How To Install A WordPress Plugin Step By Step

Last time a wrote a post about my new Webloggerz Social Media Widget. I was clearly having no idea that many of my mates will have very less idea on how to install a WordPress Plugin. Many of my users requested me to provide them a complete tutorial on how could they Install a WordPress Plugin. So in this post; I will show you all 3 different ways on how you can install a WordPress Plugin step by step.

For the Installation reference I will use my own Plugin – Social Media Widget.

Install WordPress Plugin From Admin Search Option

Although this is the most easy way to install a WordPress Plugin but to use this option, the plugin must be listed in the WordPress Plugins Directory. Since my social media widget is listed in this directory, lets see how you can install that.

1. Within your WordPress Admin Panel; Go to -> Plugins -> Add New

2. In the Search Box, write the plugin’s name and click Search.
How To Install A WordPress Plugin Step By Step using search option
3. Click Install Now.

How To Install A WordPress Plugin Step By Step

4. Last, Click Activate Plugin.

How To Install A WordPress Plugin using search option

5. Finally, have your plugin installed. Make sure you make necessary changes to the plugins options as desired. These options usually vary from plugin to plugin.

Install WordPress Plugin By Uploading It To The Admin Panel

There may be a chance when you want to install a paid plugins. Since paid plugins are not listed in the WordPress Theme Directory; you need to download the plugin and use this method.

1. Download the plugin from the source. Make sure it is in .zip file. (If it is .rar file, please extract that and convert it to zip)

2. Now within your admin panel, Go To -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.

3. Choose your file and Click Install Now.

How To Install A WordPress Plugin by uploading to admin panel

4. After installation is Over, Click Activate Plugin.

5. Configure necessary plugin options as you want them.

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Install WordPress Plugin By Using FTP Client.

This method is not recommended for new newbie, If you don’t have nay idea regarding how to use FTP Clients, then follow any of the above 2 methods. If you want to give it a try, lets begin.

First things first; To use FTP Client method, you need to have following things ready:

  • FTP Client preferably Filezilla.
  • FTP Hostname, Username & Password.
  • Access to (wp-content/plugins) directory.

After getting all these things ready,

1). Extract your plugin’s zip file.

2). Open filezilla, enter your hostname, username and password. Navigate to the host directory containing your plugins. It will be (wp-content/plugins).

3. Upload the extracted files to the plugins directory on your host.

How To Install A WordPress Plugin Step By Step using ftp

4). After uploading, Go to your WordPress Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins.

5). In this list, click Activate plugin.

I hope this guide will help you all. Even you want to know anything else, please let me know.

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