How To Promote Your Business Offline – 6 Simple Ways

Marketing your website or blog is extremely crucial to building a long term success. Most people stay happy waiting for organic growth to happen via search engines. Others, who dare spending money to get the word out often do that online through services like Adwords and Facebook Marketing.

While it makes sense spending money online to promote your website, there are a number of offline promotion techniques that can help you promote your website at a very low cost. Here are some techniques that you can try out.

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The most cost effective means to spread the word about your website is through flyers and leaflets. You can either do this yourself or tie up with agencies that distribute these leaflets to newspaper subscribers in the neighborhood.

Not only would you be able to target the right audience for your service, you can also do it at a cost that is lower than an Adwords campaign. Alternately, you can also use a website like Fiverr to find someone do the leaflet distribution for you.

Offer A Service At Local Event In Return For ‘Sponsor’ Tag

Most businesses shy away from sponsoring local events assuming they must cost money. However, many times you can get free advertising by offering a service that is not too expensive. For example, if you are a geek with good knowledge of electrical equipments, offer to manage the entire equipments required for the event in return for a sponsor label on the stage backdrop.

You will be surprised at the amount of exposure this simple technique can get to your website.

Giveaway T-Shirts With Printed Logo

Pick an event or location that shall be visited by people of your target group and distribute free T-Shirts to the visitors. As a matter of fact, you do not even need to talk to the organizers and can do this outside the premises. T-shirts with a prominent logo are one of the leading ways to communicate a brand and by giving away free T-Shirts (you can make your own tshirts) you can get long term exposure to your online business.

However, ensure that your T-Shirt is classy enough to get the recipients wear it out. People seldom refuse cheap quality T-Shirts with loud logos that are given to them for free, but they often wear them at home or while they are in the backyard making the entire exercise futile.

Direct Mailers

This works best if you have an online business that targets other businesses. If so, visit the local industry conference to collect business cards from the main businesses operating in the industry. While this is standard practice, most people who try to reach out to them later do it either via email or over phone. Over email, you are fighting for space with the other 100 unread items in the recipient’s Inbox.

On the phone, you are fighting for time since you may not always reach out to them at the best time. When you correspond with these business contacts over a direct mail, you reach out to them over a medium that is no longer extensively used. Also, you give the contact sufficient time to open and read the contents at leisure. It is more likely to be heard back this way.

Freebies over Mail

Again, this trick works if your online business targets other businesses in your region. Make a list of business contacts you want to reach with the help of Yellowpages or similar business directories. Take an opportune event like New Year to send them a freebie that the contract would not mind displaying on their table – like a calendar.

As a matter of fact, since businesses always receive calendars around new year’s time, try out other freebies like a paper-weight or simply a painting that the contract would want to hang on their office walls – this not only helps you build a rapport with your contact, but also gives you free advertising from their office walls.

Business Cards

The most obvious thing, yet mostly overlooked. Even if you have a small blog that does not have too much traffic, make it a point to mention it on your business cards. Despite the proliferation of mobile phones, a lot of people still use business cards to hold information about their contacts.

By mentioning this on your card, you give yourself a chance to get that one additional visitor who could spread the word about your blog or business to their own network.

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More Ways to Promote Your Business Offline?

These were some ideas that have worked for website owners. Do you know of an offline strategy that worked? Tell us more in the comments.

5 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Business Offline – 6 Simple Ways”

  1. Hey,

    For me, flyers is a good method. Pretty good but costly if you don’t print in bulk.

    Another way is to create word of mouth. This is hard to achieve but with the right method, you are going to achieve much more than what you are expecting!

    Thanks for sharing mate.

  2. Though I’ve never experienced promoting business offline, but I believe this would also have great turnouts. This is a good way to promote your business to those that are not wired.

  3. These are some genuine ways to build brand recognition offline.It would be preferable to mix and match these techniques mentioned here by Ansh.Lots of potential in there.

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