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History Of Microsoft Windows OS Timeline; 1985-2012

About 85% of the world’s PC’s run on the Microsoft Windows family. A lot of people had worked on many windows versions and who hadn’t, they feel inspired while working on such vintage Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Don’t worry If you have not worked on the older versions or haven’t seen how they looked like.

Here is the timeline history of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems introduced by Microsoft from time to time. Have a look at this Microsoft windows timeline history and enjoy.

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1). MS-DOS Executive , 1986

The MS-DOS Executive was the first 16-bit colored interface windows from Microsoft released in 1986. Microsoft continued with its support for this window for a massive 16 years until it was withdrawn in 2001.
History Of Microsoft Windows

2). Windows 2, 1987

In 1987, Microsoft released a new version of its windows with more enhanced visuals of word and excel. The option to customize the screen was first introduced in Windows 2.
History Of Microsoft Windows

3).  Windows 3.0, 1990

This major release of Windows 3 was done to combat the graphics of Apple Macintosh. With this Microsoft introduced many new multimedia extensions for users to use.
History Of Microsoft Windows

4). Windows 95, 1995

The most used Window of its time was capable of full graphical user interface support. It included built-in internet support, Plug and Play to make it easy to install new hardware and software, and the first time introduced the ability to switch between 32-bit and 16-bit graphical display. There were 5 different versions introduced by Microsoft this Window 95.
History Of Microsoft Windows

5). Windows 98, 1998

Windows 98 was the second major release in the Windows 9x line of operating systems. According to Microsoft, Windows 98 was designed specifically for consumers. It was in this window when built in Internet Explorer was introduced by Micrsoft for the first time.
microsoft windows timeline

6) Windows 2000 Professional, 2000

It was designed as a business alternative to its Windows 98. The main features introduced was ease of use, mobile and internet compatibility.
microsoft windows timeline

7). Windows XP, 2001

Windows XP was released in several editions since its release in 2001. With this, Microsoft offered remote desktop support, encrypted file systems and system restore options.
microsoft windows timeline

8). Windows Vista, 2006

Windows Vista was the next major release of the Windows family, it was code named Longhorn and it took five years for Microsoft to develop this window. With Vista, Microsoft offered an improved graphical user interface, a new visual style, ‘Aero’, and multimedia tools including DVD maker. Windows Vista was deeply condemned by the users for its slow processing rate and huge size.
microsoft windows timeline

9) Windows 7, 2009

As Windows Vista fell flat due to its slow processing rate, Microsoft introduced Windows 7 in 2009. With fast processing speed, it also introduced multi-touch support, new graphics and a redesigned Windows shell with a new taskbar.
windows os timeline

10) Windows 8,  2012

In 2012, Microsoft introduced its new operating system, the Windows 8. This window includes new tablet interface, some inspirational enhancements and many new features.

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windows os timeline

I hope you liked this Short History of Microsoft Windows OS Timeline.

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