The Millionaires’ Guide to Earn Massively through Amazon Affiliate

Do you know the dirty little secret about bloggers?

There barely seems any blogger not doing this. On the other hand, this is the main reason why many get into blogging and try their hands on blogging.

Well, it can be said as a boon for blog-o-sphere.

Many professionals consider it as a curse for blogging, but looking other way round, it can be well said as a boon; as because of this puny secret people are taking up blogging as a hobby, even sometimes as a career!

So here’s it is: ‘we blog for money’. And, almost no blogger would deny that. So, the million dollar question: How to earn through blogging?

While some would go for PPC advertising, some prefer Affiliate Marketing, while some others in-text marketing; there’s no end of how-to monetize a blog. Which sometimes act as a barrier for bloggers as which to choose and not to choose.

But, remember we all blog for money, isn’t it? We all want to make more and more money increasing the profits periodically. And, for it nothing can beat Affiliate Marketing. Thousands of Bloggers have been Millions through affiliate marketing, and it’s quite easy; you don’t have to apply for anything like AdSense and is easy to get hands-on with. But, again another question arises—which affiliate program?

amazon affiliate earning

While I would say there’s heck loads of affiliate programs out there, Amazon has been one of the trusted and awesome programs. The reason is that Amazon has tons of products that you can promote through your website. And, it’s fast and simple to get your pay-out. You get paid for every sale through your website’s affiliate link.

So here’s an awesome and detailed guide on- how to earn more from Amazon affiliate.

#1. Using Social Media

Every blogger knows the importance of social media. It’s more of a boon for them. While many Bloggers focus on sharing posts around social groups, similarly you can share affiliate products through these groups. Best part is that the social media consist of many websites including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon and so on.. which gives you wide range of platform to share your product.

Or even better, post advertisements on social networking websites. While, you might think that posting advertisements will incur lose to you, but this loss will immediately sprang towards profit zone as more and more visitors would be dropping by your page. This directly makes your link getting ‘clicked’. While considering advertisements, Facebook and twitter are highly preferred as they are biggies of social media and have a high user base than other social networking websites.

#2. Keyword Research

Besides Social Media, SEO is another biggie in fetching traffic. Using the right keyword matters the most, as weak-keywords which have less probability of getting ‘searched’ might not get enough traffic to your page. Furthermore, even if it gets, there’s very few chance that the link would get ‘clicked’.

You should choose a keyword which is not much competitive but worthwhile. Besides getting traffic to your page, it will also drive traffic to your blog/website too.

But, getting this type of keywords are not a child’s play, it needs a lot of time and thinking. But, the fruit of hard work is always sweet, thus it will help you anyway. For instance, you can use Long Tail Keyword for getting the best keywords.

#3. Focus on your Niche

Let’s say you have a blog of cooking. You have lots of premium quality articles based on cooking. But, will it help you if you are trying to sell handbags?

Of course, not!

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Folks who visit your blog are interested in cooking. They would go for anything but related to cooking. Posting links about cooking again increases the rate of your link getting clicked. So, if you are having a blog of tech, fashion, health, cooking or any other niche; always focus on links within your niche. It might be quite hard to find links relevant to your website, but it would help you to increase the conversion rate.

#4. Honesty is the Best Policy

Well, many bloggers fall for this. Many times, for the sake of getting the link clicked, bloggers try to give as much good review as they can. They think that giving them 5/5 Stars might help them. But actually it’s the complete opposite.

Readers tend for honest and trust-worthy reviews. They want to know the cons and pros of the products. Engaging and awesome content is another plus point. It helps to imprint a good image in readers’ mind. This makes them more confident of going through the link rather than false reviews appreciating every bit of the product.

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#5. Target Medium Priced Stuffs and Items

Well, medium is one of the words we hear quite less. There’s low and there’s high. Low priced products gets easily brought off, but one gets puny commissions from it. On the other hand, expensive products are less likely to be brought off, unless your visitor is son of any millionaire (but, that’s quite rare!).

Thus, the best way is to sell medium priced items. These products get easily sold and one gets good commission. The best range is between $100 to $300 Dollars.

Rather than this, you can even use plugins for maximizing your chances of getting your link getting clicked. You can use lots of plugins especially designed for Amazon affiliate marketing–this includes Amazon affiliate link localizer, Amazon product in a post, Amazon post purchase.

The best time to sell your products is around vacations time. Christmas and New Year being one of the prom

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