Geoplaces vs Geotheme : A Detailed Review

Before beginning with our detailed discussion on city directory WordPress themes Geoplaces vs Geotheme; let me brief you about a small history of the duo. Geoplaces by Templatic was the first kind of city based directory WordPress theme which came to the market. Being the only runner in the race, it was surely purchased by many people across the globe. Unfortunately, one of the Geoplaces’ customer experienced many issues and didn’t like some of the features of the Geoplaces. He fixed all the issues, added some more features and thus the new city based directory WordPress theme Geotheme was born.

I did a complete review of these best WP themes by implementing them on my other websites and find both these premium themes really interesting in different aspects.

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Geoplaces vs Geotheme : Step by Step Diagnosis

Common Features

Before talking about the difference in both the WordPress themes, let me tell you about some features which both the themes have in common. Both of them offer places, events, blog posts, location maps, different color schemes to choose, manage category icons, listing pages, custom fields, price management, review management, manage cities, manage coupons, 6 different payment options already integrated, advertisement options and much more.

Splash Screen / Home Page

The best thing many users like about Geoplaces is the optional splash screen where the visitor is presented with the drop down menu offering him to select any city first and then display the places and events related to his/her selection. Now to this option, Geotheme offers a unique feature (my favorite too) where the visitor will be automatically redirected to the nearest city. Suppose one visitor accesses the site from New York while other from Beijing. The New York visitor will be redirected to the places and events related to the New York while the Beijing visitor will be redirected to the places and events in Beijing. In short – Geoplaces offers Splash screen while Geotheme offers auto redirections to the nearest city.

geoplaces vs geotheme

Mobile Ready / Responsive

The use of mobile devices had increased exceptionally from the last decade and users are continuously switching towards mobile devices for the use of the internet. Considering a theme that is mobile ready or offering responsiveness with any screen resolution is becoming important for any web developer. While Geoplaces is a mobile ready WordPress theme, Geotheme is certainly not. But here is a small catch that Geotheme offers to its customers by providing them the paid iPhone and Android Apps.
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User Interface / Navigations

If I had to make a choice between the two considering the user interface design, I will prefer Geoplaces as it looks pretty decent design and color combinations are good. But this thing should not be considered if you are good in theme editing as designs and colors can be easily changed after. Talking about navigation, both the themes offer three different menus – Top menu, main menu and footer menu. In addition to this, Geoplaces also offer a mega-menu option for your main menu which I clearly missed in Geotheme. One more thing which I really missed again with Geotheme is the contact form. There is no option of contact form in Geotheme and you need to use an external plugin to offer a contact form to your users.

Site Search

Geoplaces offer two site search options, basic and advanced. While basic search does all the basic operations, advanced search can be used to search by category, tags, author, date or more.

geoplaces vs geotheme

Geotheme offers only one site search but does a pretty great job. The cool thing about its search function is that even if no results are found as per query, it will still generate the results page displaying the nearest places from your current location. Not only this, it will display that how far are these places from your current location. I queried to search for hotels in Toronto and below is what I got. Pretty cool! Right?

geoplaces vs geotheme

While Geoplaces only allows you to manage cities, Geotheme also allows you to manage countries and regions as well.

Social Media Options

Social Media options are not a big concern as this can be achieved by third party plugins. Both the themes offer social media options with place posts, events and blog posts. Fortunately Geotheme also offer social media connect where new users can register themselves to the site directly with their social media accounts. This social connect feature is not available in Geoplaces.

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geoplaces vs geotheme

Bugs / Support / Updates

I used both the themes for continuously more than three months before writing this review post and believe me that I didn’t find any kind of bugs in any of them. Both the themes are bug free / error free, well written and coded properly. Although sometimes I have found editing the code files of Geotheme difficult but may be its because I am not a great PHP programmer. If you are good in development, surely it will be a lot easier for you. Both the themes are regularly updated from time to time and updates are available in the members area. Geoplaces is currently running with version4 while Geotheme is currently running with version3. Both the companies offer great customer support in a timely manner when you need any solutions or there is any problem.

License Cost / Price

While Geoplaces is available with standard license for $99.00 and developer license for $189.00 offering one year support and updates; Geotheme is available with developer license for $85.00 offering six months support and updates. Although cost is not a major issue while making a purchase if you know which product is best and which is not but still a fact to consider if both the flavors are same in taste.

All the options discussed above are relatively my personal opinion on both the themes; now it’s clearly up to you which feature you like the most and which feature you want to see in your site before making the purchase. If you have any further queries, feel free to ask me.

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35 thoughts on “Geoplaces vs Geotheme : A Detailed Review”

  1. Dear Ansh,

    i am interesting in buying on of these two themes but i am not sure which one should i buy!

    is it possible if i ask you few questions by email in order to ask you few details on those two products cause you already used them.


    1. Nekmak, Thanks for your response. You are most welcome to ask me anything anytime. I will be waiting for your questions.

    2. thanks,

      well the thing is the following:

      i would like to create a tourism directory for several destinations. Lets say a person click the link and goes to france website then has to choose which city (Paris, Lyon. Lillie and so on) and to see the listings only for the selected city.

      What is the best way to do it?i will customize fully the design but what i need is to have the possibility when a new version comes up to update without loosing any of the design and php changes i will have done.


    3. Nekmak, For such thing, I would personally recommend you to buy Geotheme because it offers you to manage country, city and even regions as well. Yes, all the three. Once the visitor selects the desired city, he will be shown places and events related to that particular city only not the others. Although, it has the option if you want to show them too.

      Regarding the design, please make all the design changes in separate custom style sheet. This way you will not loose any design settings even if you update to next theme version. I hope I have cleared your thoughts. Will be waiting for your reply.

  2. We bought geotheme and thought we would be up and running fast… no way.. Some of the main features in a basic website is missing from this theme. I simply wanna see a page of the places listed on it under the city… not so easy.. We could not find a page for the city.. This does no good for SEO or for basic site search…

    1. I agree with you Johnny on this. The geoplaces theme does lack some basic SEO features like in the city page. All the city listings changes as we change the city but the title and meta do remains the same and there is no option to change so. Thanx for reminding this as I clearly forgot to mention this point above. Since you have already purchased the theme, so I would recommend you to use tags for your different cities. That might do the needful. Or else you can purchase the geotheme which lets you put a shortcode of cities in meta descriptions of different categories. Let me know if you have any further thoughts on this.

  3. My personal experience is exactly the opposite. I bought GeoPlaces and had to switch to GeoTheme after only 3 months. Even though GeoPlaces overall look and feel is definitely better, it didn’t do the job for me at all. My site was hacked twice because of a major hole in Templatic’s image upload system and even though they were told various times, they always blamed something else, mainly other plugins or my hosting provider. They finally fixed the bug after someone published a video about the exploit on youtube, but there are still a lot of unsolved bugs. GeoTheme isn’t the easiest theme to setup, it is actually quite complex, but at least once you get used to it, it works impressively well. I didn’t have problem with their support forum and all my requests have been answered. If someone would ask me, I’d be careful suggesting GeoTheme, especially to newbies, but I’m sure that I’d never suggest GeoPlaces to anyone!

  4. Sneha; you need not worry about the stability. Both the themes are bug free and fully stable. Even if you face any issues, you can contact their respective support team nytime.

  5. Hi,

    I have installed geotheme, the issue is client wants in Dutch, the wordpress is working fine in Dutch but geotheme widget is not supporting Dutch. It is in English.

    Can you please tell me is geotheme available in Dutch or plugins are available to resolve this issue.

    1. Install a language pack or some language plugin. If you have already done that and still it didn’t work, then maybe you need to edit some PHP code of its widgets.

    2. Hi Ansh,

      Thanks alot for the reply

      But the issue is client wants all the fields of back end and fronted in Dutch. In backed many fields are in dutch but he wants all the fields to be in Dutch but as i feel it is very tough to work on all the fields…Because lots of categories are there..:(

      Is this geotheme is available in Dutch?

      So what is your opinion regarding this.

    3. No it is not available in Dutch. A plugin can transform your backend in Dutch but I don’t think it can fully transform it. Some code hacking will definitely be required.

  6. Hello,

    I’ld would like your opinion and sugeestion regarding a few things, if possible.
    – regarding the fact that i’m a confortable with computers but a never made any kind of programing neither wordpress websites… will i be able to manage myself any of this website Geoplaces or Geotheme?

    – is it easy (possible) to bulk upload? What i mean by this is that, is it possible to create several listing at a time? Wich one is better for this? Theme or places?

    – how long do you thing it takes for it to start to generate income regarding adsense?

    Thank you in advance

  7. Re: Geotheme
    I have a local restaurant that would like to embed my events list into his website. Is there an embed or short code that might work?

  8. I am thinking about building a directory site focusing on restaurants and their menus, with the restaurants all in the same specific NY community i.e. Brooklyn only. Which directory would be best? Thank you.

  9. Dear Ansh,

    Can you comment on the loading performance of the two website templates? They both look great but in the “real” world will they deliver the speed necessary to satisfy visitors?

    Great article.

    1. Speed depends upon how much content you put up per page and how is the response time of your host. Theme speed should never be the issue while purchasing cuz improving the theme speed is upto you.

  10. Ansh

    I live in a small county with a few good size towns. by no measure are they cities.
    I was thinking of doing one for the area ( county ) then having options to drill down to the city level to see businesses and events.

    Would either of these function for me?

    thanks for the review!

    1. Sorry- just confirming. Will this work right out of the box? like what i see in the live demo.
      I know virtually nothing about coding- but love what it appears this theme can do.

      like is setting up mega menu difficult?

      thank you

  11. Hi Ansh,

    I am build a local search website with multicity listing. This would be something similar to or Please suggest which will be a better option for my use between Geoplaces, geotheme or business finder.

    Thank you.

    1. Sure I understand the amount of work that will be required. But what I need is something that can give me flexibility and also enable me to expand the site. Let me know which will be a better for my use.

  12. Thanks so much for your comparison– this is very helpful!! Considering I need multi-country/state/city, I am going to look into GeoTheme. There are a few things you didn’t cover that I need, and I’m wondering if you know about them:

    — registered users can create their own “profile” page

    — payment options

    — built-in sponsorship functionality

    — robust “events manager” system, similar to Events Manager plugin

  13. Hi Ansh,
    Thanks for the great review. Quick question I was hoping you might be able to answer: how do the two compare in terms of minimum hosting requirements? It seems to be both are pretty resource intensive. Could either of these themes run on a shared server?
    Thanks again for the review!

  14. Hey there Ansh thanks for the write ups on geotheme and geoplaces.

    Im am a local business magazine publisher and am looking to put together a directory/marketplace/yellow page directory of local businesses to add to my magazine site and want to add customizable landing pages for my clients which would include a large image, links to all their press releases, maps and even user reviews. More than anything I want another avenue for my website to compete against the BBB and Yelp and the local newspapers directories with more and better deeper content.

    Which directory/yellow page plug-in and or option would you use to accomplish this?

  15. Enjoyed your comparison review of Geotheme and Geoplaces. Here’s my challenge: I’m seeking a (relatively) simple directory theme that satisfies some basic requirements:
    2)Listing client can submit and edit from front-end (without obligation to use WP dashboard).
    3)”Claim your listing” feature.
    4)Multi-language plugin compatible.
    5)Straightforward ability to edit “search” labels.
    6)List vs grid view option.

    Any suggestions with the above would be much appreciated.


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