Blogging is more than just a hobby in 2017; it has transmuted into a career choice for many. Whether you blog once in awhile and have a small audience or you’re a regular blogger with a significant following, at least part of you probably wants to make some money from this marketable skill.

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Knowing how to make money blogging gives you a chance at a new career. Even if it takes awhile to start seeing a major swelling in your bank account, you can start taking some steps to polish your skills and enter the world of money-making blogging.

The 10 Best Tips for Making Money Bogging

1. Find Your Niche

Right now, you might struggle to bring in funds because you have so much competition in the blogging world. If you’re going to write about the same topic as other people do, then you need to make sure that your content is more engaging to the audience and more well-written.

Another approach, however, is to find a field that is largely unexplored. When you’re considering your current niche, evaluate how you could make it even more specific. A major part of how to make money blogging is to be better than the competition.

2. Stay Relevant

In order to have a chance of generating income, you need people to read your blog. No one wants to read old news, especially in a virtual world where it takes surfers seconds to find a more relevant and updated source.

Ensuring that you have the latest and hottest news about your field once it hits is pivotal. You may need to educate yourself more on your field so that you reach the level of a professional.

3. Polish Your Writing Tips

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Having knowledge about content is important, but you also must present that material in a way that is digestible for readers. If your writing is loaded with grammar mistakes and spelling errors, audience members will likely find it laborious to read. On top of that, you’ll probably discover trouble when trying to find a company that wants to work with you.

4. Market Yourself

When you think you have substantial writing skills and a topic of interest for prospective readers, start to market yourself to businesses that might be interested in a blog. For example, you can start by talking to local business owners to see if they would want to hire you to write for them.

Keep in mind that some have no interest in a blog; also, others already have writers. You’ll likely need to pursue at least a handful of opportunities to find the one that is right for you.

5. Choose Freelance Gigs

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Maybe your dream is to one day work full-time as a blog writer for a particular company, but you may need to work your way up to that level first. Taking on freelance jobs is a great way to get your name out there and to build up your blogging skills.

During this process, make sure that you stay open to criticism. While it can be hard to hear a skill about which you are passionate critiqued, remember that the words are there to guide you and to make you a better writer. The decision to learn how to make money blogging means that you want to improve your craft.

6. Consider Shifting Your Focus

You might really want to blog about a particular topic, but as you’re exploring the field, you discover that a demand really does not currently exist for that type of content. If you really want to discover how to make money blogging, you may need to bend a bit.

You may say that you would rather not blog at all than blog about a topic that you don’t really like. However, while you are writing about a different topic, you may find that it isn’t so bad after all. Even if you ultimately do not develop a major love for the subject matter, you have expanded your abilities and range of topics.

7. Incorporate Other Content

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Whether you are writing for a company or you are doing some freelance work, you should open your mind to the possibility of incorporating other content.

For example, you may describe how a particular product helped you with day-to-day activities, but then you can incorporate a video or photos so that readers can also visually see what you did. If you are writing for someone else, find out what type of media you are allowed to incorporate.

8. Consider Using Affiliate Marketing Programs

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This is the most common method of earning money from blogging. It is used by a lot of bloggers, and until now it has proven to be an effective solution.

Simply put, affiliate marketing happens when you write a review or an article, and you link a part of the content with a product. This product is usually for sale on another website, such as Amazon.

If someone buys the item after accessing it from your blog, you will earn a commission, which is a percentage of the product’s selling price. As you can see, affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your blog.

9. Seek Advertisers

You do not have to blog on someone else’s platform. You can create your own and find businesses that are willing to advertise on your blog for a fee. If your blog does not generate a current amount of traffic, then companies may have little interest in working with you in this fashion.

That is why you want to make sure you are improving your blog on a regular basis. When you have more people reading it, you can draw greater interest from outside.

10. Use Social Media

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Since social media is so tremendously popular right now, you can use it to draw interest in your blog. You can, for example, let followers know when a new post is going up. You can also build anticipation in the hours leading up to a new blog post.

Putting teasers from the blog up on your social media site can entice interested parties to check out what you have to offer. Using these two tools in conjunction with one another can seriously increase your amount of views. When you use social media, you can increase your efforts in learning how to make money blogging.

You cannot expect your blog to suddenly begin a massive success overnight; you have to put the work in. Knowing that fact can make you appreciate the work even more. Whenever you put effort into your blogging endeavors, you can feel a boost of confidence and pride that you are learning how to make money blogging.

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