15 Free Best HTML5 Website Builders

10 years ago, it was very difficult to build a good-looking website for someone who lack the knowledge of designing and coding. There were many free templates and simple website builders present at that time but none of them was even close to provide any professional designs.

Thankfully, it’s too easy now. Today, there are so many tools that are specifically created to simplify the creation of a website.

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best HTML5 website builders that you can use to create your new website. Most importantly these tools also provides many HTML5 templates that you can use.


Imcreator is of the most and advanced yet simple drag and drop website builder . You can start from a existing templates or make a new one where no programming skills are required.



Breezi is really getting breeze these days as it can produce up to 60 billion new designs for you within some minutes.



Strinkingly offers one of the easiest editor with absolutely no code or design requirements on users. You can do almost everything on one screen and set up a beautiful page in under 30 minutes.



Wix is one of the most oldest player among all free website builders. The company started as a flash website provider but now also provides stunning HTML5 builder. The good thing is it’s still 100% free.



Cabanova works with intuitive drag and drop interface, where you can create your company website in just a few clicks and with no programming skills. Simply insert elements and customize them to suit your needs by resizing, rotating, moving them and more.

cabanova website builder


Doodlekit offers lots and lots of features including templates, backgrounds, headings, icons, fonts, design effects, image galleries, form builder, forum, traffic stats and much more.

doodle kit website builder


You can use webeden when you have absolutely no knowledge of web hosting, e-commerce, ftp, php, cgi or anything else! This online store website builder includes a free domain name, free email, free hosting and a free Google AdWords voucher too.

webeden website builder


Dunked allows you to choose from a growing collection of professionally designed templates to reinvent your online portfolio. All the pixel-perfect templates are customizable, easy to use, and focus on one thing only – your content.



Jigsy is an easiest way to build a website that focuses primarily on the responsive designs for your new website.



Tripod offers you to save your time to build your professional-looking website so that you can have more time to spend focusing on your customers.



If you’re a web designer, you’ll find Edicy’s free online website builder a perfect fit. It’s has one of the most advanced set of power tools for building custom websites in minutes.



Zyro.com is a common project between Profis Group and the creator of Hostinger.com. Zyro is available in over 28 languages and offers 24×7 support as well.



Doomby is an online website builder and content management system (CMS) designed just for everyone, from beginners to web agencies. You can create a website, a blog, an online store or anything in-between.



Webs is again one of the best website builder which offers nice applications to engage with customers for displaying videos, photos or products on your site.
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You may call Kopage a CMS or free HTML5 website builder tool; it’s free and awesome tool to easily create a professional website for your company, society or family!


5 thoughts on “15 Free Best HTML5 Website Builders”

  1. Wow! Thanks for the awesome list of website builders – that too HTML5! I have tried and have some experience with Doodle, but the others are certainly new to me. And all of them look eye-catching and promising. Off to check out those!

    Thanks for sharing Ansh!

  2. I’m impressed and that doesn’t happen easily you actually had two of them on there today have never heard of and I was certain I’d heard of all of them LOL nice work although I must say some of them are much much better than the others, and the ones that are so incredibly subpar and archaic they probably should not have been mentioned in the same list as the others (tripod for example lol) should have had some attention brought to their relatively severe limitations as well but overall good job good sleuthing

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