12 Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins Ever

A picture speaks a thousand words. Especially in blogging, you just can’t underestimate the power of images. The ability to show pictures in a structured and eye-catching style as a web slide show is a very essential function of most contemporary WordPress sites. Photos, cases, screenshots, etc. makes sites simpler to process and more exciting to the visitors. In fact, images also drive a considerable amount of traffic to any website. WordPress photo gallery plugins can be useful for making awesome free photo galleries. So today, we bring out some of the top photo gallery plugins to help you out.

Below are some best WordPress Image gallery Plugins, which we have picked for you:

Free WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins

Nextgen WordPress Gallery

WordPress photo album plugin

Next Gen Gallery is one of the most popular plugins out there in WordPress marketplace with over 10 Million downloads. It’s packed with fantastic features to showcase your images with extremely easy options. You can upload your images directly or even via FTP. Centralized gallery management allows to adjust and work on the gallery through the gallery modification page.

You can even add or delete individual pictures, descriptions, meta titles and meta tags. You can even rotate the images, expand the images, and edit the thumbnails. Additionally options also include various types of lightboxes for individual images, caption, thumbnail styles, cropping, editing and much more. Next Gen Gallery is certainly an image gallery plugin; you can’t afford to miss.

Grand FlaGallery

Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins

Grand Flagallery is an all-in-one powerful gallery plugin. Besides images, you can even make galleries of videos, audio files and flash files. Essential features are almost the same. The plugin is SEO-optimized for performing better at the search engines and is highly compatible with FeedBurner and Google Reader. It is highly responsive and fits well to various devices and platforms such as iPhones and Desktops.

Moreover, there is another unique feature to check the number of views each image gets and a rating system to rate the images. For desktop browsers, it offers the ability to play music in the background. And for mobiles, it offers full-screen fancy slideshows that users can operate with the help of touch controls.

LightBox Gallery

free WordPress photo gallery plugin

LightBox Gallery is the most lightweight plugin among all the other plugins mentioned in the list. This plugin enables LightBox feature to your blog. It uses default jQuery to apply LightBox to thumbnails that link to an image that can include posts, sidebar, etc. It also gives you the bunch of options to customize images like changing colors, border/margin size, animation type, etc.

WP Photo Album

photo gallery WordPress plugin

WP Photo Album Plus is a simple plugin blessed with some cutting-edge new features. Its interface is simple that will make it easy for you as well for your readers to operate on it. Conventionally, it supports to embed an unlimited number of photos as galleries, as well as moderate it.

To protect the photos against copyright, it offers fantastic watermark feature.You can make a slideshow of the images even in your blog’s sidebar. It also supports importing galleries from Next Gen Galleries. So, in case you don’t like Next Gen plugin and wants to try WP Photo Album Plus, you can easily backup the galleries and import it to WPPA+.

Omni Gallery

photo gallery plugin for WordPress

Omni Gallery by ColorlabsProject is one of the very few unconventional and innovative gallery plugins. It pulls all the images from your social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr, and Dribble directly to your WordPress gallery. Uploading images is as easy as ABCD! All you have to do is create a new page/post. After writing the content, click the media button and then choose ‘omnigallery;.

WP Easy Gallery

Most of the WordPress plugins are based on the freemium model of monetization. But weirdly, WP Easy Gallery offers not two but three versions of the plugin; i.e. free, pro and premium version. If you want a simple gallery plugin without much modification and at the same time provides all the essential features, then free version of it is one of the best. On the other hand, if you want a multi-purpose plugin loaded with various features, then both pro and premium version can be used.

It has a high affinity with shortcodes, and you get almost all the essential features you need. Setting up the order, changing the description, ability to put multiple galleries is already present. With the pro version, you get features like more simplification of the settings, pop-up preview, multiple language support and more. The pro and premium versions are better in terms of features, but in terms of simplicity, even the free version does well.


photo gallery plugin WordPress

If you want a simple plugin without these additional features, then Gallery is what serves you the best. It has got all the basic functions like adding description, order of the images, lightbox, etc. You can easily embed your galleries in the post with the help of shortcodes. Gallery has also got a pro version which costs around $10. The pro version provides more features such as better styling themes for galleries and social sharing buttons.

Photo Gallery

WordPress photo gallery plugin

Photo Gallery is an excellent alternative to Next Gen Gallery. It offers almost the same features as offered by the former one. Like in Next Gen, Photo Gallery also provides the option of watermark and thumbnail editing. Though it provides almost the same number of gallery styles like the Next Gen, unlike it, you can customize every bit of the theme that displays your galleries.

There are some more stunning features which makes it stand out from the competition. This includes right-click option for protecting and optimizing your images, setting the roles regarding who can edit and work on with the images, add tags to all the images. You can even embed videos from Vimeo and YouTube onto your galleries.

Tribulant Slideshow Gallery

If you want images to be displayed in the form of a slideshow gallery, then Tribulant Slideshow Gallery is just for you. The slideshow gallery is powered by a fast and lucid JavaScipt to make your images look more professional and fancy. It is quite flexible in various layout aspects and comes packed with all the basic settings to make it an effective plugin.

Photospace Gallery

WordPress photo gallery plugins

Photospace Gallery mentions itself as an enhanced gallery manager for photographers and photo bloggers. For them, images matters most than content. So if the plugin is made for them to satisfy their needs then it would be a perfect fit for the general audience. With a healthy rating of 4.5 out of 5 rating, the reason behind its success is none other than simplicity. It relies solely on drag-and-drop feature to arrange pictures.

Thumbnail Gallery

Thumbnail Gallery Plugin

As the name suggests, Thumbnail Gallery plugin is solely based on the thumbnail. It will display your galleries in the thumbnail format. If you think this makes it limited, you are entirely wrong. Though it is limited in design, it has been blessed with some classy and new features.

The unlimited amount of galleries and images are already present. Along with it, there’s a feature in it which will randomly show any picture from the gallery. It also has an AddThis plugin integrated so as to increase social media sharing. With this plugin, you can even embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as any HTML or Flash file.

Pica Photo Gallery – Premium

WordPress Image gallery plugins

Apptha Pica photo gallery is a very popular plugin, allowing a wealth of options and shows up your photos in an impressive and memorable way. Anyone who is fond of the utmost photo sharing site ‘Picasa’, would definitely fall for PICA, since this image gallery extension focuses on building a site that exactly resembles ‘Picasa’; organizing options include your large gallery size, color, style and more.

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