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How SEO Can Increase Your Profits

Establishing a business aims for profit. Yes, it’s not just operating to cover expenses but also to gain more for growth and stability.

In order to realize this goal, businesses often employ several strategies to ensure that the business is on the right track. Strategies implemented, usually, by the marketing department significantly vary depending on the nature of the product, the company resources, and the target market.

Marketers understand the need to reach out to consumers whether it is for pre or post service delivery. However, marketers should also understand the different medium target markets are dealing with.

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Years ago, we can only see advertisements on television, print and even radio ads. Each of these marketing tool increases the profitability of a business. However, due to technological advancements and cultural shift, the market is now sophisticated and makes use of modern technology especially the internet. According to Internet World Stats, North America captures 11.4% of total internet users.

Meanwhile, internet is used more frequently to enjoy (48%), communicate (35%), get educational information (23%), and get product information (17%). The 17% margin offers opportunity for many businesses.

On the other hand, using the internet to gain access to different product information also constitutes several challenges. Thus, internet marketing evolved. For one, internet is a library of resources wherein every website may contain several products and services your competitor is offering.

The challenge is to be the first to be seen by your target market whenever they are searching for your product. Here’s where SEO comes in.

Search engine optimization is an internet marketing strategy that will push your website up in search engine results page specially owned by Google (with 66.7% market share), Yahoo (with 11.9% market share) and Bing (with 17.4% market share). These search engines are used by users whenever they are looking for products, services or information they needed. Thus, you need to be upfront all the time.

So, In general how does SEO increase your business’ profitability?

Aside from being found by your target market, here are some direct impacts of SEO to your business:

  • Low Cost, Less Time: Compared to above the line advertising, SEO can incur lower expenses. With good SEO, you can gain spot in the internet easily provided that you created an informative, interactive and dynamic website. You provide contents that are useful to users. In such way you have a good start in establishing your brand in the internet. If you do it with traditional advertising, it will take years before your brand get your markets consciousness.
  • Increase Website Rankings and Traffic and Conversion rates: Prospect consumers use search engine to check for information they needed, but good SEO will direct them to your website. Websites with compelling meta tags, titles, descriptions and contents have the higher chance of converting a visitor to a consumer (we call it leads).
  • Build Strong Brand: Websites showing up in Google is perceived to be credible as users know and trust Google in providing the best results. A brand built by good SEO can hold long term position especially if social media sites and other internet platforms spoke in behalf of your business.
  • Open new potential markets: Others call it business expansion. As internet eliminates several hindrances such as distance, race, and language. SEO reach the gap between these aspects allowing a business to create a new demand satisfying it with new supply.
  • Business opens 24/7: It’s not so unexpected but really when your website is up all day and night, you can expect to get more customers especially that some people tend to be more active at night. You can keep your store close while you still market your business.
  • Improved ROI: Return on investment is a performance measurement that can evaluate the efficiency of a campaign. With SEO, you can gain rankings, traffic, and conversion rates. All of these will comprise ROI that can either be in a form of sales, brand awareness, customer loyalty or any result you desired when you started the campaign.

How can you measure the profitability of your SEO campaign?

SEO incurs lower cost than other marketing strategy, yet, it is still an investment on your part. Every investment needs to generate returns. To evaluate if your campaign has been profitable use this formula:

(Gross Profit – Marketing Investment) X 100
Marketing Investment

So, you have there, gross profit and marketing investment. The challenge now is how you can calculate the gross profit drawn out from your SEO when in fact you might have other marketing strategies. You can take the steps below:

Before you take an SEO campaign, create a line graph showing your profits over time. From there, you can calculate how much the business is earning without SEO campaign.

  • Allocate a separate budget for SEO, that would be your marketing investment.
  • From the day you take your SEO package, evaluate if there was any change in your traffic and customer inquiries or visits.
  • Note that SEO does not generate immediate results you have to wait within 1-2 months if there would be any change in your organic searches.
  • Evaluate how much sales you generated from the day you noticed the change in your website’s metrics (rankings and traffic)
  • At a certain time period, evaluate your total sales figure or your profits less the profit that you can generate without SEO, that will be your gross profit.
  • Then, follow the formula mentioned above that would be the profitability of your SEO campaign.

Search engine optimization is an effective strategy. You can gain profit at a lesser investment. Search engine serves as a rendezvous point for businesses and consumers, however, it’s SEO that direct users to click, browse and share your website.

Al Gomez is a certified search engine optimization specialist helping various websites such as e-commerce and legal since 2007. Aside from this, he also manages his blog site - Alseoblog

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