10 Genuine Ways To Get More Followers On Twitter

I barely knew anyone who doesn’t want to get more followers on Twitter. Someone has wisely said:

There are 2 kinds of Twitter users; one who wants to get more Twitter followers and other who don’t know the potential of Twitter.

Why Amassed Twitter Followers Are Essential?

We all know that Twitter is one of the most popular social platform that allows you to send instant tweets to thousand of followers all at once. If you are among those second kind of people who doesn’t know about the potential of Twitter; let me give you a straight edge thought. In the world of blogging, just like any other optimization process,

More the twitter followers you have, more people will be willing to assume that you are an expert. And therefore; causing an increase in your social media ranking.

As we already know increase in social media ranking can impact your Search Engine ranking as well. And an increase in the social and search presence will increase your sales. Now the question arises: How to boost your Twitter followers? There are many proven ways that can help you accumulate more twitter followers. Here is how you can achieve it:

1. Outright Your Profile

The first and the foremost thing is to complete your profile. Make sure you have a sexy avatar that shows your face. Nobody is going to follow you if you don’t have a profile image. Do not use any funny images; Just be yourself. Next, complete your bio. Don’t leave your bio blank. It is one influential thing that most followers see and review before following. Write something admirable about yourself. See how I have completed my profile.

Get More Followers On Twitter

2. Follow Allied People

If you are a blogger, for example, Find another blogger with similar interest and niche who has many thousand followers. Follow his/her followers. If you have clearly mentioned in your bio that you are a blogger too; they are most likely to follow you back.

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3. Follow Back Who Follows You

This may sound little bizarre but this actually works. The majority of your Twitter followers is likely to unfollow you if they noticed that you don’t follow back. Moreover, when you follow back, they might give you an appreciation tweet or a retweet providing you with more jeopardy.
And offcourse, You can FOLLOW ME; and I will follow you back.

4. Unfollow Who Don’t Follow Back

This is really important. Don’t keep ordinary people in your following list who don’t follow you back. Don’t be too quick in unfollowing them. Give them a week’s time after you started following them. If they don’t follow you back in a week, It’s time to unfollow them. There are many services like Justunfollow which  you can use to unfollow people.

5. @Send Messages

One great way to get noticed is to send tweet @messages to the top users. The best thing is you can send messages to anyone whether you follow them or not. Suppose you wrote a post about sports. Send a tweet message to Maria Sharapova. On your lucky day she might send a tweet back to you. And if you are more lucky, she might retweet your original tweet, thus broadcasting to her 131,179 followers. This is what I actually do for myself. A few months back, I wrote a post about famous & affordable web host. I sent a tweet message to Godaddy. Their team retweeted my original tweet and thus my Tweet got exposure to their 164,970 fans.

6. Use Hashtags

Now, there is still another unique way to connect with people having similar interests. Add hashtags to your tweets. Try to include trending keywords in your Tweet with hashtags. Here is an example of 1 of my tweet. I messaged the tweet to @Dreamhost and used 2 hashtags: #WordPress & #Dreamhost.

Get More Followers On Twitter

7. Tweet During Peek Hours

Nobody is going to see your Tweet while sleeping. Tweeting at the right time when most of the users are active could increase the chances for your Tweet being read and clicked by your followers. So what’s the right time? There is no exact time although many researches have shown that most people are active around 0900 Hrs in the morning and after evening 1800 Hrs.

8. Share Foremost Content

Do not flood your followers with unnecessary and useless content. Share content that people are most likely to read, love and share with their followers. Be easy. Be honorable. Be inspiring. Provide helpful resources. This is the only key to more retweets.

9. Repeat Your Tweets

There is absolute chance that you posted something really great but your follower missed it especially when your followers are from different time zones. Do a search of your most retweeted Tweets, your most appreciated content, your most liked links. And repeat those Tweets a few times roughly delaying at 10 hrs intervals.

10. Share Twitter Link on other Social Profiles

Anyone already connected with you on other social profiles might be interested in knowing what you are doing on Twitter and thus follow you instantly. If you have a blog or a website, putting a Twitter link over there is highly recommended.

Some Last Advice

This is my personal advice to follow as many people as you can that are related to your interests by searching them. 95% of the people will follow you back. Unfollow the remaining 5% right away by using some service like Justunfollow.

Your Options To Get More Followers On Twitter?

What options are you currently using to get more followers on Twitter? I will be pleased to hear that. Follow me at: @webloggerz

6 thoughts on “10 Genuine Ways To Get More Followers On Twitter”

  1. Great post. I am new to blogging and am currently trying to build a following of my own on twitter. I going to set up justunfollow right now and will start following people in my field of interest. Thanks for the info!

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