Best 7 Free Spell Check Apps Available in 2017

Whether you are a novelist, a reporter or a blogger, writing is your gift. To use this gift efficiently, you must use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It is the only way that the public will take you seriously. A grammar mistake on a resume could cost you a prospective job and could be disastrous for a business. When people read your blog or website content, they expect it to be professional and free of writing errors.

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However, even the best proofreaders can miss something as it is in our human nature. Do you want to present your writing in the best light? Try these top 7 free spell check apps for 2017:

1. Ginger

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One of the most common resume mistakes companies encounter are spelling and grammatical mistakes, reports No wonder so many job seekers and bloggers depend on Ginger for their proofreading needs. This excellent tool will work with American or British English.

Ginger does not require you to copy and paste your MS Word documents. It proofreads right in your Word text. It can find mistakes that Word’s editor might miss. Many free spell check apps users see that Ginger is easy to use and does a great job at proofreading.

You may download Ginger straight from your computer or other mobile devices. It has three pricing tiers.

Website: GingerSoftware


• Free Version

• Basic: $5 per month or one $40 payment for life

• Premium: One payment of $90 for life

2. Grammarly

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If you do different types of writing, then you would appreciate free spell check apps like Grammarly. It can proofread academic papers, blogs or business texts in one program.

It looks for over 150 kinds of errors, and you can use their free browser extension. You also have the option of writing on Grammarly online platform or importing your text from Word.

When Grammarly marks an error in punctuation, grammar or sentence structure, it will offer you suggestions for fixing it. Like Ginger, Grammarly supports either American or British English and allows you to add unknown words to its dictionary.

Website: Grammarly


• Primary: Free (download from the website)

• Premium: $30 per month (adds plagiarism check and citation suggestions)

3. Language Tool

language tool logo

If your blog employs a different language, rest assure that there are free spell check apps for you as well. Language Tool can proofread documents in 20 languages.

Some professional writers and bloggers say that this free spell check app is the best for finding grammar errors. Even though its features may be few, they do an excellent job.

Check out Language Tool’s free trial to see which of the three types of downloads would be best for your writing projects. Once you have decided to use this editing tool permanently, all you must do is download the program to your computer. It will work with most add-on browsers, or you can use it as a stand-alone app

Website: LanguageTool

Pricing: Free, with no registration required.

4. Grammar Check

Do you want an editing tool that does not require any downloading? Then you will enjoy the simplicity of Grammar Check. It is one of the simplest free spell check apps, and it flags spelling and grammar errors efficiently.

Once you have written your blog or another document in whatever writing program you have, just copy and paste it into the Grammar Check page. It does the rest! It is ideal for writers who do not need the bells and whistles of more complicated online editors.

Website: GrammarCheck

Pricing: Free, no downloads required.

5. After the Deadline

after the deadline app logo

Of all the different free spell check apps, many WordPress bloggers prefer After the Deadline. The app can be used as a plug-in for various applications or online. You may also go to the application’s website for your proofreading.

Type your text right in the editing field, or copy/paste from your word processing program. When you are finished, just hit the check button at the bottom of the field.

After the Deadline quickly adapts to different software solutions. It flags errors and will give you explanations and correction suggestions. This editor makes your blogging quicker and easier for publication.

Website: AfterTheDeadline

Pricing: Free (businesses have the option of downloading free software for modification.)

6. Online Correction

Some free spell check apps have a lot of tools that you may not need. If you have simplicity in mind, try this editor. There is nothing to download, and you have the options of spell checking in different languages. Type your text in the field, or import it from Word or another word processor.

Online Correction features auto-correction in either American, British or Australian English. It is user-friendly and flags errors in seconds. Each type of error (spelling, grammar, style) has a different highlighted color. How simple is that?

Website: OnlineCorrection

Pricing: Free

7. Paper Rater

paper rater app logo

For students who write a lot of academic papers, plagiarism checks are a must. Even popular free spell check apps charge a premium for this tool. Save money and ensure your writing’s originality with Paper Rater.

Not only does it mark spelling and grammar mistakes, but it also checks its massive database for plagiarism. This online editor is free for limited submissions and does not require downloading software.

Bookmark the website and import your document into the editor field or type in the website. Another unique tool in Paper Rater Premium is that it will rate your vocabulary skill level, and make suggestions for better writing.

Website: PaperRater


• Basic: Free (5-page submissions/limited plagiarism checks)

• Premium: $14.95 per month (20- page submissions/full tools/no ads)

Final Word

Give your writing an advantage with one of these free spell check apps. They prevent you from making costly mistakes and teach you more about spelling, grammar, and vocabulary.

You put a lot of effort into your blogging or other professional writing, and it should be flawless. An online editor gives you another set of eyes to present your work professionally.

Do you use any of these free spell check apps for your blogging, or do you know of another one? Let us know how it is working for you!

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