Taxation to give proper tax and its reports to the government about your web business.
4). Accounting to create a proper account to handle your growing transactions
5). Legal Matters if someone files a legal suit against any of your product or services.

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  1. Hi Ansh, I have gone through your article. It is very useful. I am interested in starting an online business. Would contact you through mail, in case any help required. Hope you won’t mind.

  2. Starting a blog is a good idea your passion on writing and hardworking will give rewards for your efforts. Online business are also a great idea. Thanks for informative post

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