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How To Install WordPress On Dreamhost

For any new blogger, Dreamhost could be one of the very first choice while thinking to buy a host service for his/her new WordPress website. And why not? Dreamhost offers too many great services bundled when you make your new purchase. It offers:

  • Unlimited (Disk Space, Bandwidth, Emails)
  • Allowed Unlimited Domains
  • 1 Free Domain Registration
  • Free Marketing Credits Worth $100
  • 24×7 Email Support
  • 97 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Moreover, Dreamhost also offers a 2 week free trial account to test and check its services without paying even a single penny. So you can even sign up for a free trial account and continue using its services if you feel satisfied. If you are planning to buy hosting for your new blog; I will suggest you to try Dreamost and I am sure you will have a great experience ahead.

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How To Install WordPress On Dreamhost?

Step 1: Getting Started with Installation Process

Login to your Dreamhost account panel and click on One click Installs from the toolbox. After this you will be asked to select between Easy mode and the Advanced mode.
Easy Mode: In easy mode you don’t have access to the installation files. You can not install outside themes and plugins.
Advanced mode: In advanced mode, you are allowed to have full control of your WordPress installation.

So make sure to select advanced mode.

install wordpress on dreamhost
After this, you will be presented with lots of applications that you can install. Since this tutorial is about installing WordPress. So Select WordPress.

Step 2: Set Up The Database

Next, it gives you an option to install database automatically or manually. If you are a newbie, then you should go with automatic database creation. For manual database installation; Give database name, new host name, username and password. I recommend you to save all the information that you filled on your hard disk before proceeding further. After saving all the credentials, Click Install.
install wordpress on dreamhost

Step 3: Finalizing The Setup Process

It’s been done for now. After some time, you will receive an email stating the next steps of instructions. Follow the email instructions. The first link in your email will redirect you to a new page where you can provide your Blog title and admin email. Make sure you double check your email address. On the next screen; you will have your username and password. Save them locally on your computer.

install wordpress on dreamhost

Now login to your WordPress Panel by typing the link: http://your-domain-name/wp-login.php. Replace your-domain-name with your own domain name.

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