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How To Install WordPress On iPage Web Host Account?

In this post, I will guide you on how to install WordPress on your iPage web hosting account using WordPress Installer. There is no use of uploading WordPress files and creating database manually because the auto installer does it all with a couple of clicks. So lets begin.

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Login to your iPage panel. Select website on the top right of the menu bar and then choose WordPress from the options.

install wordpress on ipage web host

Step 2

On the next welcome screen; click Install.

How To Install WordPress On iPage Web Host Account?

Step 3: Installation Preference

From here you can choose your installation preference. Select the most recent version to install. Next select the domain where you want to install the WordPress files. Choose your domain name without www. Otherwise visitors will need to type www with your domain name every time.

Step 4: Advanced option

Give your website a new name, followed by an admin username and password. Do not use admin as username as this is the most common word and could result in your website being hacked. If you leave the username and password option blank, WordPress will randomly assign you the login credentials and will email you the details.

How To Install WordPress On iPage Web Host Account?

Step 5: Plugins & Themes

Uncheck all the themes and plugins as you can do this later from the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 6: Legal Information

Next click the checkbox to agree with the Terms and conditions.

How To Install WordPress On iPage Web Host Account?

Click complete to finally install the WordPress. Wait for 1-2 minutes to complete the installation process. Upon completion, both the site and login URL will be displayed. Click on them to browse your new site or login to the dashboard.

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If you still need any help or advise, you can reach me via the contact page.

Watch Video on Installing WordPress On iPage Using Install Central

Easy WordPress Installation with iPage

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  1. Hello,
    Newbie here, I have a question about redirecting sub-URL into main URL. What I need to do?
    What I mean is, for example i have installed WP into but everytime someone access, they always redirect to

    • You can use WP 301 redirect plugin.

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