How To Increase Blog Traffic Without A Hitch?

There are over 100 million blogs that make up the blogosphere. How to get your blog noticed? How to promote your blog to boost blog traffic?

It is just like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. How do you get people to visit your blog? You don’t need to buy traffic for website. All you have to do is follow these evenly tips on how to increase blog traffic without a hitch.

Let the Search Engines Know You Are Around

Submit your blog to search engines like Google and Yahoo. When you use the submit link on search engines, they send programs known as spiders to your site and index your site. Just submitting your site does not mean top ranking but inclusion in search engines is the first step and is an important one.

Write Quality Content and Do It Regularly

The most basic and obvious way to stay in the loop is to regularly update your blog with quality content. What you write should leave readers thirsting for more. And you should give them more, with regularity. You must say meaningful things, regularly, to build loyalty. When you post frequently you get noticed by Technorati and Google Blog Search.

The Value of Comments

Commenting on different blogs is a great way to getting traffic to your blog. Responding to comments of readers increases reader loyalty. Leaving comments on other blogs boosts blog traffic. If your comment is very interesting then it is very likely that readers will click back to your site via your comment.

The Blogroll, Trackbacks and Links

When you add sites to your blogroll, you increase the likelihood of reciprocal links. This is one good way to get known on different blogs. Some readers might click your blogs link on other blogs and become loyal readers.

You can leave a trackback on a blog to inform them that you have linked to them. Trackback links are clicked upon by readers. Leaving links on blog posts that link to outside blogs are very important. They let other bloggers know you have linked to them and they might link back to your blog and become readers of it.

Syndicate via RSS

Syndication via RSS lets readers be in continual touch of new content and also to know when new content is added to the blog.

SEO is important

When writing posts, optimize them for search engines by using keywords in posts. Don’t overstuff posts with keywords. If you do so you could be penalized by Google. Keyword ratio of 2-3% is more than enough. For more info on SEO, read:

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Add Tags to Posts

It doesn’t take long to add tags to posts. Tags are extremely important to SEO. They allow readers to find your blog easily through blog search engines.

Use Social Bookmarking

Submit to StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit to instantly increase links as well as traffic to your blog.

Guest Blogging

Blogging as a guest on related blogs and having guest bloggers blog on your site both increase blog traffic. You get exposed to the other blogger’s audience and many readers can become loyal followers in the future.

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They not only add aesthetic value to your blog but they also make you more easily discoverable in search engines. Name images in a manner that they have SEO value.

Online Groups, Web Rings and Forums

Interacting with people online via online groups, web rings and forums is key to promoting your blog. You meet like-minded individuals this way and can promote your blog every time you take part in a discussion.

Offline Promotion

Your blog can be promoted offline as well. Promotion shouldn’t stop online. Nominate Your Own Blog and Other Blogs For Awards. The awards are an obvious way to get known and nominating your blog and other blogs for awards is a powerful marketing technique. Read my post 12 Weird Yet Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline.

Be Open

Be an extrovert online. Don’t be shy. Ask questions and answer them, take part in discussions. Get yourself noticed. The online world is likely to find you if you just put yourself out there.

What Are Your Ways To Increase Blog Traffic?

6 thoughts on “How To Increase Blog Traffic Without A Hitch?”

    1. Working with digg and reddit is like purchasing a lottery ticket. You can keep on doing it and on your lucky day you may get 1000’s of visitors if someone finds u interesting and shares you article.

  1. You can start commenting on do follow blogs to accumulate some good backlinks plus posting on social media sites. You can’t just wait for Google every time. Google is not everything.

  2. Awesome info to drive traffic,actually among traffic..the most important is your organic traffic,and the most useful way to fetch this is the use of “Long Tail Keywords” in your blog contents.

  3. Hey!

    Nice article and thanks for sharing.

    I can’t deny how important link building is through communities especially Triberr. Not only you are able to increase traffic but at the same time, creating more friends (and bloggers) which could be very useful down the road.

    Excellent writing and keep it up!


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